Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio Are Still Having Sex, Also Bike Riding

August 2nd, 2011 // 46 Comments

Last month, a report surfaced that Leonardo DiCaprio had kicked Blake Lively to the curb which I was more than happy to post because famous actresses have shameful rebound sex with bloggers all the time. Have I not mentioned that? Probably because it’s so true and real. Anyway, turns out they’ve been spotted together several times since then, and now here they are biking through Manhattan over the weekend where Leo didn’t even bother to wear his trademark hat pulled down to his nips, so I’m pretty sure they wanted to be seen. Which is fine, just fine, DiCaprio. I get the message, I’ll back off. But one day, mark my words, you’re going to want to bang another supermodel, and that’s when I’ll be there, lying, waiting, most likely trespassing, but waiting…

Photo: INFdaily


  1. Cock Dr

    Maybe Leo’s strategy is to let ‘em down easy.
    “Letting down easy” = only having sex with them on every 3rd Saturday in months containing the letter “U”. He’s a gentleman, that Leo is.

  2. I can totally see her balloon knot from here.

  3. lindsay

    Blake is a beard.

  4. that’s brave riding bikes in manhattan. espec those swiss army bikes, they have corkscrews for saddles

  5. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
    Facebook Me
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    Her ass still looks amazing even when it is eating her dress. Gwad! I wish I was that dress.

  6. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
    Hugh Gentry
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    would eat her b-hole all day

  7. Dumbing down the vulnerable,rough

    The only conclusion I’m getting here is, man-made juGGs are immobile, while the ones made by nature lose a hold up string every year? I don’t know where I’m going with this, and who does it benefit.

  8. fish rules!

    god, i love fish. he’s the only one that calls them out. you tell em, fishy.

  9. fish rules!

    ^i mean to post that for the lady gaga post

  10. Shockandawe

    Fish did not mention that Lucas Haas was with them. How romantic, of course everyone takes a third wheel along on their dates.

  11. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    nom nom nom

  12. Bj

    I missed your crazy stalkerdom, Fish! Glad to see it’s back!

  13. Katie

    No way her breasticles are real, her naked pictures proved the theory and further evidence now from their stationary appearance whilst mobile. When I cycle, my boobs move more than my legs.

  14. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    Love that they’re going the wrong way in NYC traffic.

  15. PoorMaryKelly

    When Leo’s out in public without wearing an Elephant Man disguise , something’s up. Her days are freaking numbered.

  16. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    #1 There is no traffic on the Upper East Side.
    #2 No one else finds Leo’s consistent use of scrunch socks hot?!

  17. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    Yeah, OK, this isn’t the first time she’s ridden a bike. She looks as coordinated as a monkey on roller skates.

  18. DamnFoolMan

    a) Is he better looking than me ? Yes
    b) Would I take a chick this hot out on a date in a car ? Or even a cab. Yes

    So thats 1-1.

    Your move Mr Shit-Movies….your move…..

    • Venom

      He can take her out on dates by flying her in a G5 private jet out to a 100 foot private yacht, so not, it is not 1-1. lol

  19. bing

    What is that place ? In America only cars are allowed and bikes are forbidden hence the obesity.

    • Dumbing down the vulnerable,rough

      One good thing about Bloomy (the mayor) he has taken a few steps to change that, as in adding more bike lanes throughout the city. But, only the ones that’s already in shape uses them. He needs to coax the other group with M&Ms in the bike lanes…That’s where he failed.

    • Roxy

      Cities in North America are definitely not bike friendly. I live in Montreal and the bike path where I live is on a crazy road with tons of cracks and holes and it’s one bumpy ride, also noisy as it’s a very busy street with lots of traffic. In Europe there are so many places where cars are not permitted and only cyclists can go. I wish they’d do the same thing here. People seem to hate cyclists here and are always bitching about us but we have so few options that sometimes we have to go off the bike path to get where we want to go.

      • European cities often have a much denser urban population and smaller area, making bicycles a more viable option. We’ve got bike paths all over the friggin’ place in my city, but – fat and lazy aside – I’m not biking 90 minutes across Hell’s half-acre to commute to work and back. If it were 15-20 minutes away, I’d seriously consider it to spare myself the aggravation.

  20. I love these douches riding their bikes without helmets. Cause you know, NYC is so traffic free, and the cab drivers are so safe that their’s no way anything could possibly happen. In fact, it is a little known fact that no cyclist or pedestrian has ever died in NYC.

  21. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    nice wedgy

    god damn expensive bike too.

  22. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
    Dharma Initiative Beans
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    So hot that even her dress couldn’t resist copping a feel.

  23. katgrrl

    Leo looks fucking hot here. Love this man.

  24. "Big " Palmer

    I would like to smell her bicycle seat

  25. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    “Slow down, sweetie. I wanna scope out this hot chick on the sidewalk.”

  26. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    i wish my dick was that seat…. *drools

  27. the one

    the truth?

  28. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    Flat ass.

  29. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    Those are electric bikes! WTF? How hard is it to ride a bike in NY that you need and electric bike? It’s totally flat. Idiots.

  30. cc

    I hope the ‘tying up of the skirt thing’ doesn’t become common knowledge. Who the hell is she to ruin my fun?

  31. I don’t understand how this guy can get such hot chicks with SOCKS like that. UGH!!! He might as well be wearing sandles with them!

  32. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Bikes
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    love the way she fakes like she know how to ride that bike

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