A New Bill Cosby Rape Accuser Came Forward

When we last left Bill Cosby, his Twitter team thought it’d be a great idea to ask the Internet to “meme him” which ended with predictable results, and things haven’t got much better. His upcoming appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman was quietly pulled, and then on Saturday he made headlines after a disastrous NPR interview where he just sat there shaking his head “no” because his team literally didn’t expect anyone to ask him about the rape allegations. He’s Bill Cosby for crying out loud! And now music journalist and publicist Joan Tarshis has come forward in an essay to Hollywood Elsewhere where she details two alleged rapes in 1969 and issues a call for more victims to come forward:

“It took me about 20 years to admit this to anyone. My girlfriend, who was a cartoonist, told me she had heard rumors about Cosby, and believed them. She always thought where there’s smoke there’s fire.
“But during those years as I grew into adulthood, I watched Cosby be praised by everyone from Presidents to Oprah to the Jello Corporation. It all made me ill, knowing first-hand there was something unbalanced about him. I had heard and/or strongly suspected I was not the only white girl he had drugged and raped but I never had any proof. No one began talking until 2004. And though I knew I should say something, I still felt ashamed. Ashamed that I didn’t earlier.
“In any event now, as more and more of his rape victims have come forward, all telling similar stories, the time is right to join them.”

You can check out the full essay below, and then watch as shitheads fly out of the woodwork to accuse this woman of going after Bill Cosby’s money which she’s obviously doing by giving away her story for free and not suing him in court. It’s practically diabolical the lengths these whores will go to, and in case the sarcasm is being lost here, choke on a bag of Jell-O dicks.

Another Cosby Victim Comes Out – Hollywood Elsewhere

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