Bill Cosby’s Rape Case Is A Shitshow That He Probably Already Won


If you haven’t been following the legal proceedings surrounding Bill Cosby’s charges of felony sexual assault, it’s a fucking goddamn mess. First off, a former Montgomery County DA apparently made some sort of informal immunity deal with Cosby where he wouldn’t be criminally prosecuted if he agreed to give a deposition in Andrea Constand’s civil suit. Which would explain why Bill Cosby joked through the whole thing and basically flat out admitted to giving women Quaaludes so he could have sex with them easier. Keep in mind, this was probably the best case scenario because Andrea Constand was able to broker a substantial settlement despite rape accusations being notoriously hard to prove in court. Which brings us to the shit icing on this legal turd of a cake: Not only has Bill Cosby’s lawyer already beaten Cosby’s current prosecutor before, but it was during a rape trial with a fucking mountain of evidence. And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, it was probably a long time ago…” 2014. That shit happened in 2014. So if you want to know why rape victims are never in a rush to call the cops, it’s because even now they’re up against a system that pretty much blames them for having a hole in their vagina that a dick can fit into. I mean, sure, law enforcement could maybe file evidence more carefully, but maybe these broads could’ve also found a way to make penises not want to ejaculate, and then we wouldn’t be in this mess. Not that I’m blaming them! I’m just saying. (Did I do all of that right? Eh, I’ll just read the comments.)

Cosby’s Lawyer Beat Cosby’s Prosecutor in Identical Rape Case – The Daily Beast

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