Amanda Bynes Should Probably Stop Tanning Under Power Lines, This Can’t Be Healthy

Before everyone gets really confused, this is actually stripper Blac Chyna in Calabasas the other day who probably looks familiar because it’s who Amanda Bynes is literally trying to carve herself into. No, really. Via Fox News:

In a rare interview with In Touch, the actress-turned-Twitter-sensation explained that she modeled her new style after famed stripper Blac Chyna.
Like Chyna, Bynes has two shiny studded cheek piercings and sports bleach blonde hair. The 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star is also often photographed wearing heavy eye makeup, just like Chyna.

In related news, if you see a basketball pump in the background of Amanda Bynes’ 800 Twitter photos, call an ambulance, she’s trying to put it in her ass. (See, also: Car tires, Easter hams, Peter Dinklage.)