The Blake Lively Nude Photos Are ‘Fake’

May 31st, 2011 // 132 Comments

(Guess which person in this photo is me right before hearing the fake part.)

In what sounded like the exact M.O. of the hackers who released leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens near the premiere of Sucker Punch, nude photos of Blake Lively that just hit the Internet this evening are already being declared fake by her rep, according to Celebuzz:

“The photos of Blake Lively which have just surfaced on various websites including Perez Hilton and are 100 percent FAKE. Blake has never taken nude photos of herself. Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner.”

Because I believe in journalism, I took the liberty of posting safe for work versions of Fake Blake anyway except that’s right about where my integrity ends because I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Picture a small boy on Christmas morning getting the one thing he begged and begged for, only to find out it’s a cleverly arranged pack of socks as his whole family laughs at him. That’s me right now. So, really, just a heartfelt thanks to everyone who wrote in on this. You certainly know how to touch a man. In the penis. With a knife.

NOTE: Egotastic has the uncensored versions for anyone who doesn’t work for Quakers.

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  1. the captain

    like the lives of celebrities…………

    • Honest Abe

      Real or not, thats a freaking hot chick worth looking at!! NICE

    • Mike Walker

      New set of nudes here:

      I assume these tattoos were temporary. I’ve never noticed them before.

    • CaliforniaJoe

      Those pics are someone else..take it from someone who REALLY knows what she looks like nude,her belly is much tighter and her butt is much more muscular/round/firm…nice try though for a fakist hacker trying to get a little publicity for his underground they way Mr.Hacker,how does it feel to be so ashamed of yourself you never go public?,you must be 1 fugly SOB huh?

      • Problem?

        Lol, You don’t know what she looks like if you don’t know it’s her. Obviously it is. Anon just jumped the gun and shared it with the rest of us. Godspeed to productive hackers.

  2. Dude

    They kind of looked real to me

  3. JackB

    They’re not fake. Anyone with two eyes can see it’s clearly her. Nice try though reps.

    • PopeyesChicken

      Yea….I’m about 95% positive they’re real, as well. Their nose, eyes, and eyebrows match up. Even if it is fake, it’s still inarguably fappable.

    • Venom

      I looked at the photos on Egotastic and they are definitely her.
      Even the comparison photo showing her cell phone clearly shows it is the same phone and case.

      On a positive note, her body looked much better than I thought it would.
      I always envisioned her breasts looking like two baseballs were glued on top of her ribcage, but they looked pretty decent for fake boobs.

      • Sophie

        Oh really – what photo were you looking at?! in the photos this girl clearly has a spot/mole on the top of her chest, and funnily enough if you look at REAL photos of Blake you’ll see no mole present – ok…
        just do your research and stop jumping on some bandwagon, where you’re only runing someone’s rep because you’re horrible people….put yourself in their shoes…see not so nice now if someone’s posting FAKE nude photos of you.

    • Rob Frost

      Looks real to me. @Sophie, the mole to the left of her nose matches and it looks like she conceals chest moles with makeup.

    • Mike Walker

      They are fake. Her face is vastly different and the face picture shows what appears to be a large mole on her chest which Blake doesn’t have. The difference in the face is enough to discredit these pics.

      • argleblargle

        Yeah, the REAL Blake Lively’s face doesn’t have a cell phone blocking most of it. These are obviously fake.

    • Of course they’re real. Her lawyer admitted it when threatening legal action against anyone reproducing the photos “in any manner”. If they’re not photos of her, they have no legal standing to prohibit reproducing them.

      Either they’re real, or the lawyer is so fucking stupid that he just made everyone believe they are.

      • doesntmatter

        @McFeely Smackup, the lawyer threatened legal action against publishing these photos linked to Blake Lively’s name, which all tabloids ARE doing. Publishing fotos saying it is someone or allegedly someone, when in fact it is not, is defamation and she sure does have grounds for suing and does not mean any admission of the photos being real. She just doesnt want her name tied to the photos period. Doesnt mean they are real! Think a little before you talk about things that you dont know, you obviously cant think ahead of your own nose!

  4. cc

    My boner is real.

