Billy Bob Thornton thinks he’s Tom Petty

April 9th, 2009 // 169 Comments


Like a two-year-old who didn’t get a Happy Meal, Billy Bob Thornton pouted his way through an interview yesterday on Canadian public radio where he was promoting his band The Boxmasters. The host Jian Ghomeshi apparently made the mistake of introducing Billy Bob as an actor when THE ACTOR only wanted to be introduced as a musician. He became an immediate joy after that. The AP reports:

When the host, Jian Ghomeshi, asked Thornton when the band formed, Thornton said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Thornton mostly gave monosyllabic answers and took offense at questions about his influences. Said the actor: “Would you ask Tom Petty that?”

You gotta love the balls on Billy Bob Thornton. I mean, he actually thinks anyone would care about his band if he wasn’t the guy from Mr. Woodock or The Astronaut Farmer. — Okay, I’m starting to see why he wanted to keep that on the down low…


  1. LOL

    Billy Bob is such a douche.

  2. Calla

    Moxy Fruvous was my favorite band for years–it’s great to see Jian making a name for himself. He’s awesome! Billy Bob can suck it.

  3. Ladodgurs22

    So, he’s trying to sing, since he can’t act, eh

  4. Evan Faine

    Maybe he was on his F%#!KING LUNCH BREAK!

  5. slammy

    What an arrogant ass. Other than being able to act like a retard (Slingblade), he has very little talent. His music is god-awful

  6. eatAdickBilly

    What a fucking douche. GO FUCK YOURSELF BILLY.

  7. DeeDee

    Obvious question but…is he on drugs? The whole interview is just damn right weird… the interviewer dealt with it very professionally…

    The other guys in the band look really uncomfortable and unhappy…how long will this last … I give it a couple of years.

    At first i thought this interview was a joke?!

  8. DeeDee

    Obvious question but…is he on drugs? The whole interview is just damn right weird… the interviewer dealt with it very professionally…

    The other guys in the band look really uncomfortable and unhappy…how long will this last … I give it a couple of years.

    At first i thought this interview was a joke?!

  9. jess

    wow. billy bob’s a douche.

  10. >ThisGuy<

    I can see why Billy got pissed off. One the talk show tried to turn the band into Billy’s band as though he was the centre piece and not giving equal credit to the others. The host tries to center everything around Billy and ask him dumb questions as though the band was him and him only.

    GO get them Billy, don’t take their shit and give your friends in the band their due.

  11. rukidding

    @110 well if you can see why Billy got pissed then you’re a douche too. It ‘s also why he’s married 5 times..he’s an asshole.

  12. Jim

    Wow! WTF??? That was painful as hell. I think he’s an incredible actor but a real jerk as a person. What a shame…

  13. Lulu

    Smart – he just alienated all of his Canadian fans….if he even has any. Never heard of his band, ever.

  14. vito

    Billy Bob Thrombosis is a fucking CUNT! I will now make it a point to avoid any endeavors in which he is involved.

    HEY, ASSHOLE…I don’t know about the the rest of the public out here, but I, for one, had no idea you were involved in music at all, let alone part of a band.

    So I hope it makes you feel better to know that this is a household in which your music will never play. I hope the other band members shove your drums up your arrogant, hillbilly ass.

    Fucking jerk.

  15. Justin

    God he’s worse than Joaquin Phoenix. What a complete douchebag. 100% loss of respect.

  16. >ThisGuy<

    Well #111 you’re just proving to me that you can slander but not give any insight to anything productive, good way to be arrogant.

    I still think Bill Bob is in the right on this one. Even after Billy told the host to not say things that pushed those buttons the host kept it up.

    Billy had a right to get upset and it wasn’t as if Billy didn’t talk civil and go spastic and swear and go apeshit over it. So you all have a warped twisted way at looking at this.

  17. mary

    oh…I felt sorry for his band after that. You could tell on their faces. Why did he have to do that to them?

  18. Kuato

    What a fucking cocksucker. I’m glad his movies have been eating shit at the box office.

  19. Jed

    Chance of me ever hearing about the Boxmasters if Billy Bob weren’t in the group: 0.0%
    Chance of me ever paying any attention to this band after Billy Bob McDouchebag’s attitude in this interview: 0.0%

    what a tool!

  20. Steve

    #110: That band wouldn’t exist without the novelty of BBT. He IS the centerpiece of the band.
    That host was cool, and BBT was a total baby. I lost all respect for him.

  21. DD

    What a total douche

  22. wet newspaper


    I’d buy tickets to their shows just to heckle the fuck out of Billy Bawb.

    I hope he’s reading these comments.

    To be honest I didn’t even know he was an actor until now, I thort he was a celebrity because he once dated Angelina. Little wonder she ditched his tanty arse like a hot turd. Imagine waking up next to that grumpy fuck every day.

  23. Rebecca

    Maybe his old age is catching up with him?

    Maybe all the drugs are catching up to him?

    Maybe they had to pull him out of the home for old people with Alzheimer’s to do this interview?

    But then again, the other band members did not look happy with him, so he was probably bitter about the introduction.

  24. NY Ted

    The real story is that this Arkansas inbred actually THINKS HE IS A MUSICIAN!
    Has anyone heard him sing? I did once on late night TV and I ran out of the house SCREAMING MY FUCKING EARS HURT SO BAD!

    What a joke! Can’t act…can’t sing…can’t fuck…jump on a chair and put a rope around your neck already Billy Hick!

  25. rob

    That was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Billy Bob is a sad, mixed-up little man.

  26. liz4sale

    good god. wtf is wrong with him. either he’s high or he needs to be.

    (he’s a pathetic asshole anyway, folks)

  28. lola

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  29. Jamal

    maybe he pissed off he ain’t fucking Angelina no more.

