Billy Ray Reacts to Miley Cyrus Bong Video

December 10th, 2010 // 59 Comments

A sadness that only a wall of musical notes and pinwheels could possibly express…

Things were looking up for Billy Ray Cyrus. He was single again, proudly mulleted once more and just this morning, Jesus followed him on Twitter. There was virtually nothing that could bring him down – until someone decided to put video cameras on cell phones. Here’s his reaction to seeing Miley Cyrus smoking a bong that her publicist somehow managed to convince everyone was only full of salvia:

Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now.

Read: “My wife banged Bret Michaels. What’d y’all expect to happen? Them kids would learn algebra? #realtalk (RT that for me, JC.)”

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  1. Baby Jesus

    This is relevant to my dinner plans.

  2. Colin

    If he’s looking right at the camera so you can’t see the “party in the back,” he looks a lot like George Michael.

  3. anonymous

    When Miley was 17 and giving a 40 year old dude a lapdance that was ok.

    But her smoking something legal (or so Miley’s PR flaks claim) as an adult at the age of 18 is where Miley crosses the line with him? LOL

    And he wonders how easily Brett Michael barebacked his wife.

    • bribios

      Seriously. Is he gonna be upset when she drinks a beer after turning 21?

      • Nudgie

        Actually the kids in SoCal are really pounding Salvia – it gets you way MORE wasted than pot. I can see Miley doing a psychotropic-type rather than a mellow smoke…

    • McFeely Smackup

      do you guys really…REALLY believe that’s salvia? Or that her PR guy ever heard the word salvia before frantically researching “something legal that might conceivably be smoked in a bong”.

      I totally believe it. But then I totally believe that Miley’s mom never fucked Brett Michaels and the fact they got a divorce a week after that rumor is just a coincidence.

      • bribios

        Having smoked my fair share of both weed and salvia, I’d have to say that it looks a hell of a lot more like a salvia trip. Very little doubt in my mind that it’s salvia. Now as for what they may have been smoking BEFORE the video…

      • sasafrasatata

        same here. Weed doesn’t looked like embers bouncing around in a bowl. regardless that video is annoying

      • Mortimer Duke

        In Mileys mom’s defense she probably got tired of that old whiskey tasting spunk and wanted some sweet tasting one.

      • brit boys are cool

        I doubt Brett Michael’s spew tastes sweet.

  4. robynnn

    Mark my word, that video is going to make the public like her more. It’s hilarious. And she hasn’t been aiming at the tween demographic for over a year now, so the parents’ television council or whatever will hopefully keep their mouths shut.

  5. Jack

    I shouldn’t have called it Daddy’s Skin Bong when she was younger. Now look what I have done to my Miley!

  6. McFeely Smackup

    We’ve had to listen to him for YEARS now saying “that’s just kids being kids” when she’s taking nude photos of herself, lap dancing older men, dating guys 10 years older, pole dancing, making out with chicks on stage, pseudo masturbating during performances, etc, fucking etc, fucking etc…

    NOW he says “it’s beyond my control”?

    This dude should get the “shitty clueless parent of the century” trophy. And the trophy should be a 12″ statue of his daughter doing lines of coke off a toilet seat with her bare ass up in the air showing off a tiny tattoo saying “Classy”.

    • Mary Exmass

      You are absolutely correct, McF.

      Betcha money ol’ Billy Ray’s married and fathering more trailer trash offspring within a year.

  7. Gary Glitter

    Please, anybody who knows anything about drugs could tell that she’s smoking salvia. Weed doesn’t turn you into some sort of hallucinating tard. Her publicist didn’t need to convince anyone anything, aside from those who are truly ignorant.

    • Gary Glitter

      Though I guess I should say it’s pretty obvious they were smoking weed as well. Notice the girl (or is it a guy? we’ll never know) standing against the wall eating Frosted Flakes out of the box.

    • Billy Seatsniffer

      anyone who knows anything about drugs knows that if you start out as a giggling retard, no drug is going to make you look MORE intelligent. She was acting EXACTLY like someone who was drunk, and faked taking a hit off a bong, which she clearly did. People who actually hit a bong will exhale smoke.

  8. Cock Dr

    After reading his statement I almost feel sad for Billy Ray.
    But then I recall that horrible song he inflicted on us, and how western culture now has to deal with his moon faced spawn, and that flicker of sympathy goes out quick.

  9. Stephanie

    i smoked pot with a priest-in-training the other night. even he said marijuana use isnt really a sin and getting high isnt much different from getting drunk. even HE wanted to try it (and did. coolest, most funniest priest ive ever known).

  10. JustAGirl

    I feel bad for him having to see that. But lets be honest folks, she is doing what most people her age do, having some harmless fun.

  11. Tracey

    He totally looks like the Hillbilly George Michael.

  12. Jon

    “My wife banged Bret Michaels. What’d y’all expect to happen? Them kids would learn algebra? #realtalk (RT that for me, JC.)”

    LOL that is hilarious.

  13. Puddin' Taine

    Guys, guys, guys…. he’s just disappointed in her choice of drug

    Now if it were meth or some good ol’ Oxycontin, this would be a non-issue with him

  14. Richard McBeef

    The beard is designed to velcro to Miley when in the 69. The only explanation for the mustache is that Miley has a taint bush, which isn’t surprising. Taint bushes are all the rage in TN.

  15. Billy Ray Cyrus
    Tyler Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    So the guy is single again, and THIS is his “pussy gettin’” haircut? Times have changed Billy Ray, wake up.

  16. destiny

    omg! gess wat!! ok,dont gess but wen i was going 2 skool my mom put on the radio 2day and miley cyrus was drunk!! the said she was w/ all her frends and havin fun and she was mimicking niki manaj! it was hilarious!!! i acually heard it!!

  17. edez

    This whole thing is PR bullshit, Miley is really desperate to move away from Disney image she once had. Between this and “scandalous” the image she has taken on as of late she is coming off unoriginal and pathetic.

  18. Fuckjudger

    His hair is a cunt.

  19. Salvia

    The Mouse Tweeted , I want my buzz back !!

  20. jojo

    Much, much beyond your control billy Ray. For instance, all those repressed memories from Daddy to Disney.

  21. right

    Post a vid of her smokin pole. That will be far more entertaining. Shes 100% white trash

  22. Tyler

    Don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart…

  23. wim

    he is just acting like a naive, stupid american parent.
    ………..A D*MN PRIEST HE IS!!

  24. ashlee

    This must have broke his heart……his achy breaky heart.

  25. wilsjay

    Did he sign a deal w/ Timberlake to make a new “D*ck in a Box” video? That is about the only explanation for this hair.

  26. Babes in rough land

    lol Look at Billy shutting his mouth, in order to keep his allowance. Smart man!

  27. Johnny Cage

    In his defense having a daughter in the music industry is probably every dad’s worse nightmare.

  28. Gary B

    Stuff like this is why I am proud I am a Selena Gomez man.

  29. fooey

    thank god the sad hillbilly photoshoot came out in time for this…

  30. Captain Slappy

    Why is it I have this deja vu feeling, imagining Britney, Paris, Lindsay and Miley in a massive 4-way with a Congressman 10 years from now doing mounds of coke?
    Because it has already happened…..

  31. sarare

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  32. Billy Ray Cyrus
    Ricks Daddy
    Commented on this photo:


  33. Professor Meowingtons P.H.D

    Dont break his heart, his akey fakey heart.

  34. Who cares?

    Who cares? I smoked weed when I was 18, too. Now I’m 22 and I don’t don’t smoke cigarettes or weed, don’t drink, don’t do drugs and don’t even ingest caffeine.

  35. wim

    this is his way to look & talk like a VIRGIN.

  36. Chris

    People act so fucking surprised. This girl has been rich since she was what, 14? Same thing with Mike Tyson, they both feel like they can do whatever and say whatever. She’ll end up bankrupt in about 20-25 years, living paycheck to paycheck thinking “Where the fuck did all my money go?”

  37. YoYo

    I couldn’t do nothing but smile & laugh when I seen the video , she looks like shes having the time of her life.. I wish i was that wrecked right now!!!!

  38. Spocktopus

    Maybe Miley needed less Freedom and more of a Father Figure.
    All we can do know is have Faith.

    Wait, that’s -not- George Michael?

  39. SNS

    “Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now.”

    Of course there is nothing you can do now, because you have LEFT IT TOO LATE to actually take control of your daughter and teach her right from wrong.

    You’ve allowed her to act like a spoilt brat and do anything she wants, and let her run off the rails because it gets you and family attention in the media!

    She dates a guy too old for her, takes half naked photos of herself and they end up on the internet, grinds against her manager in a bar underage, blatenly goes out clubbing and drinking, is obviously sexually aware or active and is allowed to dress and dance provokatively on stage to her fans!

    All long before being 18!

    And NOW shes experimenting with mind altering drugs! Is it any surprise?

    If this man wasnt famous, someone would have taken his daughter away from him by now for being a God awful parent!

    It also makes me quake at the idea they THEN try to sell themselves as wholesome Christian church goers to the world. Well from the opinion of an actual Christian… your daughter is as far from a good Christian girl as they get.

    • mick

      wow.. does being a christian give u the right to judge who is a good christian and who isnt? because i thought that was God’s job.. i could be wrong.. but i dont think i am

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