Bill O’Reilly is a man who stays cool under pressure (Must be the loofah)

May 13th, 2008 // 111 Comments

Is Bill O’Reilly a celebrity? Unfortunately, yes. But that means I can post this hilarious video that’s been making the Internet rounds. It was pulled off of YouTube yesterday but the champs over at CollegeHumor realized that America needs to see the No-Spin Zone fly off the handle during his old Inside Edition days. And I mean, Papa Bear is pissed. I haven’t gotten this angry since I went to Dunkin Donuts and, true story, they were out of donuts – at one in the afternoon. They did offer me a bagel. Whee. What is the world coming to? No donuts at Dunkin be-freakin’ Donuts?! That’s like going to KFC and they’re out of chicken. But they’ve got asparagus!

Thanks to Susan whose new name is “The O’Hottie Factor.”


  1. sameshitdifferentyear


    consummately honest I know how to spell the wireless keyboard didn’t pick it up hon-fucking-est

  2. Slobodon ,milosoavitch


  3. If everybody who watches O’Reilly was beheaded, this country would quickly get back on the right track.

  4. Giomon_Rocks

    Wow, that was incredibly disturbing. It has only confirmed that Bill O’Reilly has always been a loud-mouthed psycho! Anyway, since when is The Superficial a forum for politics? Go blog on MSN or some shit, you dipshits.

  5. #49

    #49…maybe you should Wake Up. You think that paying illegals cheap labor is the solution. So they get paid under $10 an hour. Yet the “real” taxpayers….ie all legal residents regarless of weath…still pay for illegals healthcare, housing, hell, we even pay for their children to be born here. Add that into that cheap hourly wage, low ball it, and you are still looking at paying them well over $20 an hour. I think we need the same immigration laws that Mexico itself has….that would be good. Who said I was for McCain anyway…he likes the illegals. Oh well, if you think Section 8 is okay then I hope you enjoy your spare bedrooms and open living rooms while you can.

  6. John

    I went to KFC once when they’d run out of chicken – true story!

  7. Mr. Krinkle

    Bill O’Reilly is a hack, plain and simple. He distorts the truth and overtly lies in his program. He is a right-wing mouthpiece and spews propaganda that contributes to the downfall of this society. “But he doesn’t like child molesters!” Guess what, few people do, but that is his and his cronies (aka his audience) escape goat for when people actually attack his horrible journalistic ethic and that fact that he is the most biased ‘journalist’ on this planet.

    Faux news is a cancer on this society that dupes the endlessly stupid masses into falling in line behind the right-wing agenda; keeping you stupid and uninformed, so we can do what ever the hell we want! War in Iraq? Meh, lets talk about Natalie Holloway for a year! It’s about keeping the American public fearful of their lives and keeping the war machine churning.

    There you go “White Urkle” #35, oh, and by the way, he’s an asshole too!

    This is political, its journalism

  8. Sara

    hahahahahahahaha that was hilarious :)

  9. Tara

    This is why he doesn’t drink.

  10. That is so brilliant, I can’t even stand it. Meltdowns are the best.

  11. Seth

    O’Reilly speaks the truth. I’m not surprise it upsets you fag-loving lefties. Maybe if he screamed “God damn America” over and over again you’d fall in love.

  12. anon

    What a d’bag. Reminds me of my boss.

  13. Voter

    The real welfare money goes to corporations and the wealthy. More than half of the major corps pay 0 – 4% federal tax. The base fed tax is supposed to be 30%. There are huge gov’t subsidies and other programs, and so many tax writeoffs. Privately, grotesque bonuses given to management who ‘downsize’ en masse and remove benenfits from remaining workers. Our gov’t continues to give huge amount of corp welfare to companies and individuals who treat their workers thus and who invest massively in communist slave labor in china. G.W. this is ” spreading freedom to the world” ??
    Free Market economy? Not with lobbies, and even the lobby laws we have being sidestepped (money channelled through many smaller entities for one corp). The game is fixed, and it fixes laws that affect prices of everything, labor and business laws, and corp welfare among other things.
    The middle class is being steamrolled. Its not the ghetto welfare recipients and immigrants taking the big money out of the budget.
    Who wouldn’t prefer that -everyone- pay taxes and have a better economy, jobs with good pay and benefits, public works and infrastructure revitalized — instead of moving to FEUDALISM where the richest get massive welfare (tax incentives, corp welfare, subsidies, writeoffs, ‘trickle down’) and have free reign to squash the middle class with a ‘hands off’ government.

  14. Pablito

    The last time I heard a tirade like this was listening to Alec Baldwin leave a message for “his little pig”.

    Celebrities are a mess. That’s what makes this site fun to visit.

  15. fa-la-freakin'-dah

    “That’s the best you people have “he’s an A$$ hole”? Why because he tells it like it is?”

    OK then, howsa ’bout:

    -He’s a petulant child. Look at the way he’s throwing stuff around at the end of the video before storming off in a rage. That’s the way a spoiled child acts… not a grown man.

