Billy Bush Might Be Coming Back- Is Anyone Actually Mad?

Billy Bush looks like he’s prepping for auditions to try and reclaim his spot on the “talkie box” (that’s what his fans call the TV because his fans are old women). If you’ve been living in hermitage for the past year (and bless you if you have), Billy B was the guy on that bus who goaded Donaldo like a schoolboy to tell him all about how he likes to grab pussies. True, he sounded like a giddy slimeball in the clip, but coming from a guy who has a paparazzi plug that hooks me up with dank, C-list boobs from time to time, who am I to talk…

Anywhiskies, Billy Bush lives in some alternate universe of Fringe where everyone rides blimps and people don’t leak pictures of their flaccid dongs to generate attention. Instead he just posted this video to Instagram, stirring up the rumor mill that he’s got something lined up or maybe he’s just a sad hombre getting his hair cut by the druggy Italian dude from N’sync. YOU DECIDE.

Time for a haircut with my beloved @tommy_cyr.

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