Blake Lively at The Elle Style Awards

Blake Lively hasn’t been on the site in a while, so here she is at The Elle Style Awards last night looking… okay. I don’t want to say we’ve reached the end of my obsession with her because there’s still a shit-ton of press coming up for Green Lantern, but we’re more than likely entering the “Era of Minka Kelly” any day now. Look, Blake had her 15-month run (Keeping count isn’t creepy.) which I like to tell myself in the mirror brought her career to new levels, but every couple eventually reaches a point where somebody vanishes into the night and stops answering calls. Granted, she didn’t so much date me as appear in photos I acquired from third parties then masturbated to in fits of loneliness, tell me how that’s different from any other relationship. I practically defined marriage.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Splash News