Bill Murray Will Be In ‘Ghostbusters,’ You Can Stop Bitching Now

“Ohmygod, someone who doesn’t know how to use the Internet!”

If #GamerGate somehow managed to have sex with a woman – stay with me now – it’s retarded, inbred offspring would be all of the male Ghostbusters fans shitting a brick online because the new movie is all girls. EWWWW. Except everyone can quit their bitching now because Bill Murray has agreed to appear in the movie after years of stalling on Ghosbusters 3 for so long that Harold Ramis died, so there went that idea. THR reports:

The actor, who played Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989), will appear in director Paul Feig’s upcoming installment of the franchise, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.
Murray has long been resistant to star in a third Ghostbusters. He told David Letterman earlier this year that his hesitancy stems from Ghostbusters II not having been as well-received as the first one.

Consider your childhood unraped, or whatever the hell you people were saying. I mostly just hear a buzzing sound now followed by a quiet whisper telling me to “Kill them. Kill them all with fire. While they sleepses…” which my lawyer keeps saying I should never tell anyone. Wait.

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