Two More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Drugging, Raping Them

Earlier this week, former actress/model Helen Gumpel came forward and accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her after she appeared on The Cosby Show, and now two more accusers have come forward claiming Cosby drugged then raped them in 1969 and 1989 because this bastard did this shit for decades – “allegedly” – so there’s at least 500 more women still out there. You’re probably sitting right next to one and don’t even know it. *eyes Photo Boy suspiciously* USA Today reports:

[Linda] Brown said she was 21 when she met Cosby in 1969 at a restaurant in Toronto. She went to his hotel room, because he wanted to give her a gift, and when she got there he gave her a soft drink. She took a sip, blacked out, and woke up naked in bed with him, where she says she was raped.
“I felt like a rag doll and like a real-life blow-up doll for him” she said. “I felt dirty, ashamed and embarrassed,” and fooled into believing that Cosby was “nice, trustworthy and honorable.”
“I want people to know who Mr. Cosby really is: He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality and if you trust him then he has fooled you as well,” she said.
[Lisa-Lotte] Lublin was 23 when she met Cosby in 1989 in a Las Vegas hotel where he sought to evaluate her acting skills. He insisted she have a drink to relax.
“I trusted him because of who he was, and how well he was respected around the world,” she said. “The taste was horrible and unfamiliar to me because I was not a drinker.”
She fell into a stupor, remembers Cosby wrapping himself around her and stroking her hair and then she passed out. She woke up at home with no memory of how she got there although her car was in the driveway.
“Bill Cosby appears to think that rape is a joke,” she said. “Let me tell you something, Bill, I’m not laughing.”

I’ve written about this so many times I don’t even know what to say anymore, but here goes: Let’s say only 10% of these women are actually telling the truth. That’s still three-to-four women Bill Cosby drugged and raped – “Allegedly.” – while decent human beings have raped zero women because it’s a horrible fucking crime and that’s why they’re decent. Even if it was just one, just one woman, that’s still enough to say, “Fuck his legacy. That guy raped somebody,” but maybe I’m being naive. Maybe I’m the idiot who thinks nobody should ever knock a woman out with drugs and then have sex with her powerless, unconscious body. It almost sounds polite when you put it that way. Like a fairy tale.

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