Latest Bill Cosby Accuser Hopes He’ll Come Clean (Sit Down)

“I put the pizzle wazzle pills in the drizzle drazzle drink. How the hezzle wazzle she still wizzle wozzle standing with a bozzle diggle waggle bozzum wizzum dazzum zazzum shoozum bonga these strokes are getting worse.”

If there’s a common theme to the 35 rape allegations against Bill Cosby, it’s modeling agencies farming young girls for him to privately give “acting lessons” to which usually turned out to be sexual assault. “Allegedly.” Which brings us to Jennifer Thompson who, like Patricia yesterday, was one of the 12 Jane Does in Andrea Constand’s 2005 lawsuit until coming forward to PEOPLE with her story in the hopes that it would encourage other women to do the same and eventually force Bill Cosby to “come clean” and “rectify his actions.” Jennifer’s story involves being a young model alone in a room with Cosby during the height of The Cosby Show in 1989 and allegedly being coerced to jerk him off so she could leave. And if you don’t want to constitute that as sexual assault, but instead question why a frightened girl alone with a powerful man didn’t just say, “no,” I thought I told you to stop commenting here, Lemon. This is a reputable publication, not CN-fucking-N with your plane crashes and bearded wolf-men. I won’t have it!

Bill Cosby Accuser Jane Doe No. 2 Reveals Her Identity: ‘I Decided to Speak My Truth’ – PEOPLE

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