Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio Are Still Having Sex, Also Bike Riding

The Superficial | August 2, 2011 - 3:18 pm

Last month, a report surfaced that Leonardo DiCaprio had kicked Blake Lively to the curb which I was more than happy to post because famous actresses have shameful rebound sex with bloggers all the time. Have I not mentioned that? Probably because it’s so true and real. Anyway, turns out they’ve been spotted together several times since then, and now here they are biking through Manhattan over the weekend where Leo didn’t even bother to wear his trademark hat pulled down to his nips, so I’m pretty sure they wanted to be seen. Which is fine, just fine, DiCaprio. I get the message, I’ll back off. But one day, mark my words, you’re going to want to bang another supermodel, and that’s when I’ll be there, lying, waiting, most likely trespassing, but waiting…

Photo: INFdaily