Bill O’Reilly is a man who stays cool under pressure (Must be the loofah)

May 13th, 2008 // 111 Comments

Is Bill O’Reilly a celebrity? Unfortunately, yes. But that means I can post this hilarious video that’s been making the Internet rounds. It was pulled off of YouTube yesterday but the champs over at CollegeHumor realized that America needs to see the No-Spin Zone fly off the handle during his old Inside Edition days. And I mean, Papa Bear is pissed. I haven’t gotten this angry since I went to Dunkin Donuts and, true story, they were out of donuts – at one in the afternoon. They did offer me a bagel. Whee. What is the world coming to? No donuts at Dunkin be-freakin’ Donuts?! That’s like going to KFC and they’re out of chicken. But they’ve got asparagus!

Thanks to Susan whose new name is “The O’Hottie Factor.”


  1. GThang

    that is really disturbing – it’s like watching a schizophrenic

  2. Dt

    Hehehe…you suck O’Reily along with Faux News…always remember that Colbert pwned your ass

  3. Jackie

    That’s almost hard to watch, but it’s alright because I already thought he was a jackass.

  4. ph7

    He’s certainly a mean drunk, too. Those right wingers always have so much rage….

  5. Silo

    Wow. I forgot that he was on that lame show. Which clearly qualifies him to pass political and social commentary today. What an assclown.

  6. Ed

    Everyone gets pissed and everyone loses it sometimes. Bill is a good guy fighting the good fight. Give him a break. Can’t wait to see how you spin this.

  7. Bubba Jones

    Further proof that O’Reilly is a complete ass. Makes you wonder how he treats his employees, like the one he paid off for keeping quiet about sexual harassment. Slimy bastard.

  8. A-Money

    “To play us out?! I don’t know what that means!” High-larious!

  9. Joejam2845

    Bill only has the Top rated Cable news show, despite what Keith Overbite says!

  10. MissKristenJams

    Who doesn’t get pissed at work sometimes? I thought that was funny…it has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative….everyone says FUCK and when someone says it in a somewhat inappropriate setting, it makes it all that much funnier.

  11. eh

    hahaha. what a fucking asshole!

  12. KrispyKremeMcDonalds

    Good Lord! Wish this guy would drop off the face of the earth…..not because he’s a conservative, but because some neo-cons like him can’t present their opinions in an intelligent way…..

    Faith is personal, fact is universal….

  13. Homey

    I’ve actually been to KFC at least two times when they’ve been out of chicken. What is THAT all about?

  14. o'larsen

    Jesus can u imagine being his wife and he comes home drunk? U might as well start beating the shit out of yourself and just get it over with.

  15. House

    this guy’s just a fucking retard…sorry but if i got pissed off at something at work i wouldn’t yell at my employees or coworkers like some insane quack.


    i rarely say this…but he’s one of the select few out there that i wouldn’t feel remorse if they got hit by a bus or if he had cancer and died a slow and painful death. Honestly.

  16. Talica

    He’s still an asshole.

  17. Mary

    We can’t talk about other Celeb Sites? Well, this was on another one YESTERDAY.

    Geez. Fish fails

  18. ann

    Oh thank you sweet Jesus..

  19. Hehe


  20. Boo


  21. Fat bitches suck

    He was just bloviating.

    What a jackass.

  22. Miley Cyrus

    reminds me of daddy.

  23. Lexoka

    Wow, what the hell is wrong with this guy?

  24. tanya

    What a phoney!

  25. tanya

    “What does ‘play us out mean’” LOL! HOw long have you been in broadcasting buddy? LOL!!!

  26. jzz

    what a douche.

  27. jzz

    what a douche.

  28. That just makes me feel really warm inside.

  29. Tim Drake

    Ed – May 13, 2008 9:43 AM
    Everyone gets pissed and everyone loses it sometimes. Bill is a good guy fighting the good fight. Give him a break. Can’t wait to see how you spin this.

    “Fighting the good fight?” Hilarious. Also, I suppose Bill could be considered a good person if one considers a condescending, belligerent, nescient @$$hole a “good person”.

    Oh, and here’s your spin: He’s an @$$hole. Simple enough?

  30. HuckyDucky

    And this, my friends, is why I am on fucking Paxil.

  31. OC Dee

    Very amusing! I look forward to more amusing videos on this site. The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart are funny shows too.

  32. HuckyDucky

    Bill O’Reilly is one of the best TV talents around, and that is just fact.

    Bill O’Reilly is also probably the most arrogant, condescending, self-aggrandizing TV talents around, and that is also just fact.

    The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

  33. Sadie

    That was the scariest thing I have ever seen.

  34. The White Urkle

    That’s the best you people have “he’s an A$$ hole”? Why because he tells it like it is? Because he thinks child molesters need to be locked up forever? Because he stand up for what he believes? Or is it becaue he thinks different than you? That’s right, your new messiah rockin’ obama says people who think different than you are just stupid. Ha, liberals will bring America down and then see how you like it.

    Sure he is arrogant. Lot’s of people are. That doesn’t make him wrong.

  35. Jane

    Wow he must have been frustrated. Well, at least he has passion? That’s probably what gives him like three times the audience of that other guy.

  36. Auntie Kryst

    @35 Agreed, it’s not his arrogance that makes him wrong. It’s his slanted journalism style that does..

