Just A Reminder: Bill Cosby Is Awful

Earlier in the week, I posted about Bill Cosby’s intentionally forgotten history of sexual assault thanks to Tom Scocca writing an awesome piece for Gawker that spurred one of Cosby’s alleged victim to come forward to Newsweek. And now another has come forward with more details from the 2005 lawsuit including her own experience being groomed by Cosby and that there were 12 other women involved in this thing, not counting ones that hadn’t come forward. So here that is which I highly recommend checking out:

Barbara Bowman Speaks About Bill Cosby Sexual Abuse Allegations – Newsweek

And here’s how Cosby’s team responded to Buzzfeed:

“You had the Gawker thing. And now there’s a gal at Newsweek that’s frisky, looking at some of these things,” the source continued. “I can’t see that that has anything to do with him going back to television.”

“A gal that’s frisky.” Well, shit, why didn’t someone say that in the first place before we got our panties in a bunch? That clears up everything. Who wants pudding pops?

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