Bill Cosby Paid ‘Fat Albert’ Writers To Write His Doctoral Thesis

After obtaining his doctoral degree from UMass, Bill Cosby made it a point to be an extra special asshole about it and demanded everyone refer to him as “Dr. Cosby” even though the validity of that degree was being called into question as early as 1985. Which didn’t stop him from berating an African-American football player to the point of tears for not getting a 4.0 when he graduated from Notre Dame. But since then, the Washington Post did some digging into Cosby’s bullshit degree and found out he basically received credit for being on Sesame Street and The Electric Company and only had to write a dissertation about Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids, his own TV show. Except he couldn’t even do that because last night The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon tweeted that Cosby paid two Fat Albert writers to write his thesis. Via Death and Taxes:

Of course, in a way, I like to believe Bill Cosby was trying to tell us the truth about his degree when Cliff Huxtable used his basement for a gynecologist’s office and looked at woman’s vaginas next to a dryer. Or am I still thinking about the rape? Either way, someone should start digging under Bill Cosby’s basement. That’s my main point here.

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