Billy Bob Thornton cancels Canadian tour

April 13th, 2009 // 96 Comments

After his pissy interview with CBC radio last week, Billy Bob Thornton learned a valuable lesson about Canada: Don’t fuck with it. The AP reports:

Billy Bob Thornton’s band has canceled the rest of its Canadian tour after the actor compared the country’s fans to mashed potatoes with no gravy in a testy interview that caused a sensation online.
The Boxmasters opened for Willie Nelson on Thursday in Toronto, where they reportedly were booed and met with catcalls of “Here comes the gravy.”
A note posted on Nelson’s Web site Friday said the Boxmasters were canceling the rest of their Canadian dates “due to one band member and several of the crew having the flu.”

Flu, huh? That must be the medical term for Billy Bob Thornton’s vagina.

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  1. He came across as such a douche bag in that interview. Hopefully now he’ll just go away.

  2. Max Planck

    Shucks…and he was gonna buy a new trailer.

  3. angry face

    Hes so gross, he should get back together with nasty angelina. Hes so lame. Glad he had to cancel, his attitude and comments were so Diva.

  4. They dont Brown nose celebs over ther huh? i like CANADA…

  5. Billy Bob's Mom

    What?!! No Billy Bob?!!! But hes such a great singer! Oh all that talent gone to waste. Oh and he’s also an actor, you always have to mention hes an actor, plays retards or something.

  6. ph7

    He’s right about the Canadians.

  7. gravy lady

    he’s right about gravy. mmmmmmmm….im an american and im fat and i loooooooooooove gravy.

  8. Scdo

    Billy can chomp on some old guys hairy balls.

  9. Why didn’t they make it more beleivable by saying the band all came down with an STD.

  10. Billy bob

    Just another fuck up who thinks he can sing… Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, Russel Crowe, what a bunch of stupid shits.

  11. Oh gee…another celebraty thinking that the world needs and values him above all else (Joaquin Phoenix). BORING!

  12. norton


  13. Oh well

    What a shame, ‘cuz they’re my favorite band ever!

  14. ellie

    i saw him perform in toronto the night before he was booed, and he really sucked. he said that canadian fans were pretty reserved, except in vancouver, montreal, and toronto. he told everyone that the firemarshall said there was a problem with the chairs, so everyone’d have to stand, and that willie nelson likes when fans go crazy. then he got on the drums and played very poorly – couldn’t keep time to save his life. also, he doesn’t have the best singing voice. then, when they were done, he took out a cigarette and sarcastically said, “i’m going out to smoke” because you’re not allowed to smoke inside the theatre.
    he wasn’t booed that night; not many people had heard about the interview by that time, i guess. i’m glad he got what was coming to him the next night. i wish he would have kept his canadian dates, because i would have loved the montreal fans heckle to him.
    oh, i also don’t get how he can call himself the drummer of the band when there’s another drummer who plays (much better) when billy bob is singing up front.

  15. I think he gave it to Angelina Jolie in the 3rd input,,,

  16. pete

    Man, you know you’re a total pussy when you let the Canadians beat you down.

  17. arithmetic

    He looks old.


    Brad Pitt looks old (now).


    Angelina has toxic pussy juice.

  18. I now forgive Canada for some of it’s French ancestry.

    That said, Fuck the French.

  19. Chris Hansen

    Well, Canada people are pretty boring.

    You can’t blame Billy Bob for everything.

    Canada get a life!

  20. DeadFrog

    And that’s what you get for being an idiotic arrogant douche, making comments about things/people you know nothing about.

    This goes double for the people commenting on this article.

  21. Canada Sucks Cocks

    You know what,


    They are shit.

  22. Dead Frog is a Cunt

    Yo Dead Frog,

    You commented on this article.


  23. Jim Lahey

    To #16 & 19.

    Go screw yourself!

    Go back to your trailers and make some babies with your ma.

  24. Bubbles

    @ 21

    Awww, did some Canadian boy steal your girlfriend???
    I’m sure it wasn’t hard…

  25. bigdaddy

    they way everyone see’s billy bob is the same way the world see’s americans…..stupid arrogant pricks

  26. because...

    #25 – naturally. that’s the way losers see winners.

  27. canada owns the US

    lol at all the canada sucks, sorry we dont kiss the ass of some dumb motherfucking celebrities… come to Canada and you will get checked, any of you white trash wannabes. American’s may love arrogance but the rest of the world despises it, and at least I still have my house, car, job and health care, take an L.

  28. mensa

    what’s the deal with the overgrown soul patch?

