Bill Clinton’s in ‘The Hangover 2′ Now

November 15th, 2010 // 42 Comments
Bill Clinton Hangover 2

While conveniently in Thailand “delivering a speech” over the weekend, Bill Clinton managed to land himself one of those The Hangover 2 cameos everyone’s always talking about. People reports:

Clinton, who’ll play himself in the comedy, shot his brief appearance on Saturday in Bangkok, where part of the production takes place. He was in the capital city to deliver a speech on clean energy.

Awesome. Just great. As if it wasn’t bad enough Mel Gibson needs blowjobs to stop himself from committing arson, now he’s going to think they’re the only way to land film roles, too. I can’t possibly see how that won’t end in wildfires. Although, it is nice to finally know their source after all these years. I just assumed it was the earth trying to kill Californians for hiking all over it. “Christ, I get it. You’re outdoorsy. Quit walking on my nut sac! *FOOSH*

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  1. Alex

    He is the world’s greatest bullshitter. He makes Chevy Chase look lame. This man not only charmed the entire nation out of hating him for being a sleazebag cheater, he convinced it to elect him a second term.

    He was made for this damn sequel! Give him the lead!

  2. Because being Rough is ugly

    Ladies and gentleman I give you….The real Bubba the love sponge!

    Wow, slick willy going to rake in those royalty checks…

  3. Do_Freebird

    So exactly why is President Clinton playfully pinching his own nipples? Isn’t that what interns are for?

    • mud butt

      Maybe he’s doing his best Simon Cowell…or the grip he had on Juanita Brodderick before he bloodied her lip – hard to say.

  4. Seen here snapping his invisible Larry King suspenders…

  5. Why the fuck do need another hangover movie at all. No offense but fuck off

  6. McFeely Smackup

    Why does Clinton look like he’s wearing Rush Limbaughs old clothes?

    I thought you couldn’t catch AIDS from a BJ?

    • Also Fish…could you tell me why you’re moderating my posts, and why half disappear? Are you afraid of your editorializing skills drowning in my awesomeness?

      • It’s happening to you and a small handful of other frequent commenters.

        For some reason, the spam filter thinks you’re spam because you post so much. We’re working on it, but in the meantime, I try and shove them back into the flow ASAP. dudeatdudeatdude had the same problem not too long ago.

    • fester

      Seems like I read the Bill is now a vegan. Looks like it has reduced him to just skin and boners.

  7. McFeely Smackup

    Is that like a subtle hint from the universe that I should be spending more time doing my job?

    well screw that!

  8. oooaaahhh

    Is he giving himself purple nurples?

  9. atomicmug

    How can we miss him, when he won’t go away?!

    What a douche.

  10. wim

    don’t support hulk hogan, bill.

  11. kayk

    You can’t get a hangover when you don’t in hail.

  12. martin beck

    Ya know I love a good bullshiter and Bill is one of the best honey soaked gravel voiced southern drawl guy in my book

    .My man

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