Bill Cosby Wants A Tour To Tell Kids How To Avoid Sexual Assault – Bad Idea?

In case you didn’t hear, the jury in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case could not reach a verdict and the judge has called mistrial. Basically what this means is Cosby escapes conviction temporarily until they do it all over again with some fresh jurors who aren’t afraid of a little blood on their hands.

Speaking of blood on your hands, Bill Cosby’s P.R. team is taking his message on the road next month to reach out to kids, particularly ones who get a lot of vagina (athletes is the word they used), about how to avoid getting caught in the same position that he’s in.

I found it interesting that the woman in this clip said that, “a brush against the shoulder could be considered sexual assault.” Did all of this trouble come from him brushing Andrea Constand in the shoulder? Was that before or after he made her a quaalude-tini and tried to fingerblast her? Asking for a friend…