Billy Joel and third wife Katie Lee split

June 17th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Billy Joel and his third wife 27-year-old Katie Lee are calling it quits, according to NY Daily News:

“After nearly five years of marriage, Billy and Katie have decided to separate,” reps for the pair said in a joint statement. “This decision is the result of much thought and consideration. Billy and Katie remain caring friends, with admiration and respect for each other.”
Various reports have linked Lee, a 27-year-old chef and author, with Yigal Azrouel, a dashing 36-year-old Israeli-born fashion designer who has frequently escorted her to events. Sources reported seeing them dirty dancing in Miami in January and have claimed that in unguarded moments Azrouel referred to Lee as “my girlfriend.”
Reps for the Joels insisted that Azrouel was just a friend and that Billy, 60, was happy to skip the parties, fashion shows and fundraisers that his younger wife enjoyed.
“Their break-up has nothing to do with Yigal,” Joel’s spokeswoman, Claire Mercuri said.

I’m sure the break-up had nothing to do with cheating as much as it had to do with Billy Joel being goddamn 60 and spending all his money on golden pianos. Okay, I may have made that last part up to ease the blow to my 60-year-old readers out there. All two of them who thought this is where they sign up for Medicare and most likely stroked out at the sight of Katie Price. Whoops.

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  1. Courtyardpigeon

    #6 getting quite homely? he’s been that way all his life.

    I believe they were married in NY and in NY you cannot just file for divorce, you have to have a reason. You cannot get money from your spouse until you’ve been married for 5 years, which is exactly how long this chick married Billy for…she is going to be set for life…Billy is an idiot.

  2. Dee

    That’s what you get for marrying someone more then twice your age. What the hell would they have in common?

  3. JPRichardson

    There’s an old saying: “If you sleep with kids, one day they will pee on you”.

  4. Chuvachuchu

    loving her dress!

  5. BlingTing

    Age is not always an issue. My mother and father were decades a part and stayed loving couple until he died.

    The problem is us white males dont know how to marry CHRISTIAN women anymore. Or EASTERN WOMEN. Females that value marriage and family.

    My mom would never think of having left my dad. Her love for god was too strong and her love for my dad was too strong. He took a poor girl from a ghetto and turned her into a hotel owner and a mother of a zillion kids.

    Older man younger woman works 100000x better than older woman younger male but you will never hear anybody say avoid old women.

    I’m still young but when I get older I will definitely date young women but not marry them. I inherited enough to date young women until I’m hefners age.
    See, its a catch 22. Money cant buy love but neither can older women’s faded beauty. I’m not attracted to older white women. We arent the best aging race on the planet.

  6. blingTing

    And males need to wake up.

    Like my dad use to always say, When you are old and have money, you only really have 3 female options in life.

    1) a young woman who wants you for your money
    2) a middle aged woman who wants you for your money
    3) a really old woman who wants you for your money

    That is your choice (you guys in trailer parks wont have ANY options when you are old). Might as well take the prettier one? The younger one? And when that dissolves.. just find another one? Non christian White marriages are transient anyways, even if you date someone your own age.

    Plus older men aren’t in their sexual prime. That makes them completely incompatible with middle age women sexually, so, a 45 year old rich man with a 40 year old lover is only asking for trouble.

    As far as “much older women”? There is no such thing as a YOUNGER sugardaddy so thats not even really an option. Who would even do that?

    So when you are rich and 40, it only comes down to two choices. A much Younger woman who is hot and attractive… or older woman who is in her prime that you cant satisfy.

    When I’m 40, I’m inclined to just take the cute one and ride it like a wave until I fall off and then hop on another young fresh wave. I’m not going to even bother trying to satisfy an old woman in her prime when I’m over 40. Thats really the saddest kind of white man. An old white man trying to sexually satisfy old priming women. Thats the BIGGEST loser.

    (but unlike most white males, I only date christian females or eastern ones? This doesnt make one immune to divorce by any means but its still a better bet than sharing your wealth and money with an atheist white woman of ANY age.)

  7. anona

    Bling Ting-you have it all figured out don’t you? Have a good life. Personally, I prefer a little more higher level thought as part of my human development, but since you are stuck in conquest mode-carry on. Just don’t produce a litter of bastards for me to pay for. Propagation of the species should only be done amongst those of a higher intelligence bracket.

  8. BingTing

    “higher thought”.

    well arent we a little snob.
    as for a “liter of bastards”, i inherited enough money that you will NEVER have to pay for anything I produce. How much taxes do you even pay?????? nothing compared to what I pay.

    And good luck with your hitler like-Eugenics program. “only snobs with High IQ’s should reproduce”.

    By the way, if your IQ was really as high as mine, you would have thought more rationally and logically?


    Wealthy men are more likely to have HIGH IQs. There is a correlation between IQ and success. Some experts dispute it but scientists do believe there is one. IQ and Success are intertwined. In other words, a male with a high IQ is more likely to end up rich than say trash in a trailer park is. So.. since you care about IQ so much, young women SHOULD reproduce with older males who are rich and successful because the odds are greater they will produce high intellect children since success is where the 160 IQ’s are. NOt in the trailer parks.

    You didnt think of that. You are more interested in being a hitler than a thinker.

  9. spike


    You took the words right out of my mouth. Mr. Joel poppd out of his mother’s vajajay ugly.

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