  29. RichPort's Ghost

    @18: “its French ancestry”.

    I’m watching you.

  30. Ronan

    God damn it Canada, you’re supposed to throw something after you shout “here comes the gravy”. Still though, Canada, No. 1 in the America’s.

  31. South Park Watcher

    Can’t wait for South Park spin. Cause Trey and Matt always show Canada in a positive light. Well except for that Fuck Canada song and that WGA thing and …

  32. havoc

    He acted like 5 year old child. He’s fucking strange anyway. Isn’t he afraid of antiques or some stupid shit?


  33. Ronan

    God damn it Canada, you’re supposed to throw something after you shout “here comes the gravy”. Still though, Canada, No. 1 in the America’s.

  34. Uncle Sam

    lmao@ “canada owns the US” – yeah, ok, whatever you say. Everybody knows that other than hockey, you’ve got no national identity. When people think of Canada, they think “cold, bland, white” and that’s it.

    p.s. We know you debate this internally, so don’t try to deny it.

  35. justifiable

    #34 Now, now, that’s far too harsh and inaccurate, eh.
    “Cold, bland and white” is the textbook definition of Heidi Montag.

  36. #29 – Really? Which finger am I holding up?

  37. ciphercore

    @Uncle Sam

    “Everybody knows that other than hockey, you’ve got no national identity. When people think of Canada, they think “cold, bland, white” and that’s it.”

    More like you don;t know anything about Canada other then that. BBT acted like a douch and got treated like one. NEXT

  38. BEAM

    #27 – “American’s may love arrogance but the rest of the world despises it”

    Quick question: Why do so many Canadians seem to believe they are qualified to speak on behalf of “the world”? And they claim Americans are the arrogant ones?

    Actually, most people in the world are probably far too busy worrying about their own lives to obsess about America constantly like so many Canadians do.

  39. justifiable

    #38 Travel anywhere outside the USA and tell them you’re an American and you’ll learn just how inaccurate your statement is.

  40. Lolocaust

    I’ll be pretty shocked if any of you amerifags can point out Canada on a map.

  41. Agent Smith had to cancel his tour to return to the Matrix.

  42. Just Me

    Hey Uncle Sam, funny story. I was in Australia last month. Waiter asked us if we were Americans. Nope, Canadians sez us. “Well thank Christ for that” he said… Still makes us laugh and laugh…….. Apparently, you are known to the world. Very well known. Much the same happened to us in England with a shopkeeper. Gave us a discount, said he overcharges “arsehole Americans” because they are “loud and annoying”. Think the world has you pegged..

  43. Brian

    Billy Bob’s a douche. The Canadians taking offense to anything on this page are douches. The American’s getting touchy about who’s #1 are douches. And if you’re a Canadian instigating by calling American’s trailer trash, you’re not offending anyone because we all know that trailer trash would not own a CPU/Internet connection–but really, was that the best you could do?

  44. Rhialto

    Chickensoup and dry toast.I hope they feel better soon.

  45. A Canadian

    I’ll let you Americans in on a little secret. Hockey isn’t our favourite pastime. It’s watching you guys FUCK UP THE WORLD. And that includes your own country – which is in total meltdown, while we just sit back and laugh.

    The truth is, you are the laughing stock of the planet for your ignorance, violence, lack of education, obesity, rudeness, loudness… the list goes on and on. Come on up to Canada and we’ll teach you a lesson just like your boy Billy Bob (his name is fucking Billy Bob!!).

  46. Courtney

    I like how a majority of these comments arent even about the “article”.
    Seems to be a never ending trend to pick fights over nothing on this site. E-fights are so lame. Use the interent to run your mouth, how awesome
    Billy Bob is one hell of an actor, he truly is. But not a very good muscian, at all. And the fact that his band has had any success is because he has connections in the entertainment world and because people know him as that great actor. I think its repulsive that he took offense to the radio broadcaster commenting on his acting. Thats made him who he is.
    Dick move, Billy. His music career is probably done.

  47. hillbillies suck

    Whose vagina is that on his chin?

    It’s as if a 12 year old boy (emotionally) is trapped in the body of a 53 year old man who looks 73.

    Bye bye, Billy Bob, go back to your trailer or mansion or wherever, and sulk.

  48. f

    damn. can’t say it better than #45.
    Well done.

  49. Dan

    Billy Bob dancing on hillbillies tunes…priceless. Good ridance and keep the gravy.

  50. Darren

    It’s funny reading typical American BS…. Most Americans are douches!!! No wonder the world hates you. And you wonder why people wanna boom you pricks!

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