Were The Blake Lively Nude Photos Meant For Ben Affleck?

June 3rd, 2011 // 31 Comments

Start crying and I’ll tattoo you again, bitch. Violet, look, Mommy has a balloon sword!”

After the second batch of nude Blake Lively photos were leaked online making it obvious she took them while filming The Town, rumors of an affair with Ben Affleck immediately started up again along with 800 blind items hinting that he was the intended recipient. Of course, this was (keyword) entirely speculation until he popped up in Brentwood last night sporting a massive black eye and everyone remembered his wife is a martial arts expert. I guess you could say this incident was a real “hit” at their house, amirite? They didn’t quite see “eye to eye.” A domestic violence in the hand is worth two in the- I’ll stop now.

Photos: Flynet, Glamour


  1. LJ

    Ben was banging Jennifer Garner during the filming of Daredevil while he was engaged to Jennifer Lopez, so she has seen his moves in action, and now has the evidence.

    What goes around comes around.

  2. “No, officer, she didn’t do it, I walked into a door.”

  3. Blake Lively Nude Ben Affleck Black Eye
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    Martha and Stephen Thompson will be so proud

  4. When did Ben start dating Cris Brown?

  5. Blake Lively Nude Ben Affleck Black Eye
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    how did he get that black eye? nice going Jennifer

  6. Blake Lively Glamour
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    Photoshopped or not, look at those LEGS. She’s the hottest “celeb” skank today, in addition to Bar Refaeli.

  7. tm

    Wrong guy.It was meant for Ryan Reynolds

  8. She’s looking back as if to say, “Don’t make me Affleck your ass again, Ben…”

  9. Rachelle

    Blake sent the pictures to Ben and Jen found out about them and beat him up? Yeah, I’m so sure that’s what happened. People will just jump to any conclusions. The second set of pictures were released on Wednesday night. Do you really think they’d be seen together if Jen just found out about the pictures not even 48 hours ago? Also, don’t you think he’d be wearing sunglasses if that was the case?

    • Artofwar

      …We will have none of that logical thinking here missy—-This is the SUPERFICIAL DAMN IT…Artofwar

    • TaT

      You’re right, people don’t walk and talk things over right after things like that. That’s just stupid thinking.

  10. The Pope of Cleveland

    Apparently she hit him so hard that his left eye is now an inch higher than his right. That will make finding the right pair of eyeglasses tough now.

  11. Major Disaster

    I heard she was lively in bed

    • Ranier Wolfcastle

      She’s probably a lot tighter than Kim K , whose had the NFL and the NBA use like th hosebag she is !

  12. right

    Look how beat & unhappy they both look. This is why you never marry and have kids til your to old to care. She definitely punched his lights out, once she figured out why he bought that huge diamond for her….

  13. the captain

    why on earth?

  14. TaT

    Lots of stories of Jen being an utter and complete bitch. He’s probably miserable.

  15. Ranier Wolfcastle

    There’s more where that came from , so just let me see you eyeballin another girl!

  16. Arie

    RoboZombie. Jennifer Garner looks 5,000,000,000 times more beautiful than Blake’s trashy ass when she’s in hair and makeup world too. Blake looks like Jennifer in pic 7 too when she’s in the real world. In pic 6 Blake is photoshopped to hell and back. Men are dumb.

  17. ck

    i did not know 800 needed punctuation.

  18. Blake Lively Glamour
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    Blake Lively looks like Jennifer Garner would look like if she was a woman.

  19. Intifada

    Blake Lively looks like Jennifer Garner would look like if she had an operation to become a woman.

  20. kara

    um, what exactly is “8,00″

  21. Blake Lively Glamour
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    wow, she looks amazing hear

  22. Bobby Dee

    Affleck is definitely scoring some quality cooze if he’s getting with Blake Lively.

  23. Blake Lively Glamour
    Turd Ferguson
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    Not a fan of hers normally but this photo is smokin hot.

  24. Blake Lively Nude Ben Affleck Black Eye
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    Would do. Both.

  25. Blake Lively Nude Ben Affleck Black Eye
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    She beat him with the balloon, then popped it to get rid of the evidence.

  26. Blake Lively Glamour
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    What? You’re Daredevil? Let me suck your cock!

  27. Blake Lively Glamour
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    What? You know Silent Bob? Please buttfuck me!

  28. Blake Lively Glamour
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    What? You’re married to Sidney Bristow? Let me have your babies!

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