  30. Sam

    Wow, I had no idea he was such a delusional douchebag. What an f’ing joker. For heavens sake, if it wasn’t for Mrs. Pitt and Slingblade, this guy would be playing roles like, “Casino dealer #2.” I hope this doucheyness is really a reflection on his lackluster career and empty life.

  31. Heroin

    Hey Billy Bob,
    It’s me, Heroin. Next time it’s probably better if you do me after the interview is over. It really makes no difference to me, but you really looked like an asshole just now. Once again, because I know you forget things easily, Do me AFTER the interview, Here is a breakdown of how your day should go next time you have any sort of interview or performance.

    Wake up > Stretch > Drink a glass of water > (insert todays activity) > Heroin

    We can maybe throw in a little quickie here and there if your up to it.
    Love ya!

  32. nicdar24

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  33. oneelusivegal


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  34. Still White on the Outside

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  35. 000

    “we basically won the war on terror” HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    seriously whoever didnt stop reading there, is a moron.

  36. Still White on the Outside

    Why do you hate America #135? Food stamps run out? I bet your still waiting for your 40 acres and a mule bitch. Sometimes I wish they would reinstate the draft so douches like you can be culled. I hate you almost as much as I hate myself. Almost.

  37. peggy

    What a dumb stunt. If it isn’t fake, those are the unhappiest musicians I’ve ever seen.

  38. Kurt C.

    Jian’s old band Moxy Fruvous was F’ing fantastic.
    I used to see them all the time when they would come to NYC in the late 90′s.

    Think Flight of the Conchords mixed with a non-sucking Barenaked Ladies. Where all 4 guys in the band are great singers and harmonzers, and can improv really well. They were so much fun in concert.

  39. kar

    CANADIANS are hugely offended by this man….Potatoes without the gravey!!! Stay out of our country asshole….i will never pay to see or hear another thing this inconsiderate loser does!!!!

    Canada is a great country and we have helped pay for your success…ungrateful and selfish…stay in your own country its a mess like you are!

  40. canuckchick

    Good for you Jian. I can’t believe that he kept his cool with this arrogant little child. I was starting to not love Jian so much with his stutters and ahs and ums but I have a new found respect for the guy and will listen to him again. No desire to check out the music

  41. 000

    @ 136. Still White on the Outside – April 10, 2009 9:22 AM

    Nowhere does it say that I hate or don’t hate America, I was simply pointing out the hilarious statement of that other poster. You really can’t say that you’ve won “the war on terror” when this war is specifically designed never to be won in the first place. But hey, maybe the world became a safer place if you think so.

  42. me

    Hey listen ‘thisguy’ you are as fucking clueless as Billy Bob Fuckhead. The guy is a huge asshole and he CAN’T SING. Listen to the interview again…..he fucked up from the start. The first question was when was the band which he answered ‘I dunno’ ….it was nothing about being an actor?????? he is a huge fucking jerk. His band members looked sick???? They should throw away their stupid glasses and grow some balls.

  43. Kelly Jarrell

    I was a background singer for James Brown for 12 years. (1993-2005).
    For the most part James Brown was charming and professional and at least acted like he knew what side his bread was buttered.
    If BBT doesn’t want anyone to refer to his acting, then he should change his name and wear a disguise. Unless he was having a very bad day (it happens) my opinion of him is that he is a spoiled brat and extremely unprofessional.
    That’s no way to sell records!

  44. Kelly Jarrell

    I was a background singer for James Brown for 12 years. (1993-2005).
    For the most part James Brown was charming and professional and at least acted like he knew what side his bread was buttered.
    If BBT doesn’t want anyone to refer to his acting, then he should change his name and wear a disguise. Unless he was having a very bad day (it happens) my opinion of him is that he is a spoiled brat and extremely unprofessional.
    That’s no way to sell records!

  45. i call 'em as I see 'em

    #39/40- You rock.

  46. Aliana

    Mashed potatoes and no gravy?
    First, kudos to the host for jumping on that.
    Second, whatever happened prior to or during the interview to rile Billy Bob’s feathers is no excuse for generalizing an entire people (Canadians) with an ignorant, crossing the border of xenophobic remark like that. I live in Toronto and know the concert scene, what he said is offensive and pathetic.
    So, BBT:
    Not only are you a bad actor and terrible musician (with a “blah” voice) you’re poor excuse for a human being. That makes you a triple threat. Way to go!

  47. wut

    what a jackassss, BBT makes terrible music. The interviewer has done some classic interviews with hundreds of bands and he’s always very proffessional. He should’ve booted him out.

  48. Clint

    You guys are fucking idiots. I always regret coming here from actual good sites such as geekologie and iwatchstuff, but for some reason I still do it from time to time.

    You guys have no idea what happened before this interview that could have made Billy Bob act that way. I doubt he was acting that way because of that mere intro.

    You guys are a bunch of douchebags and hags that suck up to whatever this wanna-be-writer here at the superficial says. Sheep.

  49. Jimbo

    Let me just get this straight…

    1. He says he doesn’t know when the band formed. Rude to the band.

    2. Asked if The Boxmasters is a new band he says no, and that HE’S been playing for 8 years. Nothing to do with the band.

    Then when the band is asked to play, he doesn’t participate with HIS BAND.

    What the fuck are the other band members thinking???? …Other than… “Hey we’re in a band with Billy Bob Thornton. …The ACTOR.”

  50. funny

    This guy should go film a documentary w/ that Joaquin Phoenix guy. What an insulting ass. The guys were clearly embarassed by him, they couldn’t even look up when Billy Bob grunted.

    Hopefully he slept off that hangover and headed off to an AA meeting to learn how to get out of himself.

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