Just A Reminder: Bill Cosby Is Awful

February 13th, 2014 // 30 Comments
Bill Cosby
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Earlier in the week, I posted about Bill Cosby‘s intentionally forgotten history of sexual assault thanks to Tom Scocca writing an awesome piece for Gawker that spurred one of Cosby’s alleged victim to come forward to Newsweek. And now another has come forward with more details from the 2005 lawsuit including her own experience being groomed by Cosby and that there were 12 other women involved in this thing, not counting ones that hadn’t come forward. So here that is which I highly recommend checking out:

Barbara Bowman Speaks About Bill Cosby Sexual Abuse Allegations – Newsweek

And here’s how Cosby’s team responded to Buzzfeed:

“You had the Gawker thing. And now there’s a gal at Newsweek that’s frisky, looking at some of these things,” the source continued. “I can’t see that that has anything to do with him going back to television.”

“A gal that’s frisky.” Well, shit, why didn’t someone say that in the first place before we got our panties in a bunch? That clears up everything. Who wants pudding pops?

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  1. JC

    Woman: “I can’t feel my legs!”
    Cosby: “Someone’s gonna get it right in the chocolate pudding cup!”

  2. Serena L

    he’s a gross man with pervert tendencies that was hiding under the front as a respectable professional family-man on TV.Shameful and disgusting

  3. I love that the worst thing a woman can do when she becomes famous is become a diva and that can be the worst thing ever (not counting growing old or gaining weight), but successful men can be rapists and damn, just watch teams of lawyers and producers fall from the sky to shut down these stories.

  4. cmonreally

    Does he not have a PR person, or did the PR person call in sick the day this statement was released? I can’t imagine that anyone would truly think calling a woman “frisky” in this situation would go over well.

  5. In the immortal words of Eddie Murphy told to him by Richard Pryor.
    “Tell Bill to have a coke a smile and shut the fuck up”

  6. Doh forgot to insert video

  7. Def Jam

    I wanna ride you like Robert Culp in I Spy

  8. Am I the only one who is not surprised? I guess a lot of you bought into that “nice Black guy act”. He has always been a crooked Uncle Tom. White folks just liked him because he smiled a lot, was quiet and disliked Black folk. He is a corny douchebag and I have always thought so. Anyone hiding under such a false veneer is capable of many things.

    • alex

      White folks just liked him because he is/was one of the funniest human beings to ever live.

      The fact that he’s a piece of shit rapist is a different topic. But people liked him because he is a comedic genius.

    • crb

      That’s right, because if you’re not an arrogant, disdainful, narcissistic POS crim, you’re not officially Black.

      Black people can’t possibly be law-abiding good people possessed-of common-courtesy. All Black people are the same. Aisha Tyler is just as bad as Flavor Flav, Katt Williams and Easy-E.

      You, Puffy and Mase keep harping on that same Old-World, BS canard. -Hey, I hear nobody’s bashed Bryant and Greg Gumbel recently for staying out of jail.

      -Why not get out & defame their characters while you’re at it, too?

  9. official response

    blippiddy bloppiddy bloobiddy bloop!

  10. D-chi

    Of course no one believes me about this story when I tell them. He’s had the public fooled good.

  11. Guy who disagrees with racial patronizing? Check. Guy lampooned on TS, regardless of exactly what typical Hollywood problem he has? Quadruple check. Black people, keep pretending that Al Sharpton and the lib machine is actually making your lives better. Yawn…

    • crb


      Also: It’s everyone else’s fault. You’re not responsible for your behavior, either. Because: Democrats.

    • The only people that pay attention to Al Sharpton nowadays are disgruntled white people.

      Okay okay, maybe there’s a complement of elderly black folk nearing 70 that still keep tabs on him, but yeah..the point still stands.

      You really shouldn’t generalize about black people if you know absolutely nothing about them.

  12. Ted Knight

    He just likes younger trim

  13. Leila

    he always seemed to have a douche-bag side to him, but really, the worst thing about him was the way he rejected his daughter from an affair. only a fucking asshole abandons and/or denies the existence of their own child. and he’s a fucking asshole. who apparently commits rampant sexual assault on women because he thinks they all want him. gross.

    • Fuglio

      I would say the worst thing about him is that he is a sexual predator, but that is just me. And it was my understanding that she wasn’t his daughter.

  14. Mama Pinkus

    I’m glad to see I am not the only one who is not a fan of that condescending asshole.

  15. Ginger Failed

    Your not going to like this, but the first person I ever heard call Bill Cosby out was Janice Dickinson in her biography, No Lifeguard on Duty (2002). Nobody cared then either.

  16. You know, I actually understand now what Michael Jackson fans went through.

    I really wanted to believe that Bill was a good guy. :( Damn this sucks.

  17. I always knew….that smug smile, the god awful sweaters that even Stevie Wonder wouldn’t wear….his creepy dance in the opening credits of his crappy TV show…..going to nightclubs with CeeLo ….

  18. RexSeven

    Funny how the other Bill gets a pass.. and so is his wife that helped shut up or destroy the many accusers.

  19. Willy D

    I never thought the dirt bag POS hypocrite rapist was funny. Just corny in some perverse uncle tom way. Hope he gets anal cancer.

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