Bill Cosby’s Ego In A Nutshell

As I was reading the quote you’re about to see next from Bill Cosby where he sniffs his farts so deeply it’s a goddamn miracle reality didn’t bend itself in half, I remembered Talking Funny an HBO special from a few years back where Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais (Who produced it because I know you just went, “Wait, what?”) did a roundtable discussion about comedy. And one of the anecdotes was Louis CK talking about the first time he opened for Jerry Seinfeld in the 80s and said something along the lines of, “And now here’s the funniest comedian in the business,” and Seinfeld chewed him out after the show and explained that you never introduce a comic like that. It just builds the audience’s expectations way too high and even someone like Seinfeld still understands the importance of being humble about telling jokes for a living. Which is why it was revealing to see how Bill Cosby talked to reporters before his show in Denver which somehow said even more about his ego than the video of him lecturing an AP reporter to “scuttle” the questions about his rape allegations. Via HuffPost:

Cosby told NBC, “What you’ll see tonight is history, you’ll get to see me on stage.” The comedian wouldn’t address the recent sexual assault accusations directly. “You will see this wonderful gift on stage tonight [at the show] as well as the people of Denver,” he said. “You will see a master at work.”

That was Bill Cosby literally saying to another human being: Watching me on stage is “history” because I’m a “master at work.” Jesus fucking Christ. Who talks like that? Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t even do that shit, and she’ll fit it into every conversation that she’s best friends with Beyonce. So tell me again how this isn’t the kind of guy who believes his own legend and everything he does is beyond reproach. Specifically having sex with unconscious vagina. It was there in the room with him. He just wanted to give it a wonderful gift! “Allegedly.”

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