Billy Joel and third wife Katie Lee split

June 17th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Billy Joel and his third wife 27-year-old Katie Lee are calling it quits, according to NY Daily News:

“After nearly five years of marriage, Billy and Katie have decided to separate,” reps for the pair said in a joint statement. “This decision is the result of much thought and consideration. Billy and Katie remain caring friends, with admiration and respect for each other.”
Various reports have linked Lee, a 27-year-old chef and author, with Yigal Azrouel, a dashing 36-year-old Israeli-born fashion designer who has frequently escorted her to events. Sources reported seeing them dirty dancing in Miami in January and have claimed that in unguarded moments Azrouel referred to Lee as “my girlfriend.”
Reps for the Joels insisted that Azrouel was just a friend and that Billy, 60, was happy to skip the parties, fashion shows and fundraisers that his younger wife enjoyed.
“Their break-up has nothing to do with Yigal,” Joel’s spokeswoman, Claire Mercuri said.

I’m sure the break-up had nothing to do with cheating as much as it had to do with Billy Joel being goddamn 60 and spending all his money on golden pianos. Okay, I may have made that last part up to ease the blow to my 60-year-old readers out there. All two of them who thought this is where they sign up for Medicare and most likely stroked out at the sight of Katie Price. Whoops.

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  1. suck it


  2. Do FreeBird

    Nice looking piece of ass. And Billy’s starting to look like the gnome on those travel agent adverts.

  3. dude

    nice drawn-on eyebrows douche. no wonder, u look like a joke!

  4. biatcho

    He must be fucking paltrow clearly.

  5. sarah

    I absolutely love Billy Joel as a musician and artist, in spite of his sordid martial history. It’s too bad that he is getting another divorce, but I don’t think many people thought this would last forever. Billy is getting quite homely looking in his dotage, and she is young and attractive. It was just a matter of time before cheating allegations would start to swirl. Oh well, another marriage bites the dust LOL.

  6. biatcho

    He’s fucking Paltrow clearly.

  7. Zanna

    I want to change my name to Kegal Arouzal.

  8. biatcho

    She likes whiny singers with limp dicks.

  9. Zanna

    Holy shit…biatcho lives!

  10. Zanna

    He’s going to be making love to his tonic and gin from now on….

    See how I did that? yea….

  11. biatcho

    zanna! i know, i am not dead! swaer!

  12. havoc

    You may be right.

    I may be crazy.

    Guess what Billy? You are. She’s fucking a dude named Arouzel for Christ’s sake…..

  13. biatcho

    She couldn’t take the prison pussy on his face any longer

  14. ThePlaywright

    Here is how a typical night plays out between Billy and Katie Lee:

    Katie: Hey Bill would you do me dirty tonight?

    Billy: Sure Babe let me go to the kitchen and get a pill from my Viagra prescription, take it and in an hour I’ll be ready to give you wood for at least an hour or two.

    Katie: But I’m horny now Billy.

    Billy: Katie, you can’t get water from a rock. We’ll do this in an hour.

    Katie: Ok I’ll be back in hour. I’m going to go make platonic conversation with my friend Yigal while you get hard.

    Billy: Just be back for the main event babe.

  15. biatcho

    Zanna – this place blows ass. I miss the others and lost the site for the cave.

  16. biatcho

    Zanna – this place blows ass. I miss the others and lost the site for the cave.

  17. Mary

    That’s what these old geezers wt money get. They deserve it. Maybe next time they can choose a partner that actually LOVES them instead of just thinking with their flacid wieners.

  18. Zanna

    Biatcho: We all miss the cave. All our works blocked it. Most everyone is on F/B should look us up!

  19. Tim

    Short bald jew.
    Hot woman.

    She learned no amount of money is worth it.

  20. Gold digger gets horny, did she sign a prenup?

  21. biatcho

    Fo realz!? I am on FB. hhmm, lemme see what I can do.

  22. Mama Pinkus

    couples who use each other never really end well

  23. It must be such a blow to your ego to have to stand on your tippy toes to kiss your girl. Thank you Jesus for building me 6’2″ (also, I appreciate the 8″ penis as do my lovers)

  24. C Brinkley

    Time to just buy a doll and save a crapload of money….

  25. amoi

    Celebrity “marriages” depress me. All I can think of when I see those pictures is “fat, aging, troll-shaped filthy rich man” and “tall, beautiful gold-digger.”

  26. angelchrome

    I thought we were calling him William now. I thought that was a thing. You know, for assholes to do.

  27. friendlyfires

    He’s a happy troll with a boatload of money – god bless the l’il capuchin, god bless ‘im

  28. Darth

    Is this Billy Joel? I wouldn’t recognize him!

  29. Jennyjenjen

    So William is on the market?

  30. Shawn

    You know, it must be nice to have so much money, you can halve it every few years just for the sake of tapping some fine young pussy for a while.

  31. Clem

    This is what it looks like when a decent looking money grabber gets her photo taken with a makeup-less clown.

    I hope she doesn’t get a penny.

  32. Doesn’t anyone stay together anymore?

    I’m sure billy will find another nice young model very soon!

  33. His penchant for floozies is just starting to make him look sad. Sad on its way to creepy.

  34. Ananana

    she don’t like no short dick man.

  35. Gee, what, a 35-year age difference. NO ONE saw this coming.

  36. Do FreeBird

    Maybe now he’ll give a little loving to Davy , who’s still in the Navy, and probably will be for life.

    Well at least until Jim the real Eastate novelist who never had time for a wife takes a pump action shotgun and blows them both into small chunks.

  37. Txi

    Dump that old fuck and get a hotter younger guy!! WOo.

  38. Gwyneth Paltrow

    Tsk, tsk, William, you were such a richard to marry a woman so close to your daughter’s age. I suggest you get a nice pair of cashmere socks from my GOOP website and put on a nice Coldplay CD and avoid making such silly mistakes in future.

  39. God id love to be in Yigal Azrouel’s place! but then again, i dont want to be on the no fly list…smarten up Billy ya old fart…

  40. Derek Jeter's Penis

    Ooh, and when you wake up in the mornin’
    With your head on fire
    And your eyes too bloody to see
    Go on and cry in your coffee
    But don’t come bitchin’ to me

    Oh well, win some lose some. He’ll be skankin’ soon enough!

  41. Nixie

    Who cares how much money he has!?! Who would EVER have sex with him! He is so tiny and comical looking. He looks EXACTLY like that magnetic face hair toy “Wooly Willy”! Poor guy!

  42. Harry

    Billy got Christie Brinkley and Elle MacPherson in their prime. Go learn how to play the piano, kids. Trust me.

  43. RaraAvis

    Maybe Billy can start a used golddigger exchange. He can invite Phil Specter, Hugh Hefner, Usher and Charlie Sheen to join.

  44. ………STRANGE?
    seen his whisker, folks?

  45. Ananana

    #39, you made me LOL

  46. zips

    You know he divorced her after he got dragged to La Paltrow’s house (‘William, so, so AMAZING to make your acquaintance – have a fat/wheat/meat/fun free amuse bouche’). He probably (and rightly so) couldn’t live with being stuck socializing with such pretentious, desparate ass-kissing women.

  47. Hefner

    “I just want, someone to talk to…”

    yeah this dirty little ole pervert marries Christy Brinkley invalidating his bullshit lyrics. He is like his brother Hugh, a dirty little pile of obscene filth. I hope he gets AIDS.

  48. Dread not

    Billy Joel looks like a guy who’s posing for the first time, and last time, with his sight unseen mail order bride! Are you kidding me? Yeah, this looks like it was built to last.

  49. Yigal

    She tossed my Torah.

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