Bill Cosby’s ‘Fixer’ Comes Forward: A Pudding Pop of Rape Report

It’s been 72 hours since I last wrote about Bill Cosby, so naturally five more accusers have come forward along with a former NBC employee who claims that he stood guard outside of Cosby’s dressing room door The Cosby Show years while Dr. Huxtable brought in model after model, some allegedly as young as 16 before paying them off. Which seems odd because I’m sure they just looked at sweaters. Sluts are always looking at sweaters. (Am I doing it right?)

The NBC Fixer

In an exclusive interview with New York Daily News, former NBC employee Frank Scotti details how Cosby allegedly used him to pay women and arrange meetings with models which eventually lead Scotti to quit working with Cosby once he figured out what was happening. He kept all the receipts from the money orders which include the names of women that have come forward to accuse Cosby of rape and Shawn Thompson, the mother of Autumn Jackson, Cosby’s alleged illegitimate daughter:

Scotti said Cosby also had an arrangement with a Manhattan modeling agency in which the owner would deliver young women to his dressing room. Some of the aspiring models were as young as 16, Scotti said.
“‘I want you to keep that one girl here,’” Scotti quoted Cosby as telling him. “ ‘I want to interview her for a part in the show.’”
The other models and the agency’s owner would quickly disappear, leaving Cosby’s pick alone with the comedian.
“The owner just walked right out,” he recounted. “She knew exactly what was going to go on. Then he’d tell me, ‘Stand outside the door and don’t let anyone in.’ Now you put that together and figure (out) why.”

Scotti decided to come forward as more and more accusations made the news and said he “felt sorry for the women.”

Scotti said the sordid arrangements gnawed at him, and eventually led him to walk away from Cosby.
“It bothered me. . . . You’ve got all of these kids, every time,” he told The News. “I used to like him, but that’s the reason I quit him after so many years — because of the girls.”

And Cosby’s lawyer’s response:

“How would Scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary? It appears that his story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame.”

How would he know if she was a model or a secretary? That’s what you’re going with? Jesus Christ.

Kristina Ruehli

Kristina Ruehli was a 22-year-old secretary for a talent agency in Beverly Hills in 1965 when she was allegedly drugged by Cosby at a pool party at his house where earlier he had just shown her his infant daughter. Yup. According to Philadelphia Magazine, he attempted to orally rape her unsuccessfully causing her to throw up and him to straight-up vanish from the room and leave her there. She never saw him again.

Renita Chaney Hill

Renita Chaney Hill was only 15-years-old when her modeling agency introduced her to Cosby in Pittsburgh where he was looking for performers to appear in Picture Pages. CBS Pittsburgh reports:

Hill says when she was alone with Cosby the scenario was always the same. Cosby would insist she have a drink even though she was underage. She says she now believes she was drugged.
“One time, I remember just before I passed out, I remember him kissing and touching me and I remember the taste of his cigar on his breath, and I didn’t like it,” Hill said. “I remember another time when I woke up in my bed the next day and he was leaving, he mentioned you should probably lose a little weight. I thought that odd, how would he know that?”
Hill says after a while she began to put two and two together.
“I always thought it was odd that after I had this drink I would end up in my bed the next morning and I wouldn’t remember anything,” Hill said.

Maybe Bill Cosby was really into fitness? These are things to consider. But not really, please don’t.

Michelle Hurd

Law & Order: SVU actress Michelle Hurd posted on her Facebook page about her alleged encounter with Cosby. Via Showbiz411:

LOOK, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I can’t believe some of the things i’ve been reading, SO here is MY personal experience:
I did stand-in work on The Cosby show back in the day and YES, Bill Cosby was VERY inappropriate with me. It started innocently, lunch in his dressing room, daily, then onto weird acting exercises were he would move his hands up and down my body, (can’t believe I fell for that) I was instructed to NEVER tell anyone what we did together, (he said other actors would become jealous) and then fortunately, I dodged the ultimate bullet with him when he asked me to come to his house, take a shower so we could blow dry my hair and see what it looked like straightened. At that point my own red flags went off and I told him,
“No, I’ll just come to work tomorrow with my hair straightened”.
I then started to take notice and found another actress, a stand-in as well, and we started talking….. A LOT …. turns out he was doing the same thing to her, almost by the numbers, BUT, she did go to his house and because I will not name her, and it is her story to tell, all I’ll say is she awoke, after being drugged, vomited, and then Cosby told her there’s a cab waiting for you outside.
I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to lie or make up this up!
Anyone that knows me, knows that!
Now you have a first hand account of my experience with Mr. Cosby.
Off you go…

What’s really odd is that Michelle Hurd gave this story away for free on Facebook. How is she supposed to get her skank interview money which is what all these skanks are after? The Internet told me.

