Billy Ray Cyrus approves of Miley’s lap dance

May 14th, 2010 // 55 Comments

Because he’s already got his solid gold terlet, Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t see anything wrong with his teenage daughter provocatively dancing against a 44-year-old man. Via PopEater:

The video shows openly gay Shankman grinding up against Cyrus with a drink in hand. It was even reported that several people left the party after the dance display because they felt uncomfortable or had small children with them. Cyrus’ parents were not in attendance.
But earlier today, when TMZ got a chance to chat with Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, about his thoughts on the video, he replied, “It’s what people her age do.” He went on to say his daughter was just “having fun.”

In Billy Ray’s defense, Miley turns 18 in six months and becomes the arranged bride of Michael Eisner per his severance agreement with Disney. So it’s really not the B-Ray’s problem anymore, and he was also smart enough to take a page from The Book of Lohan by giving himself an ace in the hole. (After the jump.)

Daddy’s Little Money Train Conductor

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  1. Of course he does.

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  3. Tawmie

    If you can’t be safe dancing with a gay man when can you be? Why do you think chicks go to gay bars? Or have gay male friends? Because it is safe. They don’t have to worry about some drunk horn dog. They can just dance. Which is what she is doing. This whole story is rediculous. And like this is the WORST that she is doing! Or what any other 16 year old girl is doing for that matter.

    People need to stop acting shocked when they see shit like this. Do they not watch TV or something? Are they living under a rock?

  4. Tek

    You know I get the creepiest feeling about this dude. It’s almost Papa Joe Simpson-esque. I’ll just leave it at that…

  5. TS

    #3, you might be right, but it doesn’t make a 16 year old girl grinding her ass on a 44 years old man’s cock right. Gay or not. No doubt your daughter will be pregnant by the time she’s 18, with a mother like you. You probably let her boyfriend sleep over in the same bed. With the door closed. Because that’s what teen-agers do. Right?

  6. Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

  7. Tawmie

    @5 Ha Ha! When I have a daughter I`ll make sure to instill the fear of grinding a gay man to the black eyed peas. She could get pregnant. And die. Don`t worry, I`ve got my bases covered. But thanks for your concern.

    I am not saying how she acts is al that classy and I never said that all teenage girls should go out and do this. I am just mystified as to why people are blowing it way so out of proportion and why they are so shocked by it.

    If you honestly think this is shocking you need to suprivise a high school dance. Or watch an episode of Gossip Girl. Shit like this happens and there are more worrying trends than dancing agaisnt a gay man.

  8. the truth

    C’MON: If you compare this to what the rest of the country’s 17 year olds are doing there is no comparison. Most 17 year old girls would skip the dry humping and just go straight to hard drugs and orgies.

  9. Ben

    That is one disgusting family.

  10. ROUGH never sleeps

    Who the hell walks out because they “supposedly” witness an underage girl being provocative, Lawrence Taylor? Boy that guy is everywhere…

  11. havoc

    Ah….Hillbilly Love.


  12. S like this...just happens in America now

    Tawmie dear you sound like a trailer park kind of lady. Shit does not “just happen”. Parents like you LET is happen. Whoever controls the media is directly responsible for this kind of filthy behavior in our teenage daughters today. Those moves are sexually provocative. Not all of us stand by idly while our children are whored out mentally by the media masters. Fuck TV and it’s dumbing down process. Where are our jobs going and why are they going away? For our own good? Is it good that the bankers have gotten away with blatant theivery right before our eyes (some of us can see)?
    I guess with females like yourself all is well in the world.
    Because you are white trash.
    No offense, just saying.

  13. Nibbler1083

    My two cents: Giving lap dances is NOT what typical 16/17 year old girls do. Skanks perhaps, but not decent girls that guys want to take home to their Mothers. Lap dances on Gay guys (or straight guys), I think its unacceptable. The guy was old enough to be her dad…EW!

  14. @13 and even if your kid is whore enough to do it, what self respecting dad isnt clever enough to at least pretend publicly that it didnt give him a chubby?

  15. Louis XIV

    Hey Tawmie, the fact that the guy was gay is irrelevant, for the lap dance could’ve made him straight (pun intended).

  16. At least Miley is not a switchblade loving future psychopath like Taylor Momsen. I am more worried about her than Miley. Who the frak cares… I am more of a Selena Gomez man myself, at least she is not playing with knives, doing pole dances, and lap dances.

