UPDATE: Bill Murray beats his wife

May 29th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Bill Murray’s wife of more than 10 years, Jennifer Murray, filed a complaint in court against the actor. She alleges he physically assaulted her and suffers from severe drug and alcohol addictions. She’s citing the complaint as grounds for divorce and is also seeking to have their prenuptial agreement nullified because of Bill’s abusive behavior. The Charleston Post and Courier reports:

According to the complaint, Jennifer Murray moved into a Sullivan’s Island home in 2006 with the couple’s four children due to her husband’s “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.”

Jennifer also provided details of the times Bill assaulted her, including an incident where he allegedly hit her in the face and then told her she was lucky he didn’t kill her:

It was at the Sullivan’s Island home, according to the complaint, that Murray allegedly abused his wife in November 2007. The six-page court filing says Murray “hit his wife in the face and then told her she was ‘lucky he didn’t kill her.’ “

It’s always awesome when jackass celebrity wife-beaters suddenly think they’re nefarious super-villains: “Yeah, see, I could kill you and get away with it. So wise up, yeah.” Let’s take a moment to thank O.J. for this advance in domestic abuse. And by thank I mean hope he gets herpes. In the meantime, how big of an A-hole is Bill Murray? Assuming any of this turns out to be true, I’m leaning towards colossal.

UPDATE: TMZ has a statement from Bill Murray’s lawyer: “Bill Murray is deeply saddened by the dissolution of his marriage to Jennifer. Mr. and Mrs. Murray remain loving parents, committed to the best interests of their children. Mr. Murray asks that the public respect his family’s privacy at this difficult time.” I’m not a lawyer, but shouldn’t they have denied the allegations?


  1. #47 – By granting equal rights to women, even though are Declaration of Independence clearly stated all MEN were created equal, the stage was set by liberals past to deny a man his god given to act as his woman’s authority. This often included rendering beatdowns when the woman was insolent. The negroes and jews fought so-called civil rights in the 1960′s which resulted in further freedoms given to our chattle. As a decendant of both a woman and a negro, I say Obama deserves much of the blame.

  2. Hey Mrs Murray – Who ya gonna call?

  3. Bird

    If you check out the article on cnn.com you see that per the prenup she was slated to get $7mil after the divorce was granted. So i am leaning towards her telling the truth. It isnt like she needs the prenup waived so she can get any money…

    I would be sad though because I like mr. murray…however, i dont like wife beaters….

  4. Uh oh

    Maybe the lawyers did not deny the allegations because some are true and some aren’t. For instance, maybe he is a raging alcoholic, but he did not beat her. The statement that he denies that he beat her is an admission of the other allegations.

    Clever by her lawyers. Back him into a corner with some true claims, some false.

  5. Flavio

    well, making an allegation isn’t itself proof of that allegation. she’s claiming that he’s terribly addicted to drugs, but her complaint only mentions weed, which well know, is not addictive in the way that opiates or nicotine are. so, we’ve already got evidence of serious exaggeration here. nobody considers using weed to be ‘drug addiction’ anymore, this isn’t the 80′s. maybe she’s telling the truth, maybe not.

  6. fygu

    Thank you for being one of the only voices of reason FRIST. veggi you rule too. The comments on this site are increasingly idiotic and disturbing. I will say that a woman does deserve to get hit only if she hits first, and it is in self defense. This story is a downer, and I don’t like Bill Murray the person, but Rushmore is one of the greatest comedies ever. I think I’ll go sit in a dark room alone now.

  7. eatdog56

    Happen to know for a fact, the wife is a stone cold drunk. Someone should ask her neighbors on Sullivan Island, they all know.

  8. #56 Wow, I have never been call a voice of reason before. Thanks!!!!!

  9. God, what is with my typing today? Oh right, hangover..
    So anyway to answer Fish’s question, I work for lawyers, and yes normally you deny the allegations at least until a police report becomes public.

  10. Grunion

    “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.”

    OK who’s been plagiarizing my auto biography?

  11. Bri

    It will be interesting to see some of the details of his marriage that may come out during the proceedings, should things get ugly. http://www.starvsstar.com/buzz/?p=130

  12. addicted to marijuana!??!


  13. Dilawar from Bangalore

    In my contry men beat the wife many times. It is wrong.

  14. James

    Aw, I love Bill Murray. I hope the really bad stuff isn’t true. Some of the things, like alcohol, sex and marijuana addiction (marijuana addiction?) I wouldn’t be surprised to find were true and wouldn’t much care.

    Hitting your wife isn’t so good, or being an asshole to strangers in Charlestown. Hopefully his wife was never beaten, and will be content with her guaranteed $7 million.

  15. In my country, we beat women for fun. Its best when they’ve had some 40s and a few roofies. We blindfold them, spin them around then form a circle around them and swing blindly. Its especially funny when you hit the ones with a Barack Obama is my homeboy shirt on. The blood drips from their face onto his and makes him look like he was in Roots.

  16. shar

    To the idots claiming she is a gold digger- 11 years and 4 kids!!!
    She is going for $7 Million or at least thats what the media is claiming and of course they always know the truth>>> Let’s show some common sense here.
    Believe nothing what you read and in some cases, little of what you see.

  17. iHateDemocrates

    Ok, so leave him you dumb bitch. BUT, she want’s the pre-nup “gone”…. gee, wonder why. …………………….money grubbing bitch.

  18. #67 spell your name right, dammit. Also DIE..

  19. Grunion

    In situations such as these I would recomend the backhand, beacause they never see it coming…

  20. FirstTimeLongTime

    Sorry — Bill Murray’s still awesome in my book.

