Bill Clinton grasps diplomacy

June 23rd, 2009 // 115 Comments

Just because his wife is Secretary of State, that doesn’t mean Bill Clinton can’t visit Argentina and pay off bouncers at a strip club so he can have a completely private strip show before dining with the country’s president. Which is exactly what he did with Miss Andrea Rincon here. I like to believe democracy was championed, but something tells me there wasn’t a vote on whether the former president could take his pants off. Then again, a little executive privilege never hurt anyone. (Past eight years excluded.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of foreign relations.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Max Planck

    After all, he’s married to Hillary. What would you do?

  2. j

    #20 that clears some things up, I swear I saw him (pulling his pants up) and what looked like secret service agents running from my back yard kennel 2 years ago. My dog has never been the same since.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I didn’t hear shit about this.

    I’m surprised Fox news hasn’t made this story their rallying point for ’12

  4. #33 – Riiiight, you follow new? Awesomo!

  5. themappy2

    Stop using FUCKING STARS for NOTHING. I’m so not into this site just because of that.

  6. Douchie still charming as ever. Rtards do this shit too, only with boys and/or random dudes in airport bathrooms. And you can get “extra services” at strip clubs in the US, all you have to do is ask (and not look like a cop).

  7. required

    Bill Clinton was a douchebag and is right at home in a strip club groping girls younger than his daughter. Chelsea is probably in Central Park humping a large black man right now

  8. Douchie still charming as ever. Rtards do this shit too, only with boys and/or random dudes in airport bathrooms. And you can get “extra services” at strip clubs in the US, all you have to do is ask (and not look like a cop).

  9. Thats right Backwood Bitch,,,its like writing a string quartet, music to your ears…see how it makes you come out of the woodwork?

  10. Douchie, at first I thought you had been nude hiking the appalachian trail with Mark Sanford, but apparently he was in Argentina. So was it just you, Mark Foley and Larry Craig then?

  11. twizlah

    now that’s what i call executive privilege.

  12. Hey Backwood BItch where you been hiding boy? have you been on here with different nics?

  13. Moe Chacho

    They have a saying down there, “doing the dirty Bill”.

  14. Aww there’s the old Douchie. Taking your usual wide stance I see.

  15. BWB let me ask you? why is politics and public bathroom deviants so alluring to you? thats all you ever talk about…

  16. Douchie, how many times have I told you I have only ever used this nic on this site.

  17. Bwb? are you aware of how corny you are? youve probably the only man who can brighten a room by leaving it….

  18. 1. Your nic is GLBTQ slang for an older homosexual who enjoys rough sex and young partners.
    2. You are a republican.

  19. hahahaha what a first class noob!

    Who consider themself “normal” would know what that is?

    Your obsession with me only indicate youre definitely suffering from a hormone imbalance…

  20. Backwood bitch have manage to evade all my questions,,,what a suprise

  21. Without pics of Clinton there this is not nearly as good. Somebody had to get a shot of him.

  22. SoulSonic_Force

    Come on now… gotta do better than that. Stars that are hiding the non-nudity, that you have to click 4 times to “NOT” see….

  23. mm

    rough daddy has genital warts

  24. wet newspaper


  25. Ananana

    do the stockings on strippers reflect the economy of a country? if so, argentina is very very poor :(

    oh, and bill clinton is all kinds of awesome !!

  26. Wow, what gutter did you pull those strippers out of?

  27. Val

    Ok, first of all, you should NEVER believe these Argentine media-grabbin whores, they’ll do ANYTHING for publicity, kinda like Speidi, but worse…

    Second, Bill Clinton is nowhere to be seen, which means that this (and I’m 97% sure) may be absolutely fake.

    Third, that is in fact Andrea Rincon and the other little slut from Big Brother Argentina, and her tits ARE FAKE, she had big boobs, but when Big Brother ended, she ran off and got’em bigger.

    Four, I don’t think our economy should be measured in stockings, given that these two can’t represent us in any way…

  28. Winston

    Bill Clinton had morality flaws, but he was a great President unlike Pres. Bush Jr. who wanted to find an excuse to invade Iraq and created a huge deficit and Clinton left office with a huge surplus.

  29. Jack Black

    What’s with all the editing of either already edited images or images that don’t need editing?!!??! Superficial, you’ve officially gone 100% pussy, and not in a good way. Loserific failsauce.

  30. They have butterfaces.

    Nice body, but her face……

  31. missywissy

    To all the people saying Bill was the best Prez:

    Bill Clinton passed NAFTA. This is why all of our jobs are over seas and companies were given tax breaks to do this. He seemed like a good ol boy and the economy was great and all, but he set this nation up for failure. I was completely for him, I was even convinced at the time NAFTA was great “Free trade”. Look what it’s done to us. Everything we buy is from China, Malaysia, India…. Call to get tech support and who are you speaking to, a person in India. Bill Clinton got us into that and all you folks that think he was so WONDERFUL and “deserves to get tail” do your homework, please!

  32. commenter81: people from India are still people. and they are probably reading this. can’t hurt to be nice a little bit.

  33. shypenis

    God. You’d think he’d have enough draw that SOME attractive women would sleep with him… maybe he just gets of on slumming it. I dunno. This is one fucking ugly stripper.

  34. Romina

    She was my mate at high school!

  35. Romina

    She was my mate at high school!

  36. mookie nookie

    Any chance Bill and the Argent. Prez were chilling with the missing Gov. Mark Sanford??? Conveniently he “disappeared” to Argentina for a few days.

  37. It is amazing how the White House was transformed from a whore house to Fred Sanford’s house in just one decade.

    The next 3 will make you yearn for the last 8.

    Go ahead and deny you stupid fucks.

  38. Scott Klose

    And now CNN is reporting Sanford was in Argentina with a mistress. “DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA”. First it’s Bill, the Mark and who else. Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is drinking a Quilmes with an Argentinian hooker named Sofia giving her a Dirty Sanchez.

  39. Superficial = Lame


    How lame is it to put stars over shit that is NOT NUDITY…

    Just a lame ass attempt to falsely inflate your click count to generate more ad revenue for this lame ass site.

    This place used to rock…now….failsauce!

  40. Christa

    This story seems to be largely unverified, no major international news outlets are picking it up. Could it be the stripper just made it up for publicity?

    And what’s with all the scandals going down in Argentina this week?

  41. Crappola

    I wouldn’t mind working out a peace proposal with her in the backseat of my awesome ’83 Ford Festiva.

    First on the agenda: My life threatening boner.

  42. Fredex

    Eff this recession. I miss strip clubs and lap dances.

  43. Darth

    I’ve always wondered what the privileges are when your wife has a well paid job.This probably match with one of them.

  44. Nero

    A lill appetizer before dinner is always good!

  45. Chris

    Are there two Andrea Rincons that are famous-ish? That pic is not Selena Spice (aka Andrea Rincon)…

  46. Rhialto

    I even don’t want to know what the dessert was.

  47. Justine

    I’m not sure if that is Selena Spice aka Andrea Rincon. Selena Spice looks hotter to me than those pictures posted above. Either way Bill Clinton is a lucky man!

  48. Java Box

    Definitely NOT Andrea Rincon.

  49. jaime

    damn bill! i tried to go to his conference when he was here but it was for businessmen only… so you can’t have an open conference but you have time to go to stripclubs?

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