Billy Ray Cyrus loves using down home colloquialisms to discuss Miley Cyrus topless scandal

Billy Ray Cyrus should be interviewed all day every day. The country star and father of Miley Cyrus (better known as Hannah Montana) stopped by The Today Show this morning to talk about the scandal involving a topless photo of Miley that appeared in Vanity Fair. Check out these awesome answers that run the hilarious gamut of poop and turkey necks:

On why he stayed quiet about Miley’s photos:
“My dad always told me the more you stomp in poop, the more it stinks.”

On the advice Kris Kristofferson gave him:
“And I remember Kris Kristofferson stopped me backstage at one of my shows and said, ‘Listen, hoss, always remember: The turkey with the longest neck’s always going to be the one everyone’s shootin’ at’.”

On the supposedly suggestive father-daughter photo:
“That’s just a daddy who loves his daughter a whole lot. If a daddy hasn’t hugged his daughter recently, I recommend he does.”

On his excuse for leaving the shoot early and not seeing the topless photo:
“I had a show to do, and an obligation, to go to Washington state … playing for the troops just back from Iraq.”

Billy Ray also added: “Yeah, the troops… and a group of scientists who needed me to play my gee-tar to cure cancer. Yeah. Dang gum diddily, I reckon all that stuff.” Wait a minute, he done served us a cowpie!