    -He’s an opinionated meglomaniac. Witness the way he screams at guests who disagree with him to “SHUT UP!!” & cuts their mic when they don’t oblige. Again, the acts of a petulant child, not a professional.

    -He’s a racist. Remember how he just couldn’t believe that black people were capable of civilized behaviour in a restaurant? Also, his bigotry against minorioties, immigrants, gays, etc. is well know.

    -He’s a misogynist & sexual-abuser. No need to give examples for that one.

    -He’s not fighting the good fight — he doesn’t give shit about you, unless you scratch his Bentley while you’re parking it at the country club. Then you’ll have his full attention. O’Reilly is a faux-populist &, by extension, a huge hypocrite.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. O’Reilly is a detestable piece of crap, not the least for fomenting hatred & intolerance in his viewing audience for his own personal bigotries & hatreds.

  16. Wake Up

    #55 See comment # 66.

    Thank you #66.

  17. Wake Up

    Ooops! Correction!

    #55 See Comment #63

    Thank You # 63.

  18. #63 – Lemme guess… no flag pin on your lapel?

  19. TRUE STORY . . . the KFC in Charleston, SC (on Johns Island) actually DOES “run out of chicken, but we have pizza” (since its partly a Pizza Hut now) almost ALL the time! I can’t tell you how blown away I was the first time that happened!

  20. Guy in the next stall

    #61 Seth, please adjust your wide stance. I’m flattered, but I’m trying to take a crap here.


    Haha what a prick!

  22. Cash

    Yeah, because thats what I want to see on my celebrity gossip and naked ladies website: more god damned politics. Fuck politics, fuck anyone who feels the need to voice their political beliefs, and fuck fuckity fuck fuck people with enough free time on their hands to make a FUCKING video about their political beliefs!

  23. Jade


    You sound like an ignorant fool.

  24. Skip Smith

    What kind of retarded morons come to a celebrity gossip site to talk politics? Were you too stupid to hack it on political sites?

  25. dd

    honestly, is anyone surprised? he’s a big fat zero

  26. betenoir

    #63 Let me guess: You think Obama is going to change all of this?

    Hey, I’ve got deals on swamp land that you wouldn’t believe? Contact me at:

  27. Jen

    @40. What to say to someone as brainwashed and non-thinking as you? Clearly you have been listening to the right-wing media fascist long enough to pick up and parrot their b.s. One day you may open your mind and learn to think for yourself, although that is highly doubtful. Perhaps you can explain to me why you would support an administration who lied to get us into a war that is so clearly designed to benefit Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and its shady subsidiaries and is HURTING both innocent Iraqi people and U.S. citizens!?! You surely are affected by the 4 dollar a gallon gas prices are you not? Yet, we liberals are the ones “drinking the cool aid”… What decisions has Bush made to benefit America if you are going to challenge Obama’s record.. @44 very amusing..

  28. SkullFace

    Ooooh! I guy got mad! Who fucking cares. Everyone gets angry, and oh no! sometimes people get angry at work when shit doesn’t work! At least Papa Bear got the job done. Love the dude. Go Fox!

  29. SkullFace

    Ooooh! I guy got mad! Who fucking cares. Everyone gets angry, and oh no! sometimes people get angry at work when shit doesn’t work! At least Papa Bear got the job done. Love the dude. Go Fox!

  30. Vote Democrat!


    If you make less than 200,000 a year then you will pay more taxes than the elite 3 percent that make 200,000 or more a year. Voting Republican will not benefit you and no matter what programs the Republicans cut, you will still be paying more taxes than the elite 3 percent. If you vote Democrat then Obama or Clinton will make the elite pay more taxes and give the rest of us 97 percent tax breaks.

    End the war that cannot be won-Vote Democrat!

    Let’s Lower Our Deficit by ending the war; the Iraq war costs 12 million per month.-Vote Democrat!

    Let’s Get Tax Breaks for the 97 percent of Americans and make the elite 3 percent pay higher taxes-Vote Democrat!

  31. Republicans are Fascist pawns

    O’Reilly is a wretched dirty pool pile of filth. A sex predator at that. Remember how he told some dude how he would sic the FBI on him and he DID it! How’s that for abuse of connections during a Neocon administration? (By the way as this country furthers it’s downward spiral (due to the price of OIL morons and don’t forget retards, OIL = $ = food, and cars and pesticides and agriculture and everything else. Just get ready for relative permanent poverty. Don’t worry, we have installed hundreds of thousands of Kleptocrats (Dukes, Barons, whatever same thing) to keep things under control and their money runs the circus of freaks and losers (that would be you and me) and the government is all about them and they dictate to it.

    But yeah, go ahead and vote for whomever. Go ahead and put in another kinder gentler right wing faggot. It aint really gonna matter in the long run.

    If you people STILL don’t know what’s coming down the pike I laugh at you. I am disgusted with just how ignorant the average person really is. OUR day is over – the “Morning time in America” was a harbinger of the rich getting it all and the proletarian scum (you and me) being robbed and overly taxed and of course the super cool class (that would not be you and me the rich Stupids) getting it all on a silver plate from the silver mines mined by you and me (peasants).

