The Blake Lively Nude Photos Are ‘Fake’

May 31st, 2011 // 132 Comments

(Guess which person in this photo is me right before hearing the fake part.)

In what sounded like the exact M.O. of the hackers who released leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens near the premiere of Sucker Punch, nude photos of Blake Lively that just hit the Internet this evening are already being declared fake by her rep, according to Celebuzz:

“The photos of Blake Lively which have just surfaced on various websites including Perez Hilton and are 100 percent FAKE. Blake has never taken nude photos of herself. Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner.”

Because I believe in journalism, I took the liberty of posting safe for work versions of Fake Blake anyway except that’s right about where my integrity ends because I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Picture a small boy on Christmas morning getting the one thing he begged and begged for, only to find out it’s a cleverly arranged pack of socks as his whole family laughs at him. That’s me right now. So, really, just a heartfelt thanks to everyone who wrote in on this. You certainly know how to touch a man. In the penis. With a knife.

NOTE: Egotastic has the uncensored versions for anyone who doesn’t work for Quakers.

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  1. March

    The least Leo could’ve done for us is release Bar’s rather than Blakes…

  2. Bastian

    I guess nobody else sees it, but there is a small birthmark on her spine midway up her back that is visible in many pictures of here, AND you can see it in picture 2. BOOM. HER. LAWYERED.

  3. Just a Guy

    They are Real, Real Nice :-)’

  4. Just a Guy

    She looks Real, Real Nice :-)’

  5. Post-fappage

    Indeed, they are real. Her tits. Not Blake’s. Fake Blake’s. And the pics are fake. Not Fake Blake, they’re fake pictures. Hope this clears everything up.

  6. Sugar

    I personally think the girl in the pics has a better face and body than Blake. She’s thinner with bigger boobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this really is Blake though.

  7. wewd

    Only thing fake are her tits. Nice pics.

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She has the most amazing gorgeous body I have ever seen on a human. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  9. Her legal statement is an admission that the photos are real.

    You can’t “take legal action” for against “any other outlets that republish them in any manner.” if THEY AREN’T PHOTOS OF YOU.

    Way to go crack legal team. Blake, next time don’t hire your lawyer at the mall.

  10. boob inspector

    as a plastic surgery professional and longtime blake lively boob-ogler/speculator/aficionado myself , I would like to bring all of your attention to the left nipple, particularly in pic 5. you can clearly see a faint scar from a periareolar augmentation incision that had to be extended approx .5 cm on either side from the inferior nipple border to accommodate a relatively large, pre-inflated silicone implant (as they all are-only salines are inserted unfilled through a smaller incision). from looking at it, i would estimate it was in the 400cc range, depending on existing breast tissue. To those that have never seen a good boob job with SILICONE before, here is the proof. these types of results are actually quite commonplace with good surgeons and techniques. the pics are real, as is my boner. the boobs are not. case closed.

  11. If the photos are fake why is her attorney requesting that everyone who posted them, take them down?…Thank God I saved them for my personal use…where the lube…

  12. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:


  13. Darren Leite


  14. pam

    she has red nail polish on one of the photos and none on the rest… and this girl is too short for blake lively’s height…

  15. Klaus

    yea ! deffinetly fake … not ! So if they are ”fake” why take them out ? and scare off people with legal action ? this just provides tht they are as real as ots stands !

  16. Taz

    More evidence (albeit circumstantial), that they’re real. Note the thick brown hairtie on her wrist (its pic2 on egotastic), sure she’s not the only girl in the world to wear a brown hairtie on her wrist- but check out this pic of blake Same thick brown hairtie on the same wrist (same hand she holds the phone in-it only appears opposite in the nude pics coz she’s taking photos in the mirror). There has to be a point where all these ‘coincidences’ can only lead to one conclusion…

  17. v

    fake or not that body is BANGING

  18. CaliforniaJoe

    By the way,doesn’t anyone have any common sense anymore?
    #1..the only pic with her nude and face showing does not even look a bit like her,looks like a tramp pic that looks just similar to her,all the other pics hide her face..clearly a cover up huh?…lol

    #2.dream all you want..but hackers can NOT get pics off someone’s Iphone by just hackin VIA web or wireless…the phone would have to be live and telling her a message or picture was being sent BEFORE it could be sent…

    Get a grip folks…but then again..its people like you who put money into scammists pockets and dream websites…LMAO here at YOU

    I wonder how many UFO’s have landed in your backyard and gave you a “checkup” lately?…LMAOOO

  19. wishbone

    If her arms were any longer she’d be a knuckle-dragger

  20. Harry Pooter

    Sooooo what you’re saying in conclusion is that Blake is hotter than herself?

  21. Ariel

    I am a huge fan of Blake Lively and not for a sec did I believe the nudes pics were really her. She is too beautiful and smart to stoop that low to post nude pics. Shes on top and because of that people are going to try their best to knock her down. Its a shame what jealous people can do. Dont hate just congradulate! Im not just saying all of this because im just a fan but I stand behind strong women and I feel Blake is one thats one of the reasons why I am a fan. Keep ur head up Blake

  22. baptiste

    those are not her, as when we were in that bathroom taking pics, I was impaling her with my massive man meat from behind!

  23. DM.Hyman

    I doubt their fake, anyone who’s seen pics of Blake can see the similarities in those boobs.

  24. seriously

    Those are definately real. Look at her phone, phone case, and distinctive shape of body and markings…freckles moles. She still has that phone and case. No covering these photos up

  25. Ajay.c.parmar

    So hot

  26. Hazem

    There are fake. Anyone who thinks is a fool. In all the photos shes blocking her face. The only one of the photos you can see her face its clearly photo shopped Yo.
    But yes she mega fine well done Mr Wanker… I mean Hacker…

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