  5. Jovy

    LOL @ that guys facial expression.

  6. Bastian

    Yeaaaaa those look fake… but the pictures look real.

  7. pcdsim

    If it’s not her, then what’s with the “legal” action?

    • JackB

      I know. It’s totally her. Usually if it’s fake, the reps just laugh it off and that’s it.
      They don’t care about them being posted, because it’s not the actress’ body.

      But in this case, they’ve taken the time to name all the sites who have posted the pics and you can also tell they’re pissed off.

      And they use the words, “The photos of Blake Lively…” why would they say that if it’s not her? lol.

    • somethingoriginal

      I’m also taking legal action against the publication as they have continuously published photos of women that are not me. Outrageous!

  8. Keith

    Nerd alert (me): In those photos of her leaving the hotel after Leo, she’s got an iPhone 4 (maybe 3G). In the “fake” photos, it’s clearly an original iPhone. So either she’s got a secret sexy photo second phone or they may indeed be fake. Whoever the girl is, though, she’s still hot.

  9. Bucky Barnes

    The only thing that’s fake is the claim by the rep.

  10. h0pe33

    Hey, isn’t that the same phone (apple) we saw her holding in your other post while she was leaving that hotel (and Leo left different time)? Hrmm….

  11. Bucky Barnes

    The mole on the right side (from her perspective) is an identifying mark. In the last photo you can see most of her face and there’s the mole. On the opposite side, natch, because it’s a mirror reflection.

  12. dont get it

    someone on another blog i was reading pointed out that she is using an iphone 4g white, which has only been out a couple weeks

  13. Michael

    Seriously, I think she’s cute. But she’s gotta stop acting Sarah Jessica Parker, dressing very bizarre and shit.

  14. rimikka

    can someone really pursue legal action against photos that are not even of yourself? if not, she just totally gave herself away

    • If I were a less subtle man, I’d write “Ding ding ding ding!” in all caps under this post.


      • noyb

        and what prevents you from posting the NSFW versions because….?

      • The Critical Crassness

        Always the “Champion of Subtlety”, Fish ! Maybe you should have written..HINT HINT HINT HINT!, just to be sure the message was received. LOL!

      • nicole

        Hey asshole,

        Remember when you’d post the actual photos, instead of providing links to sites that have balls?

        When did you become TMZ?

    • JR

      She could sue based on defamation

    • Bucky Barnes

      The only form of publicity damage control that works is full disclosure. Witness David Letterman who when confronted, admitted cheating on his wife and accepted responsibility. Result: the “bombshell” was defused and the story short-lived.
      The most intelligent thing for Blake to do would say, “Yeah, I took some nude pics, so what? Get over it.”
      Somehow I doubt that is what will happen.

  15. After a long, often heated debate with my penis, we have determined that these are indeed pictures of Blake Lively.

  16. joe

    i wonder id location data is still embedded in the pics?

  17. Jon

    They are real. Or they are the best fakes I’ve ever seen in the history of mankind.

  18. Jon

    It’s all a conspiracy to advertise Iphones..

  19. Jennn

    They’re her. If you’re a gossip girl fan at all you know Blake Lively when you see her. I’ve seen pics of her in bikini and that is definitely her body. What I hate most is that she won’t own up to it. DENY DENY DENY, just like when someone asked if her boobs were fake.

  20. JR

    Anyone else notice that she has a double jointed thumb in these pictures? Does anyone know if she had a double jointed thumb in real life? I only found these pics but I’m not sure if you can tell from them

  21. Josh

    How funny would it be if she sued the people that posted photos of “A GIRL THAT LOOKS LIKE HER?” LMAO. Good job PR people you just gave yourself away.

    If this isn’t her, this girl should come forward! I want this girl on tv!!! Someone find her name immediately! Have a feeling this girl won’t turn up… :P

  22. gaba

    So has this sire really decided to commit gossip-site-suicide and eschew nudity? Um.. unsubcribed.

    • there’s a bigger picture here, homeboy:

      Leighton Meester = has nudes out there
      Minka Kelly = has nudes out there
      Blake Lively = just joined the club
      Taylor Momsen = 18 in eight weeks..

      am i missing anything?

