Blac Chyna Was Framed, You Guys

On Friday night, Blac Chyna was arrested in Austin after drunkenly flipping out on a flight attendant where she was later booked for possession after ecstasy was found in her bag. Except now she’s saying she was framed by whoever packs her bags because apparently Blac Chyna makes enough money to pay people to pack her shit whereas I get excited whenever Target has a Buy 2 Get A $5 Gift Card deal. “Rock hard” is one way to describe it. TMZ reports:

As we reported, cops found 2 pills with emblazoned designs in her sunglasses case. A field test revealed it was MDMA.
Our Chyna sources say she has no idea how the pills ended up in the case. She does say she did not pack her own bags for the trip to London — with a stopover in Austin. In fact, she says her assistants who normally work for her were not there, and a different person packed for her.
She won’t snitch, but our sources say she’s strongly implying the person who packed the bags is responsible.

Of course, the question here is, who would benefit from framing Blac Chyna?

kris jenner

Who stands to gain the most in terms of both media exposure and removing Blac Chyna from the picture?

kris jenner

But most importantly, who is so morally bereft that they’re willing to do or say anything for fame and fortune?

19 kids and counting duggars

Get me a forensics team. I want every inch of that crime scene swept for gingham, and I want it done NOW.

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