Blac Chyna Is Banging The Diabetes Out of Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian has been a complete disappointment to his family even after getting diabetes, which barely lasted a whole news cycle, so he might as well have died. Except fortunately for him, he still has a penis somewhere for Kris Jenner to throw thirsty women on top of, and according to TMZ, that lucky girl is Blac Chyna:

BC posted a photo early Monday morning with some guy’s heavily tattooed arm around her and she captioned it, “The beginning.” We ran a quick tatt investigation, and the arm in the pic matches Rob’s.
Sources close to both of them tell us … Rob and Chyna have been together almost non-stop for several days. She used to live next to Kris Jenner’s house, but we’re told they never hung out back then — so this is an all new hook up.

As of this post, Blac Chyna is trending on Twitter, which is why I even bothered to write about any of this, so don’t feel obligated to care about a single thing that’s happening here. In fact, I’d almost prefer you didn’t read it and actually did something useful with your time. Like eating a bagel, or that stupid stick figure meme everyone was doing all weekend on Facebook. Virtually anything but clicking on this post. LIVE, DAMMIT!

The beginning ☘

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