  23. Teddy Jr

    How can she pursue legal action on photos that she is claiming is not her?? If they are fake and of someone who looks like her then she cant do anything legally. Am I missing something here??

  24. It is her, otherwise why all the fuss? To be honest she isn’t all that hot. Sure, I’d do her but I’d do anything female with a pulse! I’m more interested in how these got out? She send them to someone and they leaked them? She released them herself? Someone ‘hacked’ her phone? Wasn’t there a story a while back about hackers having tons of nude pics of celebrities?

  25. michaelsheen

    Fake because:
    1. Mole is on the wrong side of her nose.
    2. The chick in the photo doesn’t have a horseface.
    3. No take-down requests or lawsuit threats.

    • noyb

      1) you’re an idiot, she’s taking the picture into a mirror.
      2) debatable
      3) uhhh can you not read: “Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner.”

  26. Bonez

    i think i just…… yeah, i did

  27. Linxx

    its her

  28. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    These photos are most likely fake.
    The white iphone 4 came out on the 28th of April.
    Blake Lively died her hair red before the 27th of April.

  29. Jonie

    Why threaten to sue if they’re not her? Fail.

  30. Why doesn’t someone just ask Penn Badgely if that’s what he had his hands all over?

  31. tlmck

    I dunno. Her boobs look smaller in the dress.

    Besides, she is just average looking to me anyway. Not ugly, just nothing to write home about. Certainly not equal to all the publicity she gets. She must have one hell of a publicist.

    • The Critical Crassness

      I think she has the same publicist as Taylor Swift does to promote her shitty music.

  32. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    The last pic gives it away: I cannot find any pictures of Blake Lively with a huge mole on top of her chest.

    It’s also no coincidence that any pic where her face is uncovered is blurred to hell.

    Very clever fake in my book.

    • dinnah

      they’re not fake

      the mole on the top of the chest is actually a fake star tattoo

      it was used during the movie The Town

      4chan has posted more of the pics as evidence

  33. anonym

    i knew she had fake tits

  34. bloop

    That’s not her. She has puffy nipples.

  35. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    Not sure why you’re so upset about this. The Internet is full of pictures of girls with fake tits for you to look at.

  36. thisguy

    Hmm to the people saying she can’t pursue legal action if they are not of her – pretty sure they can :/ It’s just like how magazines get sued when they run stories like ‘omg katie’s a drug addict lol’ when she’s not…

    If people are putting out images/messages and claiming that they are about or of a particular person, and they’re not, it’s defamation or something similar to that I’m sure. There would be grounds for legal action absolutely.

    In saying that. Have a look at the pictures – it’s totally 100% her :P

  37. rough smacked

    Ask Penn Bagley(what ever his name is) to identify that mole on her right breassses. He’ll gladly tell you. He must be hurting right now. And hate Leo.

  38. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Rob Frost
    Commented on this photo:

    Scared to post uncensored photo’s that are admittedly fake for fear of litigation?
    Stop the internet, my brain hurts.

    Those photo’s are totally real by the way.

  39. Morgan

    They’re real. I know that because I’m a Blake Lively-expert

  40. duder

    Remember back when we didn’t have to get directed to another site for NSFW versions? Is Fish the one who works for Quakers now? I don’t get it…

  41. I spent hours thoroughly comparing those nude pics with her other pics and the facial moles look right but the titties look a little too big for Blake’s, but who really gives a fuck just enjoy them anyway!

  42. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    Nowhere near as pretty as Blake; she’s deluding herself.

  43. tony

    Dang, if I was a chick and these photos came out and people said they were me, even if they weren’t I’d keep my trap shut. Whoever is in these photos is doin all right for themselves, knowhatimean?

  44. rough smacked

    You know? it could’ve been Steve Jobs who orchestrated this whole brouhaha…

  45. rough smacked

    He got plenty of times in his hands these days. So ive heard

  46. Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    The “mole” looks more like a small pendant/necklace to me

  47. argleblargle

    If your acting skills are weak, nude pictures you must leak.

  48. Jessica

    The “mole” looks more like a small pendant/necklace to me

  49. Jessica

    I think they are 100% real

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