Jay Leno On Bill Cosby: ‘Why Is It So Hard To Believe The Women?’

While attending a television executives conference in Miami yesterday, Jay Leno not only praised Larry Wilmore’s new show, but went one step further and actually picked a side in the controversial Bill Cosby debate. Which I didn’t even think Jay Leno was capable of, so I’m pretty sure a seven-headed hydra’s going to blacken the sky now. The Day of Fire is at hand. Deadline reports:

Asked what he thought of the Bill Cosby controversy, Leno took the same position as had Wilmore had at the top of his show’s second episode, telecast hours earlier: “I don’t know why it ‘s so hard to believe women. You go to Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25.”

Okay, when fucking Jay Leno is willing to call out NBC’s golden son, you know it’s bad. If a situation has become so cut and dry, that even a man who spent the last half of his career being as bland, vanilla, and middle-of-the-road as possible is able to go, “Oh, yeah, he did it,” that should say something. It won’t because everyone’s too busy looking at celebrity side-tit, but it should. And, yes, I realize I’m playing both sides of that equation, but only because Destro has always been my role model for life. — And fashion. *puts on wide-collared, black leather jumpsuit, looks in mirror* Damn, son.

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