Yes, I’m Posting The New ‘BioShock Infinite’ Trailer Because Jesus Christ

October 22nd, 2012 // 26 Comments
BioShock Infinite
WATCH: 'BioShock Infinite' Beast of America Trailer

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a video game trailer that wasn’t sponsored, but since this site is about whatever gives me an erection, here’s the new “Beast of America” trailer for BioShock Infinite which is entirely in-game footage only and just Skarsgard’d my brain with triplets. On that note, you’re probably thinking, wait, did he just say everything on this site gives him a boner? Even these Jon Hamm pics? I’ve never seen that post before in my life. Or made wallets of it.


  1. Baxter

    lol video game trailers are so ridiculous

  2. YourKneeIsOnMyThroat

    The character designs looked sick!

  3. Kelly

    I’m pretty sure you’re my favorite blogger ever.

  4. JugleRed

    This is why I never got The Matrix. If it existed, 99% of you guys would be Joe Pantoliano begging to be put back inside.

    • stratacat

      what does jon hamm’s penis have to do with the matrix?

    • MyRightOne

      Reason #273 why this site completes me. Where else can you go to get a Joey “Pants”, Skarsgard and Jon Hamm reference all in the same post? All this and pants are optional? I loooooove yoooooouuuu, Fish!

  5. Yes I come here for boobs and bitching about Celebs. But the nerdy side of FISH > boobs and Celeb bitches….

  6. mel

    i’m psyched as hell! the 1st two were not games as much as they were massive experiences.

  7. Who sings this song? I need to know…bad.

    • YourKneeIsOnMyThroat

      You need Shazam…bad

    • Mark this as the one time I ever comment or reply to post I made previously, but this was a simple request for a song name and/or artist name. That’s it. And some of you fucktards found it in your hearts to not only refuse an answer, but somehow also found the strength and courage to thumb down my comment. I’m not sure when your worlds became so cynical that you couldn’t manage to pass by a post like this without making some sort of statement, but congratulations nonetheless. You are the problem. Period. Were you famous, you would be a Kardashian, and this site and countless others would spend weeks shredding your overt sense of self-importance and penchant for believing that it’s your right and duty to make an ass out of everyone but yourselves. Thanks for helping make this world a shittier place to live. Fortunately, the Mayans are coming back from space to blow us all away in two months. Sweet, sweet Quetzalcoatlin release.

      • Gilby, I’m sure it would only be one person and one vote, not five votes. The thing screws up regularly.
        I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would definitely tell you if I did. *hughug*

    • Pineapple Sherbert

      Quit bitching… Nico Vega – Beast…

      • Pineapple Sherbert, you are my density. I mean destiny. I mean I love you. Wow. Things are moving awful fast here. Let’s get married. HAHAHAHAHAHhahahaha.

    • Deej

      The band is Nico Vega. Song is Beast. The whole album is sick, I have it.

  8. anonymous

    Meh I’d rather play with Kate Upton’s tits.

  9. ThatGuy

    Dude, your constant Jon Hamm references are hilarious…

  10. Deacon Jones

    I havent played Bioshock, other than the demos, but theyve been on my list.

    In the middle of Mass Effect 2 right now…. there’s another trailer for this which is even cooler, its a 2 minute uncut clip of real gameplay, it looks insane.

  11. josh

    This will probably be the only game I ever buy at midnight on release day. The first two were amazing, this is spectacular.

  12. BioCock

    The first 2 sucked. Hopefully this will be good.

  13. Is Chewbacca there on loan?

  14. TE

    If the release date gets pushed back again, heads will roll.

  15. I’ve been waiting for this game forever. As a hardcore girl gamer, who doesn’t look like an ogre, and also enjoys your site and its many pages of boobies, I almost Sh* myself seeing an un-sponsored Game trailer. Effin A. This will be sick, can’t wait for February!

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