How Much Sex Is Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Having? C’mon!

December 6th, 2011 // 38 Comments
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Here’s Blake Lively slipping in and out of sleep at a Boston train station after spending the night at Ryan Reynolds‘ apartment where he apparently sexed her good. Which is surprising because Ryan Reynolds once molested a child, so she should probably break up with him because everything on the Internet is true. Like those reports about my penis conjuring women’s shoes in any size. Completely accurate.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News


  1. Meme me

    You’re English are embarrassing.

  2. Venom

    Ryan Reynolds once molested a child? WTF?

  3. D.

    Try *Your” ….

  4. mrsmass

    if she wasn’t such a whore, i would feel bad for her because these pictures are kind of sad. i hope she’s at least taking the Acela.

  5. Lynn

    After partying in St. Tropez and Cannes on Yachts and in Mansions, this is quite the departure. You know she’s loving the fact she’s getting carted away in a train station with us commoners.

    • VampiresAreFugly

      Well, you can’t exactly take a yacht from NYC to Boston. Well, I don’t know, I guess. Can you? They’re both on the Atlantic. But, well, it’s fucking cold.

  6. JC

    If Leo hadn’t dumped her, she’d be travel while riding on a bed made of angel wings lofted high by unicorns, not take the grungy old train. Just sayin’.

  7. TaT

    She’s just……………….gross. She’s ugly and will spread her legs for any guy that can get her name in the press.

    • Lynn

      Butterface. Her body is banging but I still can’t stand her.

    • Gorry

      Oh please being linked to does not equate sleeping with
      January Jones banged Adrien Brody, Jason Sudekis, SamTylor before her mystery baby daddy. Ditto long lists Olivia Wilde, Penelope Cruz etc.
      Who cares but if so where are the names calling them whores
      I bet you’re a woman

  8. pervball

    He is forgetting one of his more memorable lines. “With women, it’s always one of two things. Either they won’t sleep with you, and then there’s really no need to ever call them again. Or they DO sleep with you… and then there’s really no need to ever call them again. “

  9. Anonymouse

    Man, I don’t want to know what kind of crazy stuff goes on that he makes her bring her own pillow.

  10. juicyfruit

    Wait, what kind of douchebag won’t buy her a comfy pillow to keep at his house? And why didn’t he drive her home?
    Ahhhh… the celebrity walk of shame… nice.

  11. Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Pillow Train Station
    Commented on this photo:

    And the man sends her in Business Class. Leo always sent her in Coach Class

  12. Melissa

    “Like those reports about my penis conjuring women’s shoes in any size.” ???

    Has anyone seen that episode of South Park where they explain how Family Guy episodes are written by manatees that pick from a large pile of idea balls? Fish pretty much uses the same method.

  13. Morgan

    A more interesting question, How jealous is

  14. Melissa

    Also why is she always at a train station?? Do celebrities actually travel via train??

    • sticky

      they were first seen taking the Acela together. seems to be their regular mode of transport between boston and ny

  15. henny

    Hmm..somehow I think that this is complete bullshit. First of all, there are no pictures of them together, he’s opening a door to a white van and she’s seen by a black SUV. How do we even know these were taken on the same day??

  16. Arzach

    Hey Fish, this has to be killing you!

  17. forrest gump

    “EXAGGERATION” is american’s second nature……….

  18. Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Pillow Train Station
    Commented on this photo:

    This fugly twit has been passed around so much…she’s a joke. I guess with her acting abilities, she’d hustling to find someone who will support her.

  19. Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Pillow Train Station
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks a little less like the walk of shame when you are not seen carrying a pillow.

  20. Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Pillow Train Station
    Ina Garten's Panty Shield
    Commented on this photo:

    Team Reynolds pwns Team Johannsen’s ‘sex with old man Penn’ by screwing a rival blond actress so hard she looks dazed and has to sit on a pillow. Scarlett is going to have to grab something from the NBA to match this one.

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