Blac Chyna Thinks People Still Want to See Her Spinoff Series

I don’t know a single person on planet Earth that woke up today and wondered, “I wonder how Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are faring these days.” Mostly because the answer is pretty obvious: They’re still the worst. Blac Chyna has been briefly dating every C-list rapper that drops his mixtape off at Capitol records, while the fattest, brokest Kardashian remains… fat and broke.

Despite receiving a $20,000 a month paycheck from her anchor baby’s family slush, Blac Chyna still needs money. She’s reportedly shooting a new reality TV series and shopping it around to “major networks.” You know, those ones with triple digits and a decimal. Considering Kris Jenner pretty much owns E!, there is no chance in hell you’ll be finding this on basic cable. Rob supposedly wants to be in on it too (because he’s fucking broke) but there is no way his mom is going to let him out of the house again after letting a stripper temporarily infiltrate her empire of ass.

The show supposedly follows her day to day life of “dating, working, and being a mom.” I highly doubt producers would document the actuality of those things and show her waking up at noon every day to take an Instagram snap with her baby before going to the salon to prepare for another late night at whatever strip club she’s appearing at.

I haven’t seen pictures of Rob “Blob” Kardashian in months so I only assume he’s locked in his mom’s basement balancing his visitation time with beating all the hidden quests in Skyrim.

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