Camille Cosby Will Double Down Now

While most of Bill Cosby defenders (with the notable exceptions of Whoopi Goldberg and Vivica A. Fox) have changed their tune in light of recently unsealed court documents where he admits to using Quaaludes to have sex with women who were not his wife Camille Cosby, she’s upped her game to telling close associates that the bitches wanted it. Perhaps not in those exact terms, but the general message that 40+ women wanted to be given a powerful sedative and then fucked as they slipped in and out of conscious while powerless to defend themselves is there. New York Post reports:

“Camille still doesn’t believe that Bill provided drugs and had sex with women without their consent,” said a source employed by the Cosby family. “She’s well aware of his cheating, but she doesn’t believe that her husband is a rapist.”
Mrs. Cosby is “a proud, dignified but stubborn woman. You can say that she’s standing by her husband, but really, the more people stand against him, the more she perceives it as an affront to her and all that she’s done to make him a star,” said another source who’s done business with the ­Cosbys and remains close to them.

For those of you who don’t know, Camille is Bill’s business manager and, goddammit, she made him a star once, and she’s going to do it again:

Camille Cosby, 71, who is also her 78-year-old husband’s business manager, demanded last week at a crisis meeting with advisers that their lawyers and p.r. specialists “get back out in front of this,” the business source said.
“I created him, I knew what I was getting and we’ll fix this,” she told the gathering at a meeting at the couple’s Shelburne Falls, Mass., home Tuesday night.
“They are making him out to be such a bad guy, a monster,” Camille said, according to the source.

Wait. “I knew what I was getting.” What the hell does that mean?

She “stopped being embarrassed long ago” by her husband’s affairs, the family source said, but cannot tolerate the “invasion of privacy.”
The infidelities were “personal, between Bill and I,” she’s told her circle, the source said.
According to the family source, Camille confided, “You have to allow for space to let your partner do what he wants. I have done that and [Bill] has done that and there’s no jealously, no friction.”

Ohhhh, so the guy going around pretending to be America’s dad and telling other comedians to clean up their acts was, at best, shoving women full of sedatives and extra-maritally fucking them? Yup, that’s how you rebuild a family-friendly brand, but let’s cut to the chase: How much money does Camille Cosby really need? She’s a 71-year-old woman who could die at any second, so how many more millions than the amount she’d easily walk with is it going to take to get her to break ranks? If she’s worried about her legacy – or worse, his – one of those is over. It’s gone. She, on the other hand, still has the option to jump ship, make a bunch of statements about how she can’t lie to herself anymore, or even lived in terror which would be understandable, and then live the rest of her life better than 99% of us ever will. Or she can keep going the Dottie Sandusky route and have people convinced she was mixing the drinks for him. Which is exactly where her brand is at now because I can already picture the gold monogrammed food processor he bought her in my head. “Now you put the pills in the doo-hickey machine and then you stir them in the drizzle drazzle drinks and holy cow a Rudy! She’s going down! *yells at unconscious body* See, woman? This is why I need you to do it because I keep putting the pills with the Theo in the wrong cups! Oh, no. – *looks out window, sees woman climb over fence and make a run for it* – VANESSA!”

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