Blac Chyna is Suing ALL of The Kardashians Now

Rob Kardashian’s family’s credibility has reached new lows now that the stripper that harbored his anchor baby is going after the Kardashian umbrella corporation in court. Blac Chyna claims that Kris, Kim, and the other dumb K names all took part in pulling the plug on her reality TV show… despite the fact that she put in a lot of “bathrobe work” with Rob during their one-year relationship.

Also Rob hit her at some point, but it wasn’t the time she tried to strangle him with an iPhone charger. It also wasn’t the same time he threatened to kill himself because she didn’t respond to his texts. This is a different time…

Are you starting to realize why I’ve kind of given up on covering this story?

Our Kardashian sources say the real story is this … they claim the day before the incident, Chyna was using coke and drinking alcohol from morning till night. They say later that night Chyna and Rob went to a strip club and Chyna got a stripper to come home with them.
We’re told Chyna partied with the stripper all night long, doing more coke and continuing her drinking binge while Rob watched Dream and King Cairo.
Our sources say Rob confronted Chyna the next morning, kicking the stripper out, calling Chyna irresponsible. He claims she went ballistic, hitting him, throwing things at him and berating him. Rob insists he only defended himself and never struck her. (TMZ)

Oh wow. A former stripper that marries a rich idiot to siphon family money loves to go on all-night coke and booze benders? I can’t believe it. Please, put on this poncho and stand back a few feet while I prepare for a completely unmeditated and involuntary spit take.

Don’t mistake my indifference for me being all #TeamRob on this one. I’ve mentioned before that he strikes me as the kind of guy who should be managing a Panda Express in the mall and not on television… On second thought, Americans love idiots on TV, so I guess he should probably start stumping a grassroots campaign in preparation for the 2032 election. Also, Blac Chyna definitely makes more money than him.

That being said, he’s just as much of a liar in this case as Blac “pay-me-or-I’ll-tell-them-you-hit-me” Chyna.

The sources say Rob actually had an appointment that day with the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services, which had an open case against Chyna. He says he protected her by not mentioning the incident.

Shawn Holley, the Kardashian lawyer, tells TMZ: “We have witness statements and other evidence which will demonstrate conclusively that it is Chyna — not Rob — who is the violent and aggressive abuser.” (TMZ)

What a load of shit. Rob has an appointment with child services to tell them how shitty of a mother Blac Chyna is, but he doesn’t bring up the fact that she’s probably still fucked up from the night before? Rob was doing the coke and the stripper too, people. Kids can sleep through damn near anything if your house is big enough, I would know — we had a doublewide.