Bill Cosby Is Joking About Drugging Women Now

With Phylicia Rashad and Camille Cosby doing the dirty work of publicly throwing his accusers under the bus, Bill Cosby is apparently feeling confident enough to make jokes about drugging women to a standup audience in Canada last night. Although, in his defense, these are idiots still paying to watch Bill Cosby sit in a chair, so why put on airs? Their money already said, “We don’t give a shit.” Via Gawker:

According to [National Post reporter Richard] Warnica Cosby initiated the discussion when “A woman in the front row got up to go get a drink. Cosby asked her where she was going. She asked him if he wanted a drink. He said no, he already had one (a bottle of water). Then he continued ‘You have to be careful about drinking around me.'”

And here’s how well that went over:

“Haha! It’s funny because he drugged a bunch of women then had sex with them. That’s the hilarious kind of rape!” – Every motherfucker clapping

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