Blake Lively ‘Just Had Sex’

December 20th, 2010 // 71 Comments

For some reason a bunch of you wrote in about the new SNL Digital Short “I Just Had Sex” featuring Blake Lively as if I post obsessively about her every day or something. Which I do. That being said, why the hell would you send me a video involving her having sex with another man? That’d be like if your favorite thing in the world is cycling, and I sent you 800 emails about Andy Samberg sticking his penis in a Schwinn. Real fucking thoughtful.

Anyway, vids down below and it also features Jessica Alba, who I’m going to assume wiped her ass with the script in front of the entire writing staff. “Are you getting aroused during my poetic expression? How dare you?”


  1. I Just Had Sex Blake Lively Jessica Alba
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet this is Andy’s real “O” face. You cant fake ugly like that.

  2. poopsmith

    i hate akon with a burning passion, just lost respect for the lonely island

    • sammi

      me too! i thought i was the only one! everytime i hear his voice i get caught mumbling, “i hate this damn african” and my boyfriend chews me out for being racist (btw im af-am) so i feel like im allowed cuz (quiet as its kept) most africans hate black americans…

      • Jon

        Funny, cause out of all the gangsta rapper guys Akon is one of the only ones I can stand. I’m racist.. racist against stupid. This video is stupid you say? Well yeah, but at least they knew it was stupid when they were making it and didn’t take it too seriously. Pop stars are like WWE wrestlers or cartoon characters, but I think only half of them realise it.

  3. GravyLeg

    There is no explanation for how Adam Sandberg has made it this far…

  4. babablacksheep

    This is just the pre-equal to the sex tape that is about to be mysteriously leaked….

  5. nonminti

    Jessica Alba looks better and funnier somehow,it is funny when you try to watch this video in the library and everyone says shush when you silently giggle :)

  6. bitingontinfoil

    Adam Sand…..ooops! I Andy Samberg is disgusting. He reminds me of that “special” kid who used to sit in the back of the class collecting his own boogers in a pencil box and cackling gleefully as he scared the little girls with them. A turd.

    • Cock Dr

      This is my first exposure to Mr. Samberg (I am assuming he is the comedian pretending to bang Fish’s light of love).
      I find him kinda cute, in a goofy class clown way.

    • meh

      He’s an ugly fuck for sure. Of course he most likely has “connections”.

  7. Racer X

    Blake Lively is barely average at best.

    /another no talent white girl

  8. Kia

    Okay Fish…you can have Blake if I can have Andy. Don’t know what it is about him but he cracks me up and that makes him attractive.

  9. Ann

    I would give them some sex. Hot little monsters.

  10. Jon

    Not as good as jizz in my pants!

  11. Ryan the Canadian

    Not as good as the Mother’s Day skit or Dick in a box……

  12. Zee Brat

    Lol, “Still Counts!”

  13. I Just Had Sex Blake Lively Jessica Alba
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    ah ah . I love her face

  14. Adam Samberg is not funny. SNL hasn’t been funny in over 10 years. Blake Lively is HOT. Jessica Alba is also hot. Most of you here who think they are average looking or not attractive would jizz in YOUR pants if either of them gave you a wink or a kiss on the cheek: FACT.

    Skit not as funny as the funniest SNL skit in the past 15 years “Cork Soakers” with Janet Jackson. THAT was funny shit!!!

    NEXT ….

  15. Emilay

    Man, I’d have sex with any of them. haha

  16. The Truth

    What a joke. All this shit group does is rip off Flight of the Conchords — and they do a poor job of it.

    TLI sucks!

  17. Kim W.

    @Dante Lonely Island boys are NOT SNL….they’ve been doing their thing since before Samberg go on SNL. They show the Lonely Island videos on SNL because they know how popular they get.

  18. Nubbinsworth

    I still tag Blake Lively even if she made me wear a paper bag.

  19. Tanzarian

    Pretty sure Samberg has never had sex, singing about jizzing in your pants once is passable, but making a musical career out of juvenile sexual encounters is pretty telling.

  20. Aussie Mama

    Hotrod is one of my favorite movies. Samberg is a crack up, love him in anything.

  21. Andrew

    What a joke this unfunny short is.

  22. 70ctdw

    Pretty, but…damn, you certainly have a type, don’t you?

  23. jojo

    I didn’t watch the video. Did Samberg blast a load in her face?

  24. Matt Damon


  25. Johnny Cage

    I’d love to have sex with Barbara Streisand.

  26. wim

    …………she suffers AIDS now?

  27. Jessica

    I think a lot of what Andy Samberg & those Lonely Island guys do is hilarious (“Dick in a Box,” “Jizz in My Pants,” “Motherlover,” etc.) – but this was dumb as hell. I didn’t even crack a smile. And Akon… Gross.

    I do think Blake Lively is super hot – but Jessica Alba can go fuck herself. I have absolutely NO idea how she’s still famous. I guess she’s pretty much C or D list at this point, but if I never saw her again, it would be too soon. You know how some people just get under your skin for no particular reason? That’s Jessica Alba for me. She seems like such a snooty bitch. And a no-talent one at that.

    • Jessica

      Oh, yeah! And my two favorite SNL Digital Shorts: Natalie Portman’s rap & “Iran So Far Away.” The ones lately have been pretty weak. But put Jessica Alba in anything & I’ll hate it.

  28. Oh Geez

    I’m the Boss and I’m on a Boat FTW

  29. tori

    Love Andy, he’s great.To all the haters, If you don’t like him you can change the channel!!!!

  30. amy r.

    samberg is hot!

  31. Jemaine Clement

    This was funnier when it was called “Business Time” and it was performed by Flight of the Conchords.

  32. smashley

    eww i hate that ugly beech.. could she show here boobs off more??? i dont think so. just another pathetic talentless trashbag. go beg for another movie hunny.

  33. smashley

    ps SNL blows!

  34. Spoons

    The ending shot of the penis fireworks is lifted straight out of a Kenneth Anger film.

  35. Spoons

    Who knew NBC was so into occult filmmakers.

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