Billy Bush Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

“What, do I have a smudge?”
“No, I just wanted to see if I could still feel where Trump’s dick was.”

Billy Bush is done at NBC, and probably everywhere else at least for a while, but that hasn’t stopped him, and now a sadly growing list of other celebrities from already changing his position from “I’m deeply sorry,” to “Why me?” I mean, Donald Trump still gets to run for President, but the guy who squealed in delight at a description of sexual assault can’t be on TV anymore? Anyone else’s Facebook feed that level of fun these days? Via Page Six:

He’s surprised he’s taking a lot of heat as he isn’t really the main subject of the video,” the insider said. “NBC isn’t thrilled because they’ve had so much scandal with their news personalities. At this point I think they are all rolling their eyes and saying, ‘Another one!’”

Bingo! The network could care less if you fertilize your lawn with dead hookers as long as footage of it doesn’t get leaked on the internet. Not only that, but here comes another shocker, apparently Billy Bush has been a douchepig for years.

Sources connected to “Access Hollywood” tell us, Billy and others would talk openly in the newsroom about women … and some of it’s even on tape. We’re told some of the comments — “Man, you look hot today,” “Look at her legs,” and “Man, she looks hot today!”

We’re told Bush is upset because he feels like a scapegoat … no one at NBC had a problem with him until the footage leaked, and when NBC had a PR problem they just cut him loose.

So, now he’s probably going to sue, but for what, I have no idea. “Your honor, first may I say, tremendous rack. Just beautiful, but I’d also like to say how not fair it is that I’m being fired from my job that requires me to be generally likeable after they found out that I am, in fact, not.”

I have no idea why people can’t understand two basic things. First, Billy Bush is a scumbag for laughing at what Donald Trump said. Period. There’s nothing in your job description as a television personality that says you have to act chill when a rich twat suggests how cool it is that he can grope people because he’s a rich twat. Second, NBC and anyone else who makes money by selling advertising around famous faces reserves the right not to lose that money when one of those faces buries itself deep inside Tang Hitler’s asshole. I know that’s some PC culture bullshit and painful to hear for those of you who can’t be bothered to to think for a second about other people’s feelings before saying or doing whatever immediately pops into your mind, but it’s the way things are now. But hey, there is a bright side for you guys, because there are still areas in this country specifically for you. Head on down, and be sure to check out the coast.

Quick Additional Note: It looks like Billy’s mentor — and let’s be real that’s what Trump was to him — Mr. “That Was All Just Locker Room Talk, Folks” also had a habit of walking in on naked 15-year-old pageant contestants while they changed. MAGA!

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