Bill O’Reilly Allegedly Abused His Wife In Front Of His Daughter

According to reports from his recently closed custody hearing, Bill O’Reilly’s daughter allegedly witnessed him physically abusing his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy by dragging her down the stairs by the throat. In O’Reilly’s defense, he didn’t know his daughter was watching because apparently it would’ve been better if he waited until there were no witnesses? That’s good. Go with that. Gawker reports:

According to a source familiar with the facts of the case, a court-appointed forensic examiner testified at a closed hearing that O’Reilly’s daughter claimed to have witnessed her father dragging McPhilmy down a staircase by her neck, apparently unaware that the daughter was watching. The precise date of the alleged incident is unclear, but appears to have occurred before the couple separated in 2010. The same source indicated that the daughter, who is 16 years old, told the forensic examiner about the incident within the past year.

O’Reilly is already denying the allegations, and if there’s one person you should believe, it’s someone who’s lied so much fucking Fox News stopped defending him. On top of that, there’s the whole business of Bill trying to get his ex-wife excommunicated from the Catholic Church before using his political connections to have her new police detective boyfriend investigated by internal affairs. Not that any of this means anything because I’m pretty sure his ratings just shot up again. Or at least they did until he denied roughing up his wife, at which point they shot back down because clearly Bill O’Reilly is another all-American man neutered by feminism run wild. “Whole damn country’s gone soft!” your uncle just frothed into his oatmeal.

UPDATE: And here are the court transcripts.

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