Billy Ray Cyrus & Fred Durst Performed A Duet Together Because The Apocalypse

October 4th, 2013 // 17 Comments
Billy Ray Cyrus Fred Durst perform Lately on Arsenio Hall Show
WATCH: Billy Ray Cyrus & Fred Durst Perform 'Lately'

In case the Hulk Hogan “Wrecking Ball” spoof wasn’t evidence enough that these are truly the End of Days, here’s Billy Ray Cyrus performing “Lately” with Fred Durst on The Arsenio Hall Show because clearly this conversation happened in Hell:

“What’s the best way to tell the world I’m going to bathe it in unholy fire with a horde of demons at my back?”
“Have Billy Ray Cyrus and Fred Durst sing a duet?”
“Nice, Justin Bieber! You’re a good son, you know that?”
“Fo shizz, pops.”
“Until you do that shit. Get in the Lake of Fire.”

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  1. Fred Durst and Billy Ray Cyrus hosted by Arsenio Hall. What occasion was this, the fucking Has-Been Jamboree?

  2. malaka

    which was the worse catastrophe?
    limp bizcuit’s tribute to the victims of 9/11

  3. cc

    Anything to keep his mind off of his daughter’s shaved camel toe and nipple reveal-a-thon.

  4. EricLR

    I’m sorry, did you say “The Arsenio Hall Show”?

    [checks calendar to verify it's still 2013]

  5. I don’t even care enough about this to comment.

  6. All that’s missing is Right Said Fred and a Virtual Boy to complete the “Shittiest Things of the 90′s” collection.

  7. There is no clearer sign of divine retribution than this. I was there when mullets grew, but I did nothing. I was there when Bizkit’s limped, but I said nothing. I was there when Hannah Montana’d but I sat idly by. I deserve this. (listens to 3:00-3:40). The horror…

  8. GHUA

    Best headline ever.


    I agree with pavement… (3:00 to 3:40) is probably the worst sound I’ve heard in a long while .. so off cue, I would go back to doing shows with 2 thousand people in the stands and cross my fingers that I sell enough limp bizkit tees to cover my gas expense .. I love the fact the Durst starts off with a Ladies and Gentlemen…. that’s right idiot, introduce your own self cause we sure damn won’t….big time loser!

  10. I was promised Fred Durst was dead. The nurse in the suicide ward promised me he was dead. It was the only reason I didn’t try again.

  11. Why is this at all surprising? Douches of a feather …

  12. Mike

    Cyrus has to be the weakest man ever.

  13. Dick Cum

    Nu Metal did, and still does blow donkey dicks and sucks donkey balls.

    Death To False Metal!


  14. zelda

    Sorry couldn’t last long enough to even see Durst

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