Bill O’Reilly is a man who stays cool under pressure (Must be the loofah)

Is Bill O’Reilly a celebrity? Unfortunately, yes. But that means I can post this hilarious video that’s been making the Internet rounds. It was pulled off of YouTube yesterday but the champs over at CollegeHumor realized that America needs to see the No-Spin Zone fly off the handle during his old Inside Edition days. And I mean, Papa Bear is pissed. I haven’t gotten this angry since I went to Dunkin Donuts and, true story, they were out of donuts – at one in the afternoon. They did offer me a bagel. Whee. What is the world coming to? No donuts at Dunkin be-freakin’ Donuts?! That’s like going to KFC and they’re out of chicken. But they’ve got asparagus!

Thanks to Susan whose new name is “The O’Hottie Factor.”