  21. BaconIsLife

    Since I never heard about this before I guess it’s safe to say she never reported any of this “abuse” to the police right?

    Good luck with that.

  22. The Last Word

    Bill Murray is a fat, drunk talent-less hack. He was funny back in the day when he had good scripts to rely on. Everyone who’s met him says what an asshole he is. I hope she takes him for everything he’s worth.

  23. Auntie Kryst

    @67 I hate Democrates too, but not as much as Empedocles.. I mean of all the philosophers associated with Pythagorean school of thought, Empedocles was just such a fucking dick. Reincarnation, are you fucking shitting me? Shit that douche makes Democrates look like he was a post rather than pre-Socratic. Fucking tool, right?

  24. Bill prolly had an affair and she’s tyring to get even by…wrecking his life. eleven years is a long time, but not really…she coulda been hanging in there, waiting for one little error.

  25. ExGC

    There’s no way at this point to know what the truth is. She could as easily be a money grubbing bitch or a severely abused wife – either way, the filing is going to be the same. And the pre-nup has no bearing whatsoever on the treatment of the children and child support – only on what she gets for “maintenance”. And whatever the truth, a blanket denial is just asking for refutation. Better to keep quiet, stick to the high road and let the proceedings play out.

  26. Rolfer

    His wife finally had time to watch Lost in Translation after having all those kids, and realized the movie was based on his real life. I bet he banged that Jap hooker too…plus the lounge singer.

  27. Rolfer

    His wife finally had time to watch Lost in Translation after having all those kids, and realized the movie was based on his real life. I bet he banged that Jap hooker too…plus the lounge singer.

  28. Rolfer

    His wife finally had time to watch Lost in Translation after having all those kids, and realized the movie was based on his real life. I bet he banged that Jap hooker too…plus the lounge singer.

  29. Mike

    Bill Murray is well known to be a complete and utter asshole. How did she get the pre-nup “voided”? He gave her 7 million, which is a drop in the ocean for him, not even the salary he got for that movie with the elephant.

    This is not a Heather Mills situation. This woman married Pockmarky without a pre-nup so she must have really loved him.

  30. James

    Ah man. Not Bill. I used to be a big fan of his.

  31. Doctor Who

    HA! I hate Bill Murray. Right on, #79. I don’t care how many Wes Andersons try to sell this douche-bag as an emo film culture icon, his time has passed.

  32. hi

    They need a good beating now and again to keep them honest.

  33. Will You Marry Me, Auntie Kryst?

    #73 – LMAO

  34. Frist needs a backhand

    You need to learn you place old lady. Either cooking or on your knees. OH. And shut up.

  35. redfang

    What the fuck is wrong with you people?! How would you like your own mother with a black eye, broken lip and bruises in her body she wont show you, crying her little eyes out, devastated because of a misogynistic piece of shit moron like yourself? Wife beating is a serious, harsh reality on the states. Regardless if it turns out to be false you should hold some manner of respect for the accusation! I’ll show you some respect for the women around you which take care of your sorry asses, bastards!

  36. Miss Kitty

    Some of you are neanderthal twits. If these abuse allegations were unfounded, his lawyer and PR people would be issuing denials left and right.

    He’s talented, but remember the fallout on the Charlie’s Angels set? If he doesn’t have qualms about being inappropriate in a professional setting, I’m guessing he has even less scruples about worse behavior at home.

    And to the poster who argued that men have a God given right to beat women, presumably b/c they are lesser beings, how is it then that your God chose to impregnate a woman with the Christ child WITHOUT the aid of semen from a human male? It would seem he bypassed the option of using a human male as a conduit in the process, b/c it was not required or not suited to the task.

  37. Donkey Punch

    We see this all the time. His ex just wants to part with a large chunk of his money.


  38. sweetz

    shite is this true …………….

  39. sweetz

    shite is this true …………….

  40. Right then

    Heres how it usually works in real abuse cases.

    1)Get abused
    2) call police, have abuse documented, photographed, if serious, have spouse removed from house
    3) press charges, prove case in court, destroy asshole husband through negative publicity
    4) have leg up in any future divorce proceedings

    Since none of this happened I’m calling bullshit. This is just a lame tactic used to get more money in any future divirce settlement. happens all the time.

  41. disgusting

    urgh this makes me hate bill murray. what a peice of shit he is

  42. Jeff beef Bone

    Bill Murray is too cool and funny for me to care about his wifes strategic divorce money grab. I feel bad for him. And YES I am assuming she is a gold digger, it makes sense. Look at Heather Mills.

  43. more

    Hey Redfang,
    try just fuckin listening and surprise surprise maybe and you won’t get whooped. How fuckin hard is that?

  44. Eric

    Bill, go away you old fart, you’re no longer any use to this world.

  45. rrrreg

    she slimed me

  46. I have personally seen Murray’s wife stumbling out of Poe’s bar on Sullivan’s Island on multiple occasions, absolutely obliterated. Bill may crack her grill once in a while, but if it was on one of those nights, it was well deserved.

  47. it seems Gerard Butler got it right. if you are a rich and famous actor, just stay away from marriage (you should stay away even if youre NOT rich, but thats for another conversation) because they already know your complete fucking bio and that youre loaded. how can you trust em ?

  48. ha ha ha ha ha ha . take that , gold diggers…….ha ha ha. I WON

  49. Brittany

    I officially have no more hope for humanity. Yes, it’s possible that she could be making this up, but to automatically assume that she’s a “gold digging whore” is just disgusting. If she had been physically abused, why should she pay him money? How does that not make sense to you idiots?

  50. Egon

    I’m not a lawyer, but shouldn’t you be providing evidence before claiming “Bill Murray beats his wife”?

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