The New Blade Runner Trailer Looks Rad

If you’ve ever read anything from the Cappuccino keyboard, you probably know that I’m extremely against reboots, remakes, and revisit movies. Blade Runner 2049 is going to be an exception. Mainly because the trailers I’ve seen don’t try and tug my nostalgia boner out of my zipper with the drunken clumsiness of most reboot franchises, this one takes it nice and gentle.

Last weekend I revisited the original Blade Runner (director’s cut – I’m not a savage) and was reminded how goddamn perfect that movie was. Mostly because I’ve always been a fan of the old noir stuff: dames, hats, cigarettes under slow-moving ceiling fans, hard lighting through horizontal blinds – to me it just doesn’t get any cooler than that. Pepper in an ominous analog synthesizer score, some flying cars, the whole Voigt-Kampff/Turing philosophical dilemma, and boom… one of the top 5 greatest sci-fi movies of all time. I’ll admit the original certainly has a dated depiction of future technology. Unlike other sci-fi authors, Phillip K. Dick wasn’t one for the ‘networks’ of the future. There aren’t anything resembling cell phones, touch screens, or the Internet in his dystopian Los Angeles – and to be honest, it worked better for the film noir theme of pay phones and typewriters.

This is now the fourth trailer they’ve released and I’m only watching it once. I saw some really great stuff (Jered Leto looks like his life living in a bunker has paid off for this role), but I don’t want to read too far into it. The make or break in this movie hinges on viewers not expecting anything. Any preconceived notions or theories on whether Ryan Gosling is a replicant or if Decker gets smoked in X scene will make the movie a huge bummer and all of our nostalgia boners will go flaccid.

And to anyone who is going to immediately shit on this trailer for having too much “action”… you’re probably right, but whatever… We need this one, it’s been a pretty rough year for everyone.