Billy Bob Thornton Will Bang You On Your Period, This Is Information You Have Now

A few years back, Billy Bob Thornton was an absolute bitch to interview to the point where he’d fly off the handle if you referred to him as an actor. Since then, he’s apparently reached that ripe, old age where he’s just happy to talk to anybody about anything because here he is getting ambushed by TMZ only to cordially shoot the shit about about tattoos and not being shy about plowing women on their period which takes the whole Angelina Jolie blood vial necklace to a level we probably should’ve assumed from the start. I’m embarrassed.


“I also like stamps. Oh, you should see my stamps- wait, where are you going?”

In Billy Bob’s defense, even a young whippersnapper like Tiger Woods is known to seduce a woman during the uncleanliness of her period, albeit romantically in a Subway parking lot. It’s a gentleman’s game of finesse.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News