  17. I don’t the point should be that Shankman is gay — I think the point should be that he’s a forty-five year old man, and to dance like that with a seventeen year old girl is leaps and bounds away from being appropriate. Yes, sixteen and seventeen year old girls dance like that… but it’s usually with other sixteen and seventeen year old’s. Or at least people they could legally fuck under the Romeo & Juliet clause. (And while he may be gay, that doesn’t mean that the grinding wouldn’t be stimulating for him..)

    He’s described her before as his, “little sister”, but I know for a fact I wouldn’t be caught dead dancing with my older brother like that. The idea alone makes me want to throw up. Hell, I wouldn’t want to be caught dancing like that with any of the ‘brother figures’ I have in my life.

    I think there are some things inherently wrong with the situation, and while I do think it may be considered “harmless” there is still a major ick-factor to it all. It’s one of those things that can’t conceivably appear to be a good idea, and it’s one of those things that just shouldn’t of happened.

  18. This is very nice looks man are you really smarts person thanks dude.

  19. Anonymous

    It’s Hollywood. Ask Drew Barrymore what she was doing at 17 and I’m pretty sure a lapdance to a old gay guy would be G rated in comparison.

  20. the truth

    People need to accept that this isn’t the 1950′s anymore and that girls are learning how to use their sexuality to their benefit at a much earlier age. This is a skill that allows girls to become more powerful in the world since they can use it to control men. Anyone who is hating on Miley for doing this is probably mad that they didn’t figure out how to get ahead just by being a sexy lady.

  21. jess

    OMG some of you people act like your 45 years old!! I know some girls who lost their virginity on the dance floor at school….this is NOTHING!!

  22. Pat C.

    I wish all parents of attractive girls were as permissive as Billy Ray.

  23. Louis XIV

    Losing one’s virginity on the dance floor at school…is pretty sad, pathetic in fact. Not because it offends some prudish values a delusional reader could imagine I have, but because of how the incredible thing that sex is and the incredible thing that losing one’s virginity is, is reduced to a cheap thrill; sensation without love or feeling…

    As for girls learning to “use their sexuality to their benefit at a much earlier age,” is that supposed to be a good thing? You like it that marketers use human psychological weaknesses to their benefit?

    The irony of the title of this site seems to be lost on some visitors.

  24. WGAS. Maybe your daughters are a little more sheltered and you have more sexual hangups but don’t apply the same standard to other people. Miley has been working for years and is a touring performer… she’s a little more mature than most girls her age.

  25. Tawmie

    Wow! Some of you guys are freaking! I DON’T condon these acts at ALL! Hahah! I have never said that! AGAIN I am just surprised that people are taking this so hard and finding this situation so shocking! Lol seriously!

    And I love that people think I am a parent. Awesome. Also him being gay is totally relevant. Had he been straight there would have been a whole other level of shit hitting the fan.

    And “Whoever controls the media is directly responsible for this kind of filthy behavior in our teenage daughters today. ”

    Um, have you looked at the content of this webpage?

    Superficial Writer? Apparently it is all your fault. Damn you.

    You guys are awesome though. Cheers!

  26. Burt

    “Because it is safe. ”

    Tawnie, you’re naive. Sexual preference is not black or white. Many gay men and women have had (and still have) sex with the opposite sex, just as many heterosexual men and women have had homosexual experiences. Just ask any middle-aged man if he’d have sex with Madonna if you don’t believe me.

  27. Burt

    Just ask any middle-aged gay man, that is.

  28. Tawmie

    I am not saying that finding a random gay man and grinding against him is always great idea. I am more reffering to Gay male FRIENDS. Which is what Adam Shankman has been called by Miley many times. And how he has reffered to her. Lots of women have their gay friend that they are totally comfortable, non self-consious with and NOT thinking sexually about.
    If she had been dancing with older female friend like this, would it have been such a big deal? No. of course not.
    It would have probably not made the new reel even.

    Though, by your logic straight women can be suddenly over come by bouts of homosexuality that cannot be repressed so she could have been in danger there too. Oh no!

    I am not naive. I am just a girl who has close friends that are gay men who while I know they hook up with the occasional chick just for kicks, wouldn’t do that with me because we are friends. It would be like saying you have to be on guard with ALL your friends (male or female) because at anytime things could turn sexual.