  37. OMG. He is a bigger loser than I ever could have imagined.

  38. Kennedy

    The Bush Administration has brought America down. US has the highest deficit in history. When Clinton left office there was a huge surplus. The Iraqi war costs 12 million dollars a month. The Iraqi war is a war that cannot be won and US cannot continue to borrow money from China to continue the war. US should not wait until 50,000 Americans died like in the Vietnam war before pulling out. US pulled out of Vietnam and US did not become communist. If US pulls out of Iraq then there will be civil wars, but the terrorist will never take over America. The Bush administration has allowed the elite 3 percent of Americans to get richer by giving them the best tax breaks. If Clinton or Obama become president then they will tax the elite 3 percent at a higher rate. It is time for the elite 3 percent to pay more taxes for all the US programs instead of having the 97 percent of Americans that make less than 200,000 a year pay higher taxes to support all the programs.

    Vote Democrat!

  39. The White Urkle

    #39, you need to stop drinking the liberal cool aid. The Dem’s will tax EVERYONE. That is the only way they will be able to pay for all thier ideas. Don’t kid yourself. Sure, Republicans are not much better these days. But most don’t want to give amnesty to millions of illegals in the hopes of getting a vote from them in the future. The “elite” already pay more in taxes than us common folk. Clinton and obama fall into that “elite” tax bracket. Do you think they are going to raise taxes on themselves? Not a chance.

    Liberals are already distroying America. Name me ONE thing obama has done in Government that is close to meaningful…..He only votes “present” on major issues. He can’t take a stand for anyting other than Reverend Jerimiah God Damn America is a good person.

  40. #37 – HAHAHAHAHA… you called his crap “journalism”… funny.

    #40 – Uuuhhhhh… what did W do before running for president? Running various companies into the ground and playing executive for a state government that met infrequently at best doesn’t count.

  41. Jane

    The Bush administration lied when they said we had an economy! And they used faulty intelligence to give us tax breaks! America pulled out of Vietnam and no Vietnamese died! That’s like now! If we pull out, nobody will get hurt— all the Iraqis will be fine! Bush lied! My BIGGEST FEAR isn’t Osama, it’s the fact that Bush lost the 2000 election, so maybe he can RUN AGAIN IN 2008!! Oh nos! We need to vote for Barack because he will fix our broken economy and reduce unemployment from 5% to 4.99% and is an honest Chicago politician who owns a unicorn! Vote Democrat!

  42. The White Urkle

    Elliot, you are correct. W was the lesser of two evils in all the elections.

  43. Jane Nimby

    Several billion mexicans stream across the border every night and take our street corner orange salesman and leaf blowing jobs. Every single person in Iraq owns a weapon of mass destruction and will come to America to harm us. Hollywood types want to turn our children into openly gay people instead of staying in the closet like we secretly shamefully are. Babies are the most precious people, and must be protected so they can grow up and pay our foreign creditors back. Black people have dark skin, and know where we live. Habeus Corpus is a latin word spoken by Catholics, freedom must be bad then like they are. Our nation’s schools and infrastructure are crumbling, but there is no way we are going to pay more taxes. Vote Republican!

  44. #39

    #39…dont be a douche. My little sister (in grade school) knows more about politics that you. Voting Democrat would be the worst thing to do. You probably support Section 8 housing and goverment aid for illegals too. Let me guess….you want to vote for Obama because Fox News said you should. Idiots like you are what are bring down the country. Know the facts, not the conspiracies. Oh yeah….think of what would be worse…Communism or the Socialist country we are becoming, or worse….the Islamic and Muslim jihadists taking over.

  45. RENEE

    I always thought O’Reilly was a spazzy asshole, but now I’m thinking what we saw there in that video was a good ol’ case of Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourettes isn’t just people swearing nonstop; its also fits, ticks, and compulsiveness, etc. And it seemed strange how the guy he was yelling at, and even Bill himself, didn’t seemed all that fazed by his fit; it almost seemed like a routine that he just has to get out of the way first and everyone knows it; like a compulsive thing. Maybe this is a big secret in the media that they protect; Bill O’Reilly has Tourettes; huh, not surprising, really.

  46. #46 – I’d like to give O’Reilly’s neck a case of tourniquet’s syndrome.

    #45 – Anonymity is childish. I’ll never wear my mask while crime fighting again.

  47. timmy

    work harder millions on welfare depend on you :)

  48. Wake Up!

    You are voting for McCain because of Section 8 Housing. You would rather have the illegal’s sleeping in the park next to your home than in low income housing. The illegal’s are going to be here forever. They do the jobs you would never do for less than minimum wage. Instead of hoping the problem will go away, US is obligated to do something about it. You are also voting for McCain for the following:

    You make less than 200,000 a year and would rather have the elite 3 percent pay less taxes than you.

    You want to continue the 12 million dollar a month war in Iraq and continue to borrow from China and increase Americas massive deficit.

    You want to make the elite 3 percent richer.

    You want McCain to eliminate important environmental laws like Bush so that Corporate America can make higher profits.

    You do not want medical health care reforms because you enjoy having the medical health care corporations making huge profits while the Americans suffer from lack of proper medical care.

    You have been watching Fox News and believe that the terrorist will take over America if Americans pull out of Iraq.

  49. sameshitdifferentyear

    I am disgusted how people are reacting to this video.

    Mr. O’Reilly has been consumately consistent in his work, for decades now, and everyone should give him credit for that.

    He has consistently been a douche-bag for years already.
    So ignore this video.

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