Blac Chyna’s Probably Cheating On Rob Kardashian. Again.

Here’s a brief rundown of the shady shit Blac Chyna has pulled since she entered a soul pact with Satan for earthly fame in exchange for destroying Rob Kardashian as slowly as possible or until Keeping Up With The Kardashians enters syndication. Whichever comes first.

- She tried to legally change her name to Kardashian.
– She got arrested for bringing ecstasy on a plane.
– She made up some bullshit about a sex tape.
– She got knocked up.
– She immediately left Rob after having the baby.
– She got involved in a student loan scam.

So now, according to Page Six, she was seen getting shitfaced at a Super Bowl party and letting some random dude put “his hand in her lap or on her legs, as well as being overheard saying “she’s still talking to Rob but they’re not living together right now.” You have to kind of feel bad for Rob since his excommunication from The Church of Butt Whores was for two honorable reasons:

1. He openly hated Kim.
2. He didn’t want to be on reality TV anymore.

But then you remember that he sells socks that say shit like “Stay Trill” on them, which can result in any of us having to encounter this kind of shit at a restaurant.

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Empathy level: -1000x

Wait, that guy did that shit at In-N-Out?! Oh hell no, son. You want to take your shoes off, you take your ass to Arby’s.

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