Blake Lively Just Doomed ‘Green Lantern’

June 16th, 2011 // 40 Comments

Blake Lively has incredible breasts. If Jesus had breasts, they’d look like Blake Lively’s. Which is why you’d assume she’d polish them up and work them for the premiere of her first summer blockbuster. Except that was before leaked photos of “not her” hit the Internet, so here’s Blake Lively dressed like a virginal bride at last night’s premiere of Green Lantern where everyone only talked about how great she is at baking. Because that’s why Warner Bros. hired her. “Hey, did you know Blake Lively makes insane macaroons? Let’s base the marketing of our $300 million investment on that. It’ll be awesome.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. And here I was thinking she’d make everything…lively…

  2. Blake Lively Ryan Rynolds Green Lantern Premiere
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a fucking wedding dress.
    Less bad than some of her other fashion flops.
    The blogger is right: show off those hooters. It’s summer; break out the twins.
    This would have been much better with a plunging V neck.
    Her hair is a MESS.

  3. the captain

    be honest: WHAT DID YOU PRECISELY EXPECT, folks?

  4. DKNY

    With the tits well hidden, I’m forced to look at her face for the first time ever.

  5. JC

    Grandma’s doilies never looked so HAWT!

  6. Erica

    But they were fake, superfish…

  7. An

    Her breasts are incredible because they’re fake.

  8. Frank Burns

    Looks like she just escaped flower girl duty at a hippie wedding. And all that jewelry is so hand-job unfriendly. Boo!

  9. Rancid

    I haven’t been looking too hard, but I haven’t seen any reviews of GL except those fucking bullshit raves from nobodies. You know, when they make the critic’s name and publication so fucking small you can hardly see it

    A THRILLING, ROLLERCOASTER RIDE! SEE IT NOW (ronald shagnasty, kblt tv)

    Not good.

    • That Bastard Tony

      If the terms “rollercoaster ride”, “edge of your seat” or “non-stop action” are used in any review, chances are it came from the studio responsible. Funny how they use the same lack of creativity in writing bullshit reviews that they use in writing the actual scripts.

      Speaking of which, IGN has a review up and they said it is on par with Jona Hex… without Megan Fox’s rack. Just saved me 12 bucks.

      • Rancid

        This is an honest-to-God heartbreaker for me. I was really hoping this would be a good movie.

        It’s always a bad sign when they don’t allow mainstream critics to have sufficient (if any) time to preview a film. They KNOW that it’s a turd, so that is why they keep it under wraps. THEY KNOW. So why the fuck do they make the movie in the first place?

        I fucking hate it when they take great stories and take a giant shit on them. The Shadow is an amazing character that could’ve very easily translate into a series of great films. But they fucking killed it. That is why every time I see that smug face of Alec Baldwin I want to put my fist through it.

      • TomFrank

        Yes, the Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer is not good. As I post this, it’s at 24%, and 18% among Top Critics. Of course, those numbers are subject to change as more reviews come in, but I doubt any new reviews will do much good.

        I had my doubts when the marketing campaign featured Tomar-Re posters. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m supposed to know who that is?”

  10. Ishmel

    Did anyone else notice she isn’t naked? Damn shes a nice looking lady.

  11. she’d look better if that dress ended at her hips, oh yeah

  12. Blake Lively Ryan Rynolds Green Lantern Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    SOMEone’s ready for a tonsilfuck

  13. direchef

    The fact that Ryan Reynolds is a pinhead dicklick doomed The Green Lantern from the start.

    • threeringcircus

      Ryan Reynolds is the least of the problems with the movie: Bad story script, Worse SFX, Blake Lively can’t act her way out a paper bag and horribly written and cliched dialogue. A perfect example of blockbuster movie by committee, and huge disaster for the studio that released it.

  14. ZigZagZoey

    Nice ratty braid……
    I am ready for her to go away.
    She’s pretty, but not as big of a deal as everyone thinks. She must be incredibly good at bjs.

  15. Blake Lively Ryan Rynolds Green Lantern Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Pic #30 – Surprise Butt Sex!

  16. Anonymous

    Who the hell is Blake Lively?

  17. Go Galt

    Does this woman look like she is not yet 24 years old? She could be 34 in this picture. Damn, they age fast in Hollywood. Look at the harsh facial features; there is nothing soft about this broad. Give her a few more years, and several more revolutions on the “alpha male” cock carousel, and she is going to hit the wall HARD. The final 50 years of her life are going to be very unhappy.

  18. i’d like to give her the good ass eating she so richly deserves…

  19. MLVC

    I would feed her a steady diet of Taco Bell and allow her to hover over my open mouth and deposit the result into my mouth…

  20. Gordo

    great body, old ass face for her age

  21. In breastest day in tittest night…
    No boobies will escape my sight…
    Let those who worship brassieres’ might…
    beware my…eh, her fake chest is…all right.

  22. AleisterCrowley

    Apparently she told her stylist ” Just give me the frump”.

  23. anonym

    she looked much hotter in her nude pics.

    that smile/frown line looks ugly

  24. Yuck

    Why does she look so OLD?

    She’s overrated, like her fake boobs.

  25. watson

    of all the luscious boobs in the media, you picked hers? Seriously? there aren’t better?

  26. josh

    Blake, I really want to ejaculate in your mouth.

  27. epik

    What is so “incredible” about her breasts?? They look pretty run-in-the-mill to me.

  28. Dean

    Old Kryptonite

  29. NightmareCentral

    Girls with boys’ names make me sad.

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