    Delude yourselves and say “it aint so” all you want. This pompous cruel asshole and Rush and Savage (Weiner) and Hennessy and the rest are trumpeting a callousness that is a clarion call for the troops of the New World Order. The rise of murderous mercenary armies!

    Vote Republican (for making the process overt)

  32. Bobulo

    Re: right wing “rage”

    Actually, it’s the lefties that are full of rage. They are still upset that the revolution didn’t happen in the ’60s.

    Instead, they are attempting it one step at a time, slowly, incrementally.

  33. ubee0173

    i thought it was the falafel, not loofah…
    the ‘revolution’ didnt happen because kennedy was deaded. avast ye conspiracy theorists!!

  34. Right is wrong

    Man you right wing jackels sure can’t come up with anything intellectual whatsoever. And to think how dimwitted is the average human.
    Our entire society and (non)civilization is really the work of neural freaks (geniuses) and the rest of us evolved apes (sorry to use the dreaded E word) are really just along for the ride.
    Republicans are mere lemmings and will follow the retard in front right over the cliff.

    Sig Krieg!
    McCain for 100 years of war! Kill em all! Yeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  35. Cokeasian

    For god’s sake how HARD does O’Reilly think his job really is?
    READ A SENTENCE OFF THE TELE-PROMPTER. THERE, GOOD MONKEY. NOW YOU CAN GO HOME. That wasn’t difficult was it? And yet he drags his feet and wails and whines like a toddler. I wonder what he’d be like at a job that required actual work..

  36. House

    funny how we “liberals” actually get in touch with our intellectual side…while conservatives…as Stephen Colbert would put it, think with their guts.

    But honestly, i have conservative friends that make me want to grab a baseball bat and just whack them…they’re among the stupidest most arrogant people i’ve ever known.

    whytfck are we talking about politics on The Superficial? I mean seriously…

  37. House

    the thing i love is how much attention bill’o paid to the pictures of Miley Cyrus…i mean honestly, he says “omg it’s so wrong, yet i’m going to bitch about it because i’m secretly a pedophile—errr i mean i hate pedophiles!!! yeah! i hate pedophiles yet i’m starting to look like one because the only thing on my mind are those…those…really…scandalous…Miley Cyrus pictures!”
    I’m sorry…but hell…like i’ve said over and over…i hate Bill with a passion.

  38. lambman

    how does somebody that ugly still get work on TV if they are that big a dick behind the scenes?

  39. Clem

    Ha Ha! Briliant! I always hated him but now I ink he’s an even bigger cunt!!!!

  40. section 8 housing

    hey, a third of my students live in section 8 housing and it’s not great–plus there’s a two year waiting list… would you prefer to see homeless children under bridges on your way home from work?

    every American is a job loss or medical crisis away from section 8 housing…unless your mortgage is paid off, your car is paid off and you can cover electricity, gas, clothes, car insurance, health insurance, dental, taxes, homeowners, water, sewer, cable, phone, Internet and food bills with investments–providing your stocks don’t crash and burn.

    technically, poverty in the USA is anyone who makes less than about $920.00 a month. i don’t see how that’s even possible…how does anyone live on 25k a year–(considered “middle income” ?) sadly, 150k is what it takes to be comfortable in so-called middle-class these days.

    while we were working out butts off the last 15 years and just not paying attention, corporations became richer than anyone imagined and most Americans have been treading water.

  41. justtheobvious

    HAHAHAHA Awesome. I love it. You Rock Bill O’Reilly
    I get just as pissed when crap doesn’t work right.

  42. KoRneY

    watch this and understand… hahaha

  43. You guys want Bill O’Reilly dead and people that watch him beheaded?
    Wow! I think I’ll become a democrat. You all sound like such a nice group of people.

  44. Clem: Nice comment! The women must love you.

  45. Keke La

    I think this guys peepee burns when he pees.. I don’t see any other reason for him being that mad.

  46. Mistik

    WOW!! I’m speechless … This guy clearly needs a freaking chill-pill lol..
    I never really liked O’Reilly anyways….
    I always thought that he was a fake crazy psycho… Besides, he uses too much make up :-P
    Thanks Superficial for this =)

  47. JACKIE

    I actually went to KFC once with my mom and they were out of chicken…It was a sad day…

  48. Kristen

    I actually went to a KFC and they were actually out of chicken. My family and I looked around at each other like we were in an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was very strange.

  49. What? How?

    How is the story about Bill O’Reilly going bat shit crazy related to this story?

  50. rebekah

    Well I went to KFC once and they had no chicken and I seen Bill O’Reilly and he was all mad and THEN there was Michael Jackson walking backwards in circles singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’. And then I watched Trapped In The Closet by R Kelly. Did I mention I went to KFC and there was no chicken? Yeah? Okay, I’m done here.

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