1. Goon 4 Life


  2. Annie

    soo glad shes 12

  3. markonius maximus

    “I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

  4. kulit

    seriously, this chick is ugly.

  5. krutboo

    do what I do and focus only on the picture from the bottom of her shirt to the floor. Jackpot

  6. Grace

    She loves the duck face.

  7. Double D

    The penis is debating: “Hit that and get ass raped in jail… or not hit that?” Tough call.

  8. Oh and that high-angle MySpace photography? Way lame and busted. Every time I see it, I think of that chick who took a picture like that of herself wearing a bikini in the bathroom, and there’s a huge Mississippi Mud Shark in the toilet beside her.

  9. BillyTheClit

    i hate hannah montana but i respect miley cyrus for all the shit shes done. People have done alot worse alot younger

  10. solo grinder

    WTF!? – this is virtually child porn? ..and it looks like she’s taken the photo of herself..??? what the fuck is wrong with this girl? no! this is wrong! my dick is sad not happy. you stupid, stupid girl.

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