Billy Ray Cyrus not cool with Jamie Foxx

April 16th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t thrilled with Jamie Foxx’s suggestion that 16-year-old Miley Cyrus make a sex tape. While Jamie apologized on Leno, Billy Ray voiced his opinion on The Bonnie Hunt Show today. Via Us Magazine:

Billy Ray says, “It was hurtful. There wasn’t nothing funny about it. And, quite frankly, I think if I said those things about his daughter, he might not find it so comedic.”

It probably doesn’t help that Billy Ray is from Kentucky, so I’m sure he wants to settle this matter the old Southern way. Which ironically involves Miley Cyrus making a sex tape. Whoa! Twist ending! This is why people call me the M. Night Shymalan of blogging. And by people I mean me. Just now.

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  1. BEAM

    I’ll be forwarding your emails to the, uh, Kentucky Panthers??

  2. After Achey Breaky Heart, he gets no opinion at all.

  3. cadcat

    Hey Fish writer,
    You actually made me laugh this morning, I needed that, thanks!

  4. Heres from Kenturky huh? I know hed like to reenact the movie Roots with Jamie thats for sure…

  5. prose

    I dont blame Billy! I have a 16 year old and I find Jamie foxxs’ comments quiet disgusting also. Frankly,I’d be pissed! ‘Commedian’ or not,you don’t make comments like that about a child. He is supposed to be an adult. His ‘apology’ didn’t sound nearly as sincere as his ‘skit’ did on his radio show. Everybody had a shitfit about Don Imus when he made his comments about the black basketball team,but when Jamie called Miley a white bitch,I guess we’re supposed to over look that and laugh and go on. Double standard,because he is black.
    Just because this young lady is in the public eye does NOT give asses like Jamie the right to make nasty comments like he did about her. One thing he said to Jay Leno was “you know my heart”.Well,I’ve always heard, “out of the mouth the heart speakth”. He should have known better. So sad this child has to deal with the bullsit these sites put on them about her all the time,then for this jerk to spew trash like that,at the young age -it’s disgusting.I think Jamie needs to grow a pair, meet Billy and Miley face to face, and apologize like a man.

  6. Yeah, well I have ben unemployed so long that making a few pornos is no longer completely out of the question for me..

  7. justifiable

    Billy Ray would be all for a sex tape – he also thinks KY Jelly is named for his home state.

  8. APS

    @5 I agree, he needs to meet them in person and apologize. I don’t even like Miley Cyrus, but what Jamie did was pretty low.

  9. Billy Ray should makes a sex tape with Jamie Foxx’s daughter in a poppy field. (when she’s legal of course)

    Problem solved.

  10. Richard McBeef

    the cyrus family and #5 can all go compliment each other’s purty mouths in the appalachian foothills.

  11. justifiable

    #5 Is your 16 year old CHILD dating a 20 year old MAN? Would you allow that? Didn’t think so.
    Miley doesn’t consider herself a child and neither do her parents – until her big mouth and entitled attitude gets her in trouble, then she hides behind Daddy in the nursery ’til it blows over. Same thing happened with the Annie Leibowitz photo shoot – she loved the shots, and everyone, publicist and Dad included, approved them. Then the reaction wasn’t favorable and lo and behold, it turns out Vanity Fair took ADVANTAGE of her! Shocking – how could they do that to such an innocent child?!

  12. WTF (re)i need to install firefox…

  13. Isn’t it funny that Jamie Fox gets on Leno while Billy Ray is only on the Bonnie Hunt show?

    Billy Ray is just mad ’cause no one should be sleeping with his daughter except himself and the Disney execs who gave us this no-talent skank.

    Jamie Fox made a joke people – get over it!

  14. Objection sustained

    Hey man, once you pimp out your fourteen-yr-old daughter publicly, you open her up to all kinds of unwanted scrutiny. Jamie Foxx is a douche, but whattayagonnado?

  15. Still White on the Outside

    Billy ray lost his opinion when he condoned statutory rape.

    Yeah it is funny how Imus gets blasted, yet foxx is “just kiddin y’all, here listen to this golddigger song”

    I guess the first amendment doesn’t apply to famous white racists anymore, only black ones.

    White people need their own Al Sharton/Jesse Jackson person! I’m disenfranchiserated. masticated and disambigulated!

  16. Max Planck

    What would have happened if he called her a knappy, headed ‘ho? Lose his job…I don’t think so.

    Achey Breakya face…

  17. Where’s Jimbo and Veggi??

  18. bah!

    he’ll change is POV in a few years

  19. andy7171

    I don’t understand how this turns into a slam BRC and Miley thing. Foxx said something that would get his A kicked in if said in person. #5 is right on.

  20. iwanttoliveinamileycyrusfreeworld

    Exactly #11.

  21. Sam

    As a fine Southern gentleman, Billy Ray would never forgive a black man for insulting his girlfriend.

  22. Still White on the Outside

    Me again. I really didn’t have any point, other than to try and work my slightly masked racial take on this into this thread; it’s what I do, you know. I of course know that racism is he totality of oppressive behavior, not just being a bigot, so I know there’s no way it could apply here. But don’t blame me for trying. I just wish he would have called her a “straw haired inbred cracka ho” so my Imus reference would have made even a modicum of sense. In short, I have nothing to say other than I too am a proud teabagger.

  23. #17 go spruce up that resume instead of yapping on Superficial…

  24. Ed

    I used to like conservatives, even though I didn’t agree with their views (aside from taxes). But they’re all whiny bitches now. It’s sad.

  25. Jrz

    Billy Ray’s gonna kidnap Jamie Foxx and make him grow a mullet. That’ll learn em.

  26. Jen

    #11: Have you met a teenager before? No 16 year old considers herself a child. And that’s exactly #5′s point. No matter how much money or “self-entitlement” she has, she is still a 16 year old girl. Show me how many 16 year old girls have a perfectly developed sense of emotional maturity. I know 30 year olds that don’t have that. What Jamie Foxx said was uncalled for, and I agree with Billy Ray. If he had said that about Jamie’s daughter, he wouldn’t think it was that funny.

    #5: I didn’t know about the “white bitch” comment. If that’s true, I definitely agree with you, that is a huge double standard. Apparently racism is ok after all.


    Making him watch a Hanna Montana marathon should be punishment enough.

  28. They could have a sing off at fifty paces. *shrugs*

    Rich– that Achey Brakey comment made my computer a caffiene addict.

  29. Jrz

    Hey, Rich & Guy–my kid got bit by a dog on the beach in PR last week. Rabies shots are fucking AWESOME for a 5 yr old.

  30. Rabies shots? Why didn’t you just tell him to walk it off?

  31. #23 Rough Daddy: ok…can I put you down as a reference??

  32. jsl

    whether she considers herself as a child or not, she still IS one.

  33. Jrz

    I know, I know…we wimped out.

  34. Billy Ray

    Every night since Jamie Foxx made his hurtful comments, I’ve had to comfort my daughter at bedtime as she cries herself to oral. I mean, asleep.

  35. Big Al

    If she is old enough to be fucking a 20 yr old guy, she is old enough to be a target of public comment, regardless of how insensitive it might be.

  36. Jrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Hello

  37. NO! Cause ill have you back to work in no time,,,we all know you dont want that…

  38. Jrz, much like Billy Ray’s singing career, did you guys put the dog down?

  39. Jrz

    It was one of PRs finest…..a stray.

  40. Jrz- sooo ya put it down and then BBQ it.

  41. OctoMom

    @39 why would you let a stray dog get that close to your son. Weren’t you watching him? BAD MOTHER!

  42. OctoMom

    @39, again – Oh, you were probably too busy turning tricks, isn’t that what Puerto Ricans are best at?

  43. smarg

    Foxx is a marginally talented fellow who was just another Affirmative Action Oscar pick, a trend there for the last 15 years. Who gives a fuck what that boy says.

  44. mikeock

    Way to man up, Dad. Now stop riding your daughter’s coattails for your comeback you flat-ironed, frosted freak.

  45. Kny

    1) All of you fuckers get paid way too much money to get all bent out of shape.

    2) If you don’t want people saying shit about your kid then you shouldn’t have allowed them to step into the slime light.

    3) We just like to sit on the sidelines and laugh at you carnies. Dance monkey dance.

  46. Kny

    1) All of you fuckers get paid way too much money to get all bent out of shape.

    2) If you don’t want people saying shit about your kid then you shouldn’t have allowed them to step into the slime light.

    3) We just like to sit on the sidelines and laugh at you carnies. Dance monkey dance.

  47. OctoMom's 4th Child

    @41/42 We;re starving over here mom. Quit posing for the photogs and get us some fucking similac

  48. Jim

    Nah, Jamie Foxx is talented, that’s obvious. I liked him better when he was on In Living Color, before he got such a huge ego. He’ll always be “Wanda” to me.

  49. missywissy

    All of you people dogging on Billy Ray Cyrus- Look up the actual recording of what Jamie Foxx and his “homies” said on his radio show. It’s actually WORSE than what the media has reported. They also called her “that little white bitch”. Had it been opposite and Billy Ray had a show with his “buddies” and somebody called Jamie Foxx’s daughter “that little black bitch” that would have been ALL OVER THE MEDIA. I hate that we live in the age of reverse discrimination- it’s okay for blacks to dog the shit out of whites, but white people are racists and hate mongers if they say anything slightly related to a color not their own.

    Jamie Foxx has no class, looks like Sha-nae nae without the wig, and his career has been plummeting ever since he won his Oscar. He’s not even funny, only when he’s got a script that somebody else has written. I’ll be glad when him and Miley both go away.

    Oh, and Fish- Do your fucking research somewhere besides The Sun, mkay?

  50. eddiewooch

    Why haven’t her boyfriend been aressted in Florida that is a crime she is 16 and he is 20 that is a crime where are the police when we need them so stay the fu@k off jamie foxx he can say what the hell he want if the lil bit@h want to be grown be 21

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