Blake Lively’s Nephew Doesn’t Even Realize

While getting ready for a Letterman appearance last week, Blake Lively’s nephew apparently burst into her room while she was naked and then proceeded to laugh at her naked body because four-year-olds are dumb like that. I don’t know why we even keep them around. Via Starpulse:

“He was tattling on his older brother and he comes running in and I said, ‘No, no, no, don’t come in, I’m naked…’ It was from behind and I was covering myself from the front and he walks in and it was a little too late. He just sees me and turns beet red and then, like, folds over laughing.
“I didn’t know if I was, like, embarrassed or, like, flattered… He couldn’t get it together. And then later he came back again and he wanted me to throw him on the bed… and he’s pulling open the door and I said, ‘I can’t, I’m naked again,’ and he goes, ‘Can I see, can I see?’ He’s four. That’s not OK.
“I felt good about myself but when a four year old is laughing at you, you think, ‘Oh, am I like the flabby aunt that’s kissing him all the time?'”

First, let me say that because I’m a gentleman I will still have sex with Blake Lively even though she just pulled the always annoying hot chick false modesty card. “Oh, you know preschoolers and knowing what fat even means. Ahahaha!” Just.. goddammit. Anyway, second, I take back all that stuff about four-year-olds being stupid because apparently this kid is some sort of wundergenius. The little bastard went back for more. He probably spent the rest of the night throwing away his nearly completed time machine going, “Fuck this, I’m only thinking about whatever those things were for the rest of my life.” (Don’t worry, later on he’ll learn what a blood relative is and then murder a bunch of people. It’ll all work out.)

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