Joyce Emmons

Joyce Emmons ran comedy clubs in the 70s and 80s and, in a twist from the other accusers, claims Bill Cosby allegedly drugged her with a Quaalude so one of his friends could have sex with her. TMZ reports:

Emmons tells us … one night she got a bad migraine and Cosby offered her a white pill which he said “was a little strong” but could cure a headache.
She says she took the pill, blacked out, and the next thing she knew she was nude in bed in Cosby’s suite with one of his friends — a guy who had unsuccessfully tried hitting on her earlier in the evening.
Emmons says she confronted Bill and demanded to know what drug she took, and he laughed and said it was “just a Quaalude.”

The man generously gave her free drugs. What’s the story here? I don’t get it.

Jewel Allison

Here’s model’s Jewel Allison’s account. She’s also one of the women Frank Scotti had a money order receipt for, according to NY Daily News:

Allison said she was introduced to Cosby by her agent, Sue Charney. Charney is credited with discovering supermodel Janice Dickinson, who also claims that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her.
Cosby was hosting a dinner at his house, and Charney told Allison to seize the opportunity. Cosby prepared the meal and led the conversation, and Allison barely noticed when nobody else showed up.
It was her birthday, and she thought Charney might have arranged the dinner as a gift.
“He said he wanted to help models and actors who were well-educated, who could do something else,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘Wow, this is Bill Cosby.’”

“I was really impressed,” she recalled. “He poured me a glass.”
The wine tasted awful, and Allison suddenly felt woozy and ill. Reeling, she sat on a couch. Cosby then lifted her up and leading her into another room, she said.
“He said, ‘Look in the mirror, and see the glow in your face,’” she remembered Cosby saying creepily. “I looked at myself and I didn’t look good. My eyes were all over the place.”
Allison said Cosby grabbed her hand and placed it on his genitals.
“That was my sexual assault by this comedian,” she said. “He turned me around and said, ‘Let’s get you home.’ At the door, he gave me a very hard embrace and a hard kiss.”

I’m going to assume Bill Cosby knew it was her birthday and thought it’d be a nice gift not to fully rape her. That’s just chivalry right there. I’m starting to rethink everything.

“The Interns Must Watch Me Eat Curry”

Haha! Just kidding. This man is fucked. Via NY Daily News:

Female staffers at “The Late Show With David Letterman” are breathing a collective sigh of relief they don’t have to deal with an upcoming Bill Cosby appearance. A source close to the show tells [email protected] that the disgraced comic had some truly bizarre backstage requests.
“He’d include as a request, before he arrived, that the young girls, interns and assistants, all had to gather around in the green room backstage and sit down and watch him eat curry,” our stunned source explains. “No one would say anything, and he would sit silently eating and make us watch and want us to watch.”


“The Rape of Bill Cosby”

Now that we’re done with the accusers, here’s a bullshit editorial The Wrap let a guest editor write that was originally titled “The Rape of Bill Cosby” before realizing that was a terrible idea. Not to mention, if you’re saying the same thing as Glenn Beck, it’s time to reevaluate your entire life. On that note, here’s The Frisky’s takedown because I already want to fall over.

Where Are Bill Cosby’s Friends And Colleagues?

Outside of Lisa Bonet and Raven-Symoné who didn’t even defend Bill Cosby, but shot down bullshit viral stories involving them, almost none of his friends and former colleagues have come forward to defend him. In fact, here’s a statement from The Cosby Show producers Marcy Carsey and Tom Warner via Variety:

“The Bill we know was a brilliant and wonderful collaborator on a show that changed the landscape of television. These recent news reports are beyond our knowledge or comprehension.”

That said nothing. That was absolutely nothing. They basically just said, “Bill Cosby was nice sometimes. We don’t know shit.”


As for Bill Cosby’s response, he told an audience in Florida on Friday night that he doesn’t have to answer shit:

“I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos,” the 77-year-old said. “People should fact-check. People shouldn’t have to go through that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

“Innuendo.” Over 20 accusations of rape and a former NBC employer with detailed receipts is innuendo? I can’t even imagine how the audience reacted to that:

If you didn’t click on that, that was a standing ovation. The crowd gave him a standing ovation. Keep in mind they’re in Florida, but they also didn’t shoot him for being black, so that says even more. This is why we suck.

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