    If this is how it is with you and your friends, you must be quite the stud.

    And you are talking about Adam Shankman like since he is gay must be a sexual predator or a pedophile. Which I am fairly certain isn’t how homosexuality works…

  29. Rasputins Liver



    Of course Billy Ray Mullethead approves! She’s the big money maker in the family. What’s he gonna do? Tell his little bundle of retirement earnings to show some good sense, decency/modesty and some dignity?

    Ah hell no! Not when she’s gonna take care fo daddy.


  30. I never said that all teenagers must go and do. I am puzzled why people are blowing out of proportion and why are so impressed by it.

  31. MichMasterFlex

    ew my dad would say thats fucking discusting and be embaressed ….if i was her. hahaha

  32. i love lindsay lohan i think her look is amazin!i was told today i look like her couple years back i was over the moon any one got any tips on looking like the party and red hair, frackes, beautiful clothes e.i rocker chic, classy,green eyes,pretty smile, and have style.

  33. ham

    @12. I’m perpetually amazed at this site. Wow. How do you go from “gay friends are safe” to “you’re trailer trash!!!”? Seriously? Tawnmie makes sense, yeah, we have gay friends who we can feel totally safe around. Studies show straight men overestimate the amount of attraction felt by their female friends towards them… consistently. But then again, yeah, the lap dance was over the top.

  34. captain america


  35. #7….only at a high school dance, my hypothetical daughter would be dancing with someone her age. Not a 44 year old man. BIG difference. Anyway, it was inappropriate for her AND him to carry on that way. Not that it’s right, but that’s how teenagers dance, hell I am 25 now and that’s how I danced at her age. But with my boyfriend….not someone old enough to be my father. Don’t be so naive people lol.

  36. Danklin24

    You know what else people here age do? Fuck. That’s right Billy Ray. If you think your little angel is still an innocent little virgin, you’ve had one too many kicks to the head while blowing Starlight.

  37. Danklin24

    #3 you’re a dumbass. The act itself isn’t the problem, it’s what grinding like that symbolizes. It’s sexy and for her to be “sexy” with guy that’s fucking 44 years old is fucking disgusting, gay or not. He should know better. She was 16 when this happened. WTF?

  38. Danklin24

    Tawnie….saying “stuff like this happens everywhere its no big deal” is fucking retarded. You said that you instill all that stuff in your kid but why the hell isnt Billy Ray and his wife instilling it in Miley? Guess what, there are millions of kids out there trying drugs every day. If Miley Cyrus was found snorting coke Lindsay Lohan style and it was published in some tabloid, would you excuse it because “thats what kids do” You’re parenting skills suck if so.

  39. Danklin24

    Pat C….again, this isnt about the lapdance itself. Yes girls her age do it at dances, thats common sense. The fact that it was with a 45 year old man is what makes it creepy and disgusting. If it was with someone her own age people wouldnt think anything of it. But this is like your daughter giving a lapdance to a teacher at a school dance. Kinda turns your stomach, doesnt it?

  40. B.B

    Hollywood is so twisted…Why don’t they see why child stars turn out so fucked up 99% of the time.

  41. Albin Bainbridge

    People like Tawnie and “the truth” are incredibly annoying but I doubt they mean what they say. They just want to seem edgy and tell “the truth” that we folks just can’t handle because we live in the 1950s blah blah blah blah blah….

  42. Uhhh

    No 18-year-old’s think it’s cool to grind up against a 40-something year old man…unless they’re “dancing their way through school.”

  43. Uhhh

    20. the truth – May 14, 2010 6:02 PM

    People need to accept that this isn’t the 1950′s anymore and that girls are learning how to use their sexuality to their benefit at a much earlier age. This is a skill that allows girls to become more powerful in the world since they can use it to control men. Anyone who is hating on Miley for doing this is probably mad that they didn’t figure out how to get ahead just by being a sexy lady.

    Actually, women being turned more and more into sex objects by the day is a sign of men having control over them. Men view “sexy” women as throw-away’s.

  44. Kristin

    there are many ways of dancing other than grinding. miley will make a nice bucktooth hooker

  45. He is hot! :D

  46. Lou

    Sure Billy don’t have time to worry about his first cash cow slut-I mean daughter. He is busy making more cash cows popular in Hollywood to support him.

  47. Men view “sexy” women as throw-away’s.

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