Blake Edwards Dies at 88 (1922 – 2010)

December 16th, 2010 // 38 Comments
Bo Derek 10

(It was pretty much a given I was going to lead with this pic, wasn’t it? Predictability!)

Blake Edwards, the director of such films as Breakfast At Tiffany’s and “10″, the latter which brought the world the iconic image of Bo Derek above, passed away at 88, according to Variety:

Edwards has been compared favorably to other outstanding comedy auteurs such as Leo McCarey, Preston Sturges and Frank Tashlin. His slapstick visual style combined the best elements of silent comedy and a post-Freudian storyline, with an undercurrent of pain. “I would not be able to get through life had I not been able to view its painfulness in a comedic way,” he once told a reporter. “So when I put life up there on the screen, quite often it resembles things that happen to me or at least comic metaphors for those things.”
While the quality of his 50 or so films as writer, director and producer, was irregular, critical champions found good even in his most indifferent projects such as the then financially disastrous musical “Darling Lili” starring his wife Julie Andrews. They also point to early films such as “Days of Wine and Roses,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Experiment in Terror,” as demonstrating an often overlooked versatility.

Julie Andrews was by his side at his passing which is probably the best way anyone can go out: Loved and nursed by freaking Mary Poppins herself.

Rest in Peace.

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  1. Hank

    Lots of adolscent jizz was spilled while fantasizing about Bo Derek in 10!

  2. nicole

    you could have atleast posted a pic of the guy, i cant place him

  3. Is it me, or does that look like Sigourney Weaver with Predator hair?

  4. McFeely Smackup

    Sad…he was so damn old that many people might not recognize him, but he was a bid deal back in the stoneage.

    I wonder if he ever did figure out if he was writing about The Pink Panther the cartoon character, or The Pink Panther the fictional diamond, or The Pink Panther as some never explained pseudonym of a bumbling French detective.

    • diamond was named after the cartoon who lived in it. detective was looking for it when i think niven stole it

    • Dumb Fuck

      Which also makes you older then dinosaur shit yourself, enough to know who he was. No wonder you try and come on here acting like you know more then everyone else. Hell you’re probably older then the hairs on Jesus’s nutsack Mcfeely.

  5. Rough's good deeds always get punish

    That’s a pretty impressive tan Blake had there….

  6. brit

    birdie num num

  7. those clouseau movies were pretty damn funny for their time. but yeah only worth 12 pts. it was gittin time..

  8. Andrew Julie

    Finally! Ffffuuuuuu-!!!

  9. GravyLeg

    And for the rest of the people here who were born after 1980, that is Bo Derek… You will remember her as Tommy Boy’s MILF step-mom in…. Tommy Boy.

    RIP Blake!!

  10. Jumpin_J

    Never had the chance to meet Blake but did meet Julie Andrews. Without question one of the nicest people (or most brilliant actresses) I’ve ever met. By the way, she owes me money. True story.

  11. Pangulin

    Mention has been made of many of Blake Edward’s great movies such as “10″; “Victor/Victoria” and “Blind Date” however, his crowning glory was a little remembered film called “SOB” with which he poked fun at the Hollywood establishment and succeeded in having his then wife,Julie Andrews, bare her breasts. Mary Poppins could never be viewed in the same light after watching “SOB”. Thank you,Blake, for the multitude of laughs,
    Requiem In Paciescat!

  12. GeneralEmergency

    Let’s not forget “The Great Race”. Best comedy from that era. Great Mancini score too.

    “Push the button, Max.”

  13. Josh

    How do you completely ignore The Pink Panther films when talking about Blake Edwards? What would comedy be today without them?

  14. Compare Bo Derek in her prime with the earlier picture of Scarlett Johansen in her prime.

    Bo wins the bangability category and every other category I can think of.

  15. prideofchucky

    Good to know Derek is still alive and looking amazing at 54

    (pic taken 3/2010)

  16. wim

    …… derrick is dead?

  17. Petra Pan

    He made SOB, one of my favourite films. :-)

  18. jojo